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I just realized when Bitcoin forked on August 1st, BTC became a new coin controlled by Blockstream, with Segwit and Lightning Network, and it no longer has any resemblance to the peer-to-peer cash software as described in the Bitcoin whitepaper. Bitcoin Cash still has all the features of the original Bitcoin, except with 8mb blocks (originally was 32mb) able to handle much higher transaction volume. How did this happen? Technically BTC is a new shitcoin, the original Bitcoin is the BCH chain. Why are so many people too dumb to figure this out?

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no one cares about cash transactions

no crypto currency will ever be able to compete with Visa and Mastercard's and APMEX single pay database, it's not physically possible.

bitcoin has evolved into a store of value, "digital gold" for which it is 100% suited. Bitcoin is the ultimate "hard money" for preservation and transfer en masse

bitcoin cash is just an unfunny joke that's never going anywhere

as for things like ETH, they do serve a unique purpose, but it's not suited for investing

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>bitcoin has evolved into a store of value, "digital gold"
>actually believing this

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>Bitcoin is a store of value
>lost most of it's value already
>does not incentivize investors since it can't be used to pay for things
>No new tech
>Other cryptos can be stores of value and be currency

Always mesmerized by bitcoin tards

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Welcome home.

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bitcoin cash has 0conf like bitcoin used to back in the day and you can buy a coffee instantly with zero wait time, fucking stupid nigger

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> the hundred trillion dollar cash transaction market is totally worthless goy leave it alone mastercard owns it so hard you can't possibly compete don't even try seriously.
> this message bought to you by blockstream, funded by mastercard and AXA.
A fine job shill. Tell your manager you deserve a raise, I'll have my mastercard guy give him a call. What's his number?

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i can already buy coffee with mastercard/visa instantly with zero wait time and no fees, anywhere on earth that's not a third world shithole

so why do i need bcash? i dont

you know what i do need? a store of value, preservation of wealth, and in extreme, the ability to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars anywhere on earth within a day or so. bitcoin can do that.

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you are fucking stupid

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ripple (XRP) is the true culmination of satoshi's vision

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