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*wakey wakey little brainy*



We still 12c, is this real life?

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DBC CEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3WPB0qhPQg

>new website: deepbrain.ai
old: deepbrainchain.org

Mining and training: Distributed AI clusters and workstations for DBC, Neural network large-scale parallel training
Structure: AI + Blockchain integration
Deep-learning algorithm: Communication-efficient learning of deep networks from decentralized data
Efficiency: Reinforcement learning to reduce energy consumption across the DBC network
AI applications: Distributed killer AI apps with unique differentiation, broad market and large business value, which will drive the fast adoption of DeepBrain Chain platform and ecosystem.

“DeepBrain Chain is at the golden crossroad of AI and Blockchain,” EVP and chief AI officer Dongyan Wang said. “We are going to build an AI + Blockchain ecosystem to significantly lower the entry barriers and costs of AI applications by securely sharing computing power, AI models and data on the blockchain.”

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Not mining brainz soon anon


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>Mickey Mouse toy, AI Farm Facility, backed by NEO council, Mining Hardware, backed by China, Binance listing soon, Masternodes, backed by Xi, partnerships, Dev Coin buyback, $100mil Siliconi Valley Lab, Huobi Competition, backed by Stephen Hawking, briefly before he died on his deathchair, his last words were "I must now enter into my final form, the Deep Brain Chain Neural Network". Then he dropped his bags and passed away peacefully. Every time you buy DBC, you buy a little bit of Steven.

The FUD has gone silent lately, care to explain anon?

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So you faggots buying a rig in the pre-order?

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They took err rigs.

>A. To reserve a mid-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 50,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 600 in total DBC possess;

B. To reserve a full-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 100,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 200 in total DBC possess;

C. To reserve a super-size AI Mining Workstation you must have 200,000 DBCs or more, and ranked top 50 in total DBC possess.

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The ranking pre-requisite raises the number of min DBC you need to have. Unfortunately, I can't break into top 50. I'm somewhere in the 60's though and intend to buy a unit with 8 GPUs.

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Should I buy 50k while it's at 12 cents? All I can afford right now.

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I think there will be a small pump later this month when the pre-orders are being conducted. People who want to pre-order will be buying DBC to get the sufficient ranking necessary.

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Well you didn't bought 2 weeks ago when it was 4cent.

Might as well anon.

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5 dorra end of day

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what happened to brain guy?

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why couldnt you build your own mining rig for deepbrain? Whats the proprietary aspect of these dbc rigs?

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Word on my shitting street is he gorged himself to death.

When FUD come back? Sad times, very sad.

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fuck i feel like a small fry with my 52k brains now

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This should see a pump over the next couple of months, who knows how much

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really liking this new paradigm

I'm almost over the fact that I daytraded myself out of almost half my stack.. almost over it...

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Fallen on bad times but seem to be getting a little better friend but it has been real real bad. I still watch but I kept my distance for awhile due to the fud getting out of hand when I would post. Even some almost getting my tripcode right if not matching it.

I still pray, wish and hope for us all to make it, even with my small amount of DBC.

I know it will soon rise even higher and many will make it, this makes me happy because een when my life is bad I know some of you will achieve your dreams and live happy!

Keep on being awesome my BRAIN GANG!

Some pancakes, just remember I forever hold our fun times in my memories and to have faith for DBC will rise as we all talked about!

much love peace and happiness to us all!


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How much is your stack? Even if small do not worry my Brain Gang friend. When it rises it will give you more to invest with.

I only have around 3400 and hope when it rises I will be able to use it to invest more and more till perhaps someday I will reach my 500k and live at peace with my family and organize that Brain Gang meet up! :)

I still have hope, even in my toughest of times lately. A flicker of a candle still means it is lit, right? lol

You will make it my friend hold on to your dreams ever so tight.

Who knows my friend, but I have faith and hopes that it will surprise us all!

My friend 52k means you are a BRAIN GANG BOSS, you will make it.

Do you miss me? I think going out gorging myself might be such an odd way to die but I would probably stop and share the food with yall haha. So we could all be full and happy and watch an awesome movie together. better to share than gorge. :D

hehe You make me smile!

Thank you from the bottomg of my heart for being so awesome I have seen you post many times even hidden I posted sometimes to hype your threads. It seems the fud has stopped so I will post again under the code so I may help you my honorable and diligent BRAIN GANG FRIEND!

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Have you signed up on the telegram?
I am very bullish on DBC

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I am not friend, some days are very very long work hours and such and i mainly stick around here.

Seems like very good news for us all is posted often. I look forward to it! :D

Thanks for spreading it around my Brain Gang friend!

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good god is it really you? you said you had ~3k before, I'm amazed you didn't pound that dip

>how much is your stack?
I had 38k at my peak. I now have 21k. Sold bottom, fomo'd back in, felt VERY bad. I would be in profit right now if I didn't fuck around like that.

I mean, I got to 38k from daytrading, but when I got greedy and pushed too far, dbc took off while I was holding other coins. I used to think I had the strongest hands, but when you're holding all your net worth in something that seems to be bleeding, until you're at that point it's hard to understand how you will feel

Call it emotional bags, but I doubt I'll ever sell DBC again before $2. I might give myself some daytrading funds, but I'm not risking my DBC again

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It really is me friends, glad to see you all are happy to see me! Life has been extra tough and my own injuries have even piled up lol dealing with the pain and working through it best I can.

Still positive about my DBC and BRAIN GANG though. Hopefully in a couple years I can retire and try to heal up on some physical injuries.


Dude 21k is still a ton you will be happy when ya get 10s of thousands perhaps more!

Yep I couldt buy the dip, is tough times friend loaning money to family to helpem with bills and such and my own stuff.

Trust me I would of loved to buy it when it hit the 3cents or so! haha

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