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fake news

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hes right you know

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delet this

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Is there any proof besides a screenshot? What's to stop me from doing inspect element and faking a tweet and saying "oh he deleted it"?

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i mean isnt this highly likely to be 100% correct?

of course we cant know for a fact, but it seems pretty reasonable

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>retarded increase in gpu prices
>massive mining facilities by scum, especially chinese scum

he's right

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I'm all for a china bitcoin ban, don't care if the price dumps.

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vitalik should start shilling holochain as being 10000 more efficient. blockchain is shit

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is wanting oligarchy in russian genes?

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He's right. We're wasting huge amounts of energy with PoW. Though saying this on Twitter doesn't help crypto very much.

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China being involved with crypto essentially means CCP is involved with crypto, NO

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He’s evolving.
He has yet to reach his final form.

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so many racists

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>retarded increase in gpu prices
Found the /v/ermin

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>society's resources
fucking idiots

i find it hard to believe that someone as smart as vitalik could have any faith in such an outright communist concept as "society's" resources
fuck—you find a problem or a shortage in society, and a free market that is permissive of the free expenditure of privately-generated resources will fix it. it's beautiful—it's like the problem fixes itself.
pic related

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a ban would just mean that the citizens couldn't own any

higher ups in the government would have plenty

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if you needed any more proof that biz is overrun with redditors and normies, check everyone agreeing with him itt

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Was is the argument refuting Vitalik's claim? Literally no arguments being levied against the statement here or on twitter as far as I can tell. Just fake outrage.

Vitalik is a total tool and ethereum is scamfest shitcoin but the tweet is absolutely true.

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dumb ideologue getting stuck on semantics
even ancaps understand that everyone's economic behavior affect each other, including use of a significant portion of the total productive output of the economy for unnecessary POW mining

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What arguments do you have against PoW except for sucking pedo skelly’s cock on this occasion? I’m free to use electricity as I see fit because I pay the fucking bills, you fucking communist niggers who probably ride your gay Teslas and think that they are eco-friendly, lol.

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Vitalik has sold his soul to corporations who use waaay more resources than BTC ever will. Fuck Ethereum!

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>significant portion of the total productive output of the economy
Get a load of this braindead collectivist commie faggot who thinks that buying electricity hurts power companies.
>unnecessary POW mining
That’s not for you to decide.

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Hopefully it gets flipped by EOS this year.

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Are you guys this fucking stupid? What argument do you have for PoW? It's a waste of fucking resources. PoS still generates coins but without all the extra electricity. You make more money by just letting it sit there instead of maintaining fucking computers all day.

PoS > PoW. If it's not, then show us your arguments. There is no benefit of PoW over PoS. At all.

And the bullshit about "miners wouldn't sell for less than it costs". Right. Because that's how the market works, right? As long as you keep shitting out Bitcoin the demand will be there? NO. Demand comes first. And if there is no demand you bet your ass those miners are going to sell for cheaper than their cost or else they would be fronting the electric bill from their own pockets.

You guys are mental. Just money hungry, short sighted and stupid.

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theres no argument except BTC was the first. shit is a centralised joke.

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Exactly! I don't know wtf those guys are raging about.

I think they're just fucking sour for buying all the mining rig and can't recover their fiat investment anymore. So a tweet like that burns them the fuck off. They're pissed because they took out mortgages and loans to buy failing businesses.

Sorry losers, you played your bet and lost. Move on. Next time ask experts in the field instead of taking advice about crypto and mining from random strangers online.

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Except it didn’t happen that way and you have absolutely no fucking idea of what you’re talking about.

Where are the countless gpu manufacturing companies that spawned from the 19k btc Pump and the crypto boom?
Where. Are. They.
That’s right you fucking autist, you praise capitalism but have no fucking clue, researching is expensive opening a new manufacturing company and hiring thousands of people to run it it’s incredibly expensive and profitable only in the long term.
Why do you think the current brands are trying to limit to the amount of gpus per customer? Because it’s destroying their business model, ofc they don’t give a shit about anything less but making money except that if the game industry that creates demand for their gpus suffers they suffer, the money in mining is not nearly as much as you think, you’re fucking stupid and short sighted.

PoS is the capitalistic solution, it’s the most efficient and profitable solution, why would you use PoW which consumes retarded amounts of electricity to come to the same result of PoS which consumes a quarter of it or less.

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Basically this.
Miners are the one getting buttblasted over the superior solution getting stuck in arguments of capitalism vs communism that don’t even matter.

What matters here is PoS does what PoW does without the borderline unsustainable electricity consumption and computational limitations.

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I guess the market will decide bitch. Go PoS enjoy the 0.50$ coin.

It almost kinda reminds of the stinkie linkie.

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I don't care if we have to build new fusion power plants to keep PoW alive.
It's still worth it because of the ability to keep the fingers of banks and governments out of our pockets.
>This is the price of a trustless system

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>pow is bad guys
>we shouldn’t reward people for the amount of work they’ve done
>pulling money out of the air is the future

nucoiners are such low iq retards

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Kill yorself. PoS doesn’t produce as much coins as you think it does compared to a rig with the same cost. It’s usually a fuck all 5% annual interest rate.

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It’s the same numale cucks who cry about rich getting richer on the Berniefag MLP meet-ups, yet support staking that only whales can really benefit from.

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Vitalik is correct and you retards who prefer PoW is a brain-damaged chimp should be hanged, seriously.

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>Why is PoW better than PoS?
>Because PoW coins are worth more


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That’s even better for me.
>slower increase in supply
>coins locked up for PoS
Price will shoot up.

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>selling GPUs is destroying their business model
Imagine being a marxist brainlet actually believing this.

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It gives them bottom. PoS has no bottom.

Currency has to have checks and balances.

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most of them are dumb sheep with no understanding of the principles behind crypto trying to fit their reddit politics into the space. and then some are just too brainlet to into mining

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Fuck liquidity, amirite?

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Imagine being this brainlet

Why are they limiting the amount of gpus per person then?
Wouldn’t they just don’t give a fuck and actually support miners since t increases the price of the gpus in the market?

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>Why do you think the current brands are trying to limit to the amount of gpus per customer? Because it’s destroying their business model

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Factory production isn't shit you can just change on a month's basis. They've put in the orders to increase mass production, they're limiting the orders to prevent whales from buying up all the GPU's for themselves for now. This is fantastic for their bottom line.

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Most estimates put 10-30% of coins locked up for PoS.
Leave plenty of liquidity, try again brainlet, I’m sorry you just bought that 10k mining rig, you’ll be alright.

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WHY would they want to limit the amount of gpus whales can buy you fucking brainlet, Jesus Christ the absolute state of biz.

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I don’t give a shit why some faggot retailers chose to that, probably a marketing stunt to soothe butthurt manchildren felt after not being able to buy 1080 Ti.

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It was not retailers sweetie, retailers legitimately don’t give shit and they’re being pressured from the providers to enforce it.
It’s straight from the manufacturers because they could see what you manchildren couldn’t, mining is retarded and won’t last.
And now PoS is here.
Don’t neglect your education, you’re falling behind the average.

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You fucktard. Restrictions like that are in effect in every desirable item.

Clothes, engine oil, tickets.

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>It’s straight from the manufacturers because they could see what you manchildren couldn’t, mining is retarded and won’t last.
>GPU vendors wanted to kill their cash cow because they don’t operate on profits
Cope harder, PoScuck. You’re literally pulling shit out of your ass.

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IDIOT!! You lack understanding of simple Supply and Demand.

If there is no demand, your shitcoin will never be sold no matter how much electricity you waste on it.

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fuck you nigger

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