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That image is so wrong...
It implies that BCH copied BTC, while it just splitted.
1(BTC Core) + 1(BTC Cash) = 2(BTC pre-segwit)
I can't explain it easier than that.

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>1(BTC Core) + 1(BTC Cash) = 1(BTC pre-segwit)

Fixed that for you. Coreans view forks as free money to sell asap to buy BTC. Big mistake if the forks have any legs.

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bcashie logic at it's finest

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Funny how defensive they are isnt it?

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hugely entertaining

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Imagine paying actual money for Bcash instead of getting it for free like everyone else did

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cashies blown the fuck out

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>999 games in 1

How can stationcore cucks even compete?

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more paid shitskins here to create pro and anti bcash threads just to get people talking about this shitcoin.

at least you'll still get paid your few cents, even though nobody is actually going to end up buying any of this chinkcoin.

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nike hike > nike core

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Only thing core cucks can do is hope you don't look to deep into their shady past while they keep repeating we are bitcoin it has the oldest name.

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Im not paid I really hate it.
I dont even have any btc :D

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Counterfeit products don't hardfork from genuine products. Lame meme. Kys

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it's the first time Roger Ver tried this scam

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No, I mean why do yall faggots quote Satoshi when convenient but then want to edit btc whitepaper

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Hey guys, could one of you explain what Bitcoin Core is please?

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The average person isn't able to run a node on bcash though.

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Still waiting guys, just wanna check you understand what Bitcoin Core is....

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Mining nodes create the network by mining blocks, economic activity nodes keep the mining nodes honest by providing a market in the tokens the miners mint and valuing them, and users don't need to and should not run nodes, as they serve no purpose. Any suggestion otherwise is just to have idiots larping as useful nodes that actually conduct significant transaction volume or mine blocks.

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I run a node, it's not difficult

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kek, retarded cashie

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Core cuck, bitcoin core is a slang word for people that support the twisted truth of the segwit coin with lightning nodes confirming transactions off chain, bypassing miners and charging fees for Blockstream corporation.

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any bitcoin cash people wanna explain to me why i cant send bitcoin legacy to a bitcoin cash address if it is bitcoin?

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Because it's bcash. Roger Ver scammed himself after hundreds of people bought the fake bitcoin and it went up 100% after he labeled us as bitcoin core on his website.

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You fucking deluded brainlet. Bitcoin Core, is a software implementation of the Bitcoin blockchain. Nobody calls Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin ABC just because it is the most dominant software implementation of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

>lightning nodes confirming transactions off chain, bypassing miners and charging fees for Blockstream corporation.
And fuck, that is just pure bullshit, I really can't be bothered spelling it out for you if you legitimately believe that (because chances are, it's too late already for you to change).

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anybody knows that it has its own wiki page.

thats not why we call you core cucks and call your coin core coin.

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....What the fuck are you going on about

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>bypassing miners
what is wrong with this

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What? Anybody can run a node on bch. It's easy. Opening a lightning payment channel on the other hand...

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kek I love this retarded FUD from corecucks, Bitcoin Cash spelled correctly with correct logo. I bet some pro Bitcoin Cash user on /r/bitcoin uploaded it and laughed his arse off as corecucks upvoted it

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lots of reasons but for starters you like to proclaim loudly how decentralized your segwit coin is while using centralized banking hubs.

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i would give it to my own channel

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>corecucks making threads for bitcoin cash
we already won

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>centralized banking hubs
You're a fucking idiot. They are not centralized and they are not banking hubs.

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you niggers are worse than linky shills tbqhwyf

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looks like bcash is leading this pump today, core coin is following

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core has been the "me-too" coin for a while. bch always seems to lead the action.

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Holy shit. You are not even trying anymore. How much do they pay for post?

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fuck you're sad, it's so obvious

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you corefags are on top of shit today. tell adam i said hi.

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Why do Bcore and Bcash hodlers argue so much. Been holding both since the fork and have been very happy with my gains.

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go to bed, roger
and take that pinchy-faced asic chinkadink twink with you

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