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>a minimum of 1,500 ETH is needed to participate in Casper
Tron and EOS will bury Vitalik by the end of this yeat.

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You're a real jokester OP

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pretty sure vitalik said the minimum was 32 eth

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what a joke.

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>reddit denial

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enjoy your shit covered nodes lol

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>1,500 ETH
It's 32 retard

Cope harder with your $0.25 TRON bags

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Not until Sharding 0.1 is released and that's still $11.2k vs $86 per a contract, you fucking mouth breathers.

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>Tron kills this shit

No wonder you anons are poor

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poorfag cope

go shit in a street

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>what are staking pools for 100 alex

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>pajeet methead butthurt
You fags are as bad as corecucks.
>staking pools
Hackers and exit scammers will have a field day with your money.

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Who is more likely to make you rich: a money skelly too autistic to make eye contact, or a chink who went to fucking Glamour Shots? Or is Justin a gook? Don't know, don't care.

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