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Some guy is selling his 6 1080 ti gpu minig rig for $5300.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to buy that from him.

I could mine for zcash with that. But i'm not sure i'd see a ROI for over a year with this thing running 24/7 if I could even manage that.

What do y'all think??? should i buy this rig?

I really want to make some passive income. So in a year or so if i'm making a couple hundred bucks a month extra from this $5300 investment i'd def do it.

However, I don't know how long the GPU will last and the market conditions and network hash rate and all that...very risky

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can't tell if trolling..

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With all the new minable ERC20 Tokens coming out I would say with a solid yes.

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I'm being serious...why what's wrong??

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6 1080ti rig is worth like 3k tops

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4500 to make a 6x rig from new parts. i'd offer 3k used

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Shit is probably melted

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Just buy 5300 worth of some shitcoins

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This. Buy mineable shitcoins that didn’t yet pump.

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Fucking shit deal. Max I'd offer is $2800. New GPUs are on the way, GPU prices are dropping in general. Tell that faggot to fuck off

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how is it 4500??? 1080 tis cost 700+ at best for me

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this guy has more money than OP

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I have 8 1080 ti that I want to sell. Where's the best to sell these? I bought them for $4500.

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you will get older gpus much cheaper this year just hold on

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I'll buy em from you for .3 bitcoin

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i'm serious about that too. If they are actually in good condition

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It's six gpu.. .. shipped from post office in Irvine or Newport Beach CA

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I fucked up they are 1070ti I still paid $4500 from my coworker. Great condition .. where should I sell these?

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don't buy or you will regret it since there will be Antminer Z9 mini soon

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1. 6x Brand new 1080tis would cost around $4800
2. nvidia 1080tis suck at mining compared to AMD
I have an r9 390 and get 28mhs, i also have a 1080ti and get 31mhs.

dude is selling his rig because nvidias hashing game is fucking weak

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I found 1080 ti for sale for 128 dollars a card...

IDK if this is legit though...could it be some cheap knock off brand?? He says it's a "Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ROG Strix OC 11GB Gaming Graphics Video Card"

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knock off
No way you are getting it for 128 unless it has 5 hours of use left or broken

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1080tis mine 50 mhs on ether, grandpa
Much better than amd

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No fucking way. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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80ti gets 54mh you absolute double nigger
Still better at equihash/neoscrypt though, thats how I know tou are full of shit

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>mining ETH in 2018
just lol

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Do not buy. Consumer miners are at a huge disadvantage currently. If you want to make passive income put the 5,300$ into a proof of stake currency

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Into the trash it goes

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>put 5,300$ and get $5.3 per day if this shit doesn't crash 50%
kys nigger

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Just ask yourself anon, why are they are selling it?
If they knew it was a thing that would make them money even in the medium term, why would they get rid of it?

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>you actually think that rig nets 5.3$ a day

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what fucking normies mine ether
FYI there are ether ASICs now, so good luck with that

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>implying 5 GTX1080 Ti don't even on normie coins you see at whattomine
How do you even breathe?

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Monero is good to mine...they don't want ASIC at all..they made it completely clear they won't allow ASIC mining.

They will change their algo or whatever they need to do to prevent this from happening.

So i'm looking long term. Monero will always be around...for a few years more anyway.

So I want to be able to mine for XMR as a consumer...Whats the best price I can set up a good mining rig for XMR??

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