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>he didn't buy any brainz at 10c
literally brainless anon


CEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3WPB0qhPQg [Embed]


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>Mickey Mouse toy, AI Farm Facility, backed by NEO council, backed by China, Binance listing soon, Masternodes, backed by Xi, partnerships, Dev Coin buyback, Huobi Competition, backed by Stephen Hawking, briefly before he died on his deathchair, his last words were "I must now enter into my final form, the Deep Brain Chain Neural Network". Then he dropped his bags and passed away peacefully. Hawking is now officially part of DBC.

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or you could buy this way cheaper and better NEO token, SWH, and actually make money

or be a faggot and lose money on this overvalued piece of shit

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Shill me on Switcheo

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>New DBC shill thread gets posted right after the last one gets bumped off the catalog

What's it like shilling this shitcoin every second of every day. Is that any way to live your life?

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Shilling another NEO dapp in a different NEO dapp thread all while FUDDING the dapp ITT.

The absolute state of shills.

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Decentralized Exchange (www.switcheo.exchange) available for use right now. Easiest way to get access to all the hottest new NEO tokens.

Token utility: slashes fees in half. Tokens are burned upon use so supply dwindles as demand goes up, similar to BNB.

Marketcap: 25 million, so way way way way fucking less than this DBC bullshit (which is a good project but way too long term for me to invest in, i need something more tangible).

Competition: NEX and Aphelion, but Aphelion looks like Vapourware and NEX won't be out for like 6 months, and even then just because NEX comes out doesn't mean the SWH token will go down in value, in fact as long as there's any volume at all it should continue to go up.

Just my two cents. The most undervalued NEO token right now imo, compare it to all these other shitcoins that don't even have a usable product yet (except QLINK, that's my other fav).

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First thread today, just woke up, it's 9am in India.

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im going to be a millionaire.

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Look at this BRAIN WHALE, witnessed

Confirmed IQ 170

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You held through the crash? Balls of steel. I've seen you post this same portfolio several times.

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>Deepbrainchain and fun threads are back

bull market imminent

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my balls are adamantium. I want 2-3MM, minimum.

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Wang has joined the game.

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I made 20k off this coin. I'm not greedy.

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Nice, but bulls ahead. We go again Rakesh, strap in.

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I'm all in on something else now. Something that will have a larger moon than DBC

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Larger moon than DBC? Highly unlikely.

Green Dildos will come to you all Brain Marines.

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dbc pls

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i'll just leave this here.

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*wakey wakey little brainy*


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he was right.

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Hear hear anons

>Are you retarded faggots really that stupid?

Do you idiots understand how math works? If you have $50 dollars in bitcoin, you will NEVER MAKE IT DAY TRADING 1) because you are too stupid 2) even if you were a genius you’d never be able to time the market better than 50% of the time, effectively having the same odds as random chance 3) making 5% ten times in a row is STILL LESS THAN 1000% GAINS.

Your only chance to make it is to go ALL IN on a coin and hit a 10x. Once you do, you can split it and diversify and do it again. I started with 10k in June and now have 1.3MM, and I’ve made probably around 30 trades. You losers who sit in front of charts all day “muh day trading” and end up down 15% after 14 hours make me sick. You’re wasting an opportunity that will never come again.

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) is the next 10-20x. Your only chance is going all in on this coin. I have NEVER been so sure of a moon coin before. It is a function AI/Blockchain technology that is ready for market and has NO competitors. Singularitynet is fucking gay and run by some drugged out faggot who looks like weird al yankovich and won’t be available for months or more, and won’t be working for even longer. DBC’s team is experienced with B2B industries which is what DBC is meant for. This is a coin people will WANT to own. It will hit a 500MM market cap in weeks, which is about 9x from the current price. It will absolutely go higher but since you retards have ADHD that is what you can expect to cash out with in under a month. This is your chance to get into a 10x at basically ground floor. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

I have returned to crypto because I’ve just wrapped up a couple hedonist months of large living, and I’m ready to make another million dollars. You may know me as fist nigger, I am here again to help those smart enough to listen.


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he was right. It really did a 10x in Jan. More to come.

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...that was 6 months ago idiot

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i'd sell everything but link and put it all into link, otherwise you'll be a poor 4evar

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Holy Shit I remember you guys from the January Bull Run

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You should be buying PFR instead of whatever crap youre holding. Their mainnet comes out on April 30th. Do you realize that Localbitcoins now has KYC? Do you understand that once PFR is out, people will all jump ship to avoid having to upload documents? People kept doubting the project but these guys deliver. Do you want to be poor forever....

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They look like scammers, but just like everyone else in crypto.

Scammers that will make us some juicy money.

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Shilling PFR itt, JUST lol at desperation
History repeat itself, it's your first crypto year anon? :))))

TOP100 itching closer before Binans listing and at the beginning of the summer bull run.

TOP50 early '19

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i more than 10x off the first dbc run so id be all for another one

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Nice, welcome back Brain Marine. The brain knows what it wants

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When your shitcoin is so shit that the only people who will buy it back are the team who made it.

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It's all so tiresome the weak FUD. When FUD properly?


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and >DBC Marines are immunized against all dangers: one may call them scoundrels, pajeets, swindlers, chinkcoins, it all runs off them like water off a raincoat. But spread out FUD and you will be astonished at how quickly they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back: “we've been looed out.”

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the fuck

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>Hawking is now officially part of DBC.
dead project confirmed

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There are bigger " water mammals" out there ;)

He transitioned into the Deep Brain Network. Dead physically, but mentally he is with us every day. Every time you buy DBC, you buy a little bit of Steven.

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my man
thast what you should hodl all the time
xlm and dbc

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That's deep poetic

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We Stellar Brain Marines

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Anons, tell me,

Is DBC going for the moon soon? If so, why?
I have heavy bags now, I would like to buy ICX or GAS

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Yes it will, but what GAS lol

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I held held held and I sold the bottom

just like everyone said I would

god forgive me

I made sats daytrading but I lose half my DBC and so I could've 2xed just holding and I'd be in profit now instead of just shy of breaking even

I'm trying not to dwell on it

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>selling in bear
>>>selling your brainz
The absolute state of new arrivals

We welcome brainlets here at DBC, we find it's never too late to acquire some brainz and increase your IQ and knowledge.

Enjoy your stay sir

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thanks friend

basically I learned of the ICO price, I realized how low it "could" drop, and I decided I would daytrade a bit and get back in. And what I didn't realize was that a lot of people were probably feeling the same way, selling off, and that's when these things happen

I've learned not to compromise my long-term positions. The daytrading went OK, I mean very OK, but my long term plan went out the window and I feel like whipping myself for it. It seems I'll make every mistake there is to make in this game before I start making money

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