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Are you retarded faggots really that stupid?

Do you idiots understand how math works? If you have $50 dollars in bitcoin, you will NEVER MAKE IT DAY TRADING 1) because you are too stupid 2) even if you were a genius you’d never be able to time the market better than 50% of the time, effectively having the same odds as random chance 3) making 5% ten times in a row is STILL LESS THAN 1000% GAINS.

Your only chance to make it is to go ALL IN on a coin and hit a 10x. Once you do, you can split it and diversify and do it again. I started with 10k in June and now have 1.3MM, and I’ve made probably around 30 trades. You losers who sit in front of charts all day “muh day trading” and end up down 15% after 14 hours make me sick. You’re wasting an opportunity that will never come again.

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) is the next 10-20x. Your only chance is going all in on this coin. I have NEVER been so sure of a moon coin before. It is a function AI/Blockchain technology that is ready for market and has NO competitors. Singularitynet is fucking gay and run by some drugged out faggot who looks like weird al yankovich and won’t be available for months or more, and won’t be working for even longer. DBC’s team is experienced with B2B industries which is what DBC is meant for. This is a coin people will WANT to own. It will hit a 500MM market cap in weeks, which is about 9x from the current price. It will absolutely go higher but since you retards have ADHD that is what you can expect to cash out with in under a month. This is your chance to get into a 10x at basically ground floor. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

I have returned to crypto because I’ve just wrapped up a couple hedonist months of large living, and I’m ready to make another million dollars. You may know me as fist nigger, I am here again to help those smart enough to listen.


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new update: https://medium.com/@deepbrainchain_74263/deepbrain-chain-weekly-report-8-71ce779b99f

FISTNIGGER: ttps://yuki.la/biz/5652553


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*wakey wakey little brainy*



>We 10c again

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$50 * 10 = $500

holy shit im richh

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I'm scarred from January

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lol dbc

Apex is winning ALL the prestigious AI rewards. DBC is shit

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real 10x coming thru

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what will trigger the gain in a month?

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Nothing, maybe an artificial pump like in January. Shit had over 60m volume in a day, now it has 3m.

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Ok listen up anons this is not a warning:


You've been warned

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>DeepBrain Chain and the New Website

If you are one of the DBC followers on Twitter, you have had a chance to see the announcement about the launching of the new website on April 8th, when the DBC team has officially announced it.

After the past announcement that DBC is going to buy off 40 million of DBC units form the existing investors, it was more than obvious that the team behind this AI currency is preparing for rebranding. That is how they have implemented some novelties into their brand by launching a new website and calling out to all users, holders, and investors to sign up in their new official site, which is actually the first version of the planned rebranding.

That means that the current website that has become available for users as of April 8th, is v1.0 while the team is still working on the official version of the website that will be released as DBC’s official v2.0.

For now, they are testing the new interface and the newly implemented reward system as well as checking for how well is rebranding passing among users and holders, as well as whether the rebranded version of the site will attract new users and potential investors. That is how DBPoints reward system comes into the spotlight.

The team is looking forward to getting feedback from the users of the new site, calling out to all testers to provide feedback by sending their thoughts and observation directly to the digital address they have provided in their original tweet about the new website. That way, the team will be able to improve v2.0 of the website before they go on with launching it.

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if you want to make money from an AI coin just go into bottos, it hasn't even had the exposure that DBC has yet

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Thanks just sold 100k bottoms and bought DBC

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tell me ONE guy working in machine learning / artificial intelligence (especially deep learning) if they need this bullshit project...

Useless use case, I can do my job without this gimmick bull crap

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(I'm in on bottos too brother)

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fuck. wrong picture

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high quality pasta shilling

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Why not? Makes AI computing much cheaper (even though it's slower) and provides security with blockchain. Sure DBC probably wont be the best Blockchain + decentralized computing project but it's the one with most progress/updates and spends resources on what seem like big industry players, at least at the current time.

The problem with these kind of projects is getting enough people to provide their computing power, which is why in the near future centralized solutions will still be much better. It's a race to see who creates a functional decentralized computing platform first. So far it's pretty disappointing.

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Buy in if you want to get Pajeeted and Deleted.

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DBC Marines are immunized against all dangers: one may call them scoundrels, pajeets, swindlers, chinkcoins, it all runs off them like water off a raincoat. But spread out FUD and you will be astonished at how quickly they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back: “we've been looed out.”

>he tried to FUD, just LOL

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Price movements under $10c have only been a distraction to shake you out before $50c

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The ONE Dapp to lead the NEO platform into the top 5 and bring DBC into top 50.

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