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When will Binance add pairings?

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When the time is right.
>ceo of binance chinaman
>jihan wu chinaman
They will work together

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I almost think Binance isnt a fan of Cash because just because the (BCC) ticker.

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Bittrex is the same.

The truth is both companies are so rich they literally don't give a fuck one way or the other.

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Do u really think hes that petty?

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Haven't used that exchange in a while.

Probably not, but why not use bch?

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around the time of the fork some people were using BCC, but majority were using BCH

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BCC/USDT, BCC/ETH and BCC/BNB trading pairs are now available on Binance.

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When it takes out core and Ethereum.

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I dont think itll be able to surpass either without getting more pairs desu. The primary reason Core is still on top is because of incumbency and trading pairs.

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Meh, they're just lazy, they for venture funding from. Roger after all

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yes chainlink

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>surprising lack of anti bch trolls in bch thread
>meanwhile r/btc comments being flooded with people saying we shouldn't call bch bitcoin


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No, he means as a base currency, like USDT, BTC, ETH or BNB. Hopefully soon.

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There's only so many shills anon, they can't be everywhere at once.

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Maybe blockstream needs another funding round.

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