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The real 1000$ EOY. APOLOGIZE

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Down more than virtually any other coin in the top 150. It even makes ZCL look like it was OK to hold past the fork depending on when you bought. What am I apologizing for again?

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Sell this time or get violently dumped on again

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But-but the roadmap

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DBC Marines are immunized against all dangers: one may call them scoundrels, pajeets, swindlers, chinkcoins, it all runs off them like water off a raincoat. But spread out FUD and you will be astonished at how quickly they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back: “we've been looed out.”

Actually the FUD is slowing down, very sad.

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>G-guys all of us in the Discord bought in and raised it 3 or 4 cents, come back and buy in!
You know how I know these threads are fake and gay is there were no fucking threads about it before it went up, or even during its initial "rise." I know because I've been watching it and dipping in on occasion to get some easy gains on these greasy street shitters.

Can you even mine this shit yet? Because otherwise its fate is in the hand of ICO whale fuckbois.

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FUD improving but still weak. You can do better anon.

Best FUD will probably come between 50c - 1$

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Nobody is ever going to buy your bags. You will lose all your money.

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#deepbraingang baby what color Lambo should I get

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Blue like the Brain

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The only color to pick sirs :)

Yes very nice.

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Oh Rakesh my friend good to see you again. That is one nice car you got there, it be a shame if somebody poo'd in it.

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Lambo life

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Just read through one of the threads that first shilled me on this coin. We knew this was gonna be massive from the start. The other day I fucked around and today it has cost me almost half of my DBC stack but it hardly matters. I bought the FUCK out of the dip and the pump hasn't even begun.

When it stalls tonight, and it will, remember - this pump thus far is organic and the volume is puny. There's no fucking sell walls in sight right now. The ONLY reason to sell is if BTC starts making major movements. Otherwise, when it stalls, you fucking hold tight. Trade up if you're brave. But the real pump isn't here yet

This is one of the only coins in crypto that matters

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Hodl to winter '19 and you will x10 easily.

Comfy hold

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kept you waiting huh

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d-did he died?

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Winter 19? Lol
Wait till mid summer and this will be 1$

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soon back to bagholding. sell the news

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