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Binance coming.

>when moon?

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Classic J curve roller coaster bart formation. Get on, before we 5$ in an hour.

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So far doubled what I put in

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Don't forget to buy my bags at the top, pls sirs. Thank you sirs.

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damn it feels good to be a gangsta

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how long will pump last boyos?

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this isn't the pump this is organic market movement

I'm not sleeping tonight

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God I hope so

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if it reaches 25c i'll be in profit

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Also: Mickey Mouse toy, AI Farm Facility, backed by NEO council, backed by China, Binance listing soon, Masternodes, backed by Xi, partnerships, Dev Coin buyback, Huobi Competition, backed by Stephen Hawking, briefly before he died on his deathchair, his last words were "I must now enter into my final form, the Deep Brain Chain Neural Network". Then he dropped his bags and passed away peacefully. Hawking is now officially part of DBC.

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the deepbraincrew is telepathically connected. who else just knew it was going to moon tonight?

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Mickey Mouse be Praised!

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RPX(already listed)>DBC>TKY>QLC

Nep5 token listings on Binance, in that order.

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Is there a known date for listening?

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All is secret to prevent insider trading.

>DeepBrain Chain was going through a rough patch up till the recent events when the team behind this AI currency decided to buy off 40 million DBC units, so they would be able to raise the price of DBC and sell the bought units once DBC’s price goes up. This was the case because the team believed that their currency’s price didn’t match its true value.

After the latest change in the market, DBC is trading in the green although the majority of currencies are going down with the most recent wave of drops in the market.

In the last 24 hours, DeepBrain Chain has gone up by 2.43% against the dollar, which means that this currency is currently being traded at the price of 0.052$ per one DBC unit.

DBC was on the peak of its market value in early January when this token was being traded at the price of 0.63$ per one unit, where everyone expected to see this token rising above the value of 1$ per one DBC token.

However, the token started to plummet with the market crash where it continued to crash further from that point. Although DBC is still far from its record price, it is expected to see some improvements in its market value due to the latest novelties and the new addition to the DBC team.

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back to 60 cents when

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feq hours

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Do I fomo in for a quick buck?

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same problem here. IDK. if you fomo i will fomo.

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Yes. The weekend dip is over, we mooning all week.

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Fuck it. Putting half my stack in.

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FOMO already creeps in 9c lol, imagine at 60c or 1$.

>DeepBrain Chain Team has got a New AI Savvy Member

DeepBrain Chain is really working at a full steam ahead as they are continuing with an aggressive marketing campaign. Via Twitter, after the latest announcements on launching the first version of their new official site in addition to having implemented a reward system where DBC community will get a chance to earn DBPoints, the team had another interesting announcement.

The announcement came more as a competitive tease as the team tweeted about having a very important team member joining DBC. On this occasion, the team has tweeted that one of the global Artificial Intelligence leader is joining their team. They have also provided a link to the Reddit post related to this matter, inviting all followers to comment their opinion on who this member is.

The tweet also stated that the first person who guesses the mystery DBC member will be rewarded with 5000 DBC, which is needless to say an amazing marketing move, as it can already be seen in the latest benevolent performance of DBC in the market.

The team has been tweeting clues about the mystery member joining their team, encouraging followers to join the guessing game worth of 5000 DBC. Later on, on April 12th, they announced that the person who joined their team is respectfully Mr. Dongyan Wang, an AI expert who has become Chief AI Officer of DeepBrain Chain.

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>Dongyan Wang
His name has two fucking dicks in it. Not one but TWO. Unsure if auspicious sign or not.

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New website: deepbrain.ai

>OLD: deepbrainchain.org

DeepBrain Chain and the New Website

If you are one of the DBC followers on Twitter, you have had a chance to see the announcement about the launching of the new website on April 8th, when the DBC team has officially announced it.

After the past announcement that DBC is going to buy off 40 million of DBC units form the existing investors, it was more than obvious that the team behind this AI currency is preparing for rebranding. That is how they have implemented some novelties into their brand by launching a new website and calling out to all users, holders, and investors to sign up in their new official site, which is actually the first version of the planned rebranding.

That means that the current website that has become available for users as of April 8th, is v1.0 while the team is still working on the official version of the website that will be released as DBC’s official v2.0.

For now, they are testing the new interface and the newly implemented reward system as well as checking for how well is rebranding passing among users and holders, as well as whether the rebranded version of the site will attract new users and potential investors. That is how DBPoints reward system comes into the spotlight.

The team is looking forward to getting feedback from the users of the new site, calling out to all testers to provide feedback by sending their thoughts and observation directly to the digital address they have provided in their original tweet about the new website. That way, the team will be able to improve v2.0 of the website before they go on with launching it.

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I wonder how big his schlong is too anon, no homo

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has anyone here heard of leela chess?

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>new website deepbrain.ai

U fucking wot m8. That website is for their AI company DeepBrain and is not the same as www.deepbrainchain.org, which is their DBC website.


1.32 billion poo in loos who eat up all the bullshit rumors and pump the price. Yes please.

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New as in just created (recently).
backed by India too, nice sir.

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anyone else masturbating

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not sure if retarded or not.

That website existed before DBC was even a thing. Since you know, they were an AI company before blockchain memes.

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My brother gave me $1,000 last week and told me to put his money into DBC. I didn't do it and now it mooned. Fuck my shit up desu

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>Bought at ATH
>Finally sold my bags 3 days ago

Im so fucking pissed.

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True its older, but not very known apparently.

>That is how they have implemented some novelties into their brand by launching a new website and calling out to all users, holders, and investors to sign up in their new official site, which is actually the first version of the planned rebranding.


It was a "no brainer" really. It's never too late however to acquire some brainz, nomsayin Rakesh?

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Wtf how did you know the name of my brother... ??

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>selling your brainz before the summer bull run

>selling your brainz before the biggest winter bull run
JUST x20

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I recently did approximately the same thing. My sats value didn't go down, it went up, cause I've been daytrading the stack pretty well. But I went from fucking 38k dbc to 21k now that I've fomo'd back in

Still, as far as my overall investment goes, I'm doing fine. Can't let it get me down. I'm making smart decisions no matter what "could have been". Letting go of the bleeding asset wasn't a bad decision, because it could have just as easily continued to bleed, and I traded very well. But yeah. I wonder if we all lost faith at about the same time.

Weak hands always lose

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DBC AI + Mickey Mouse + Siliconi Valley + Cambridge Analytica = you've been doxxed

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^ _ ^

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just market dumped my bags on these suckers

holy shit that felt good

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Leela Zero, chess AI. How can it correlate with DBC?

Most assets bled depending where you bought in.

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8 months from now you will KYS.

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Okay fine I will buy Deep Brain Chain but please do not tell others my brother's name please good sir I beg you

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not when my Tron 10x by then

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you can lend your processing power to the engine's self-training

to me it shows that the concept is out there working, these guys are doing it out of donations because it's a cool project that people will be happy to take a part in, but with DBC the data will be secure and the miners / node operators will be rewarded so it seems to be a sound business model built upon a concept which works

I don't blame anyone for taking profits. Gotta be realistic with your gains expections. Good job. I'm not taking any yet.

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True anon. Look at Cambridge Analytica to get an idea about the importance of AI sniffing through data.

Also DBC and CA (((coincidences))) in pic related.

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brain gang, we're making it

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it's not a coincidence. DBC is a chink scam coin. Chinese always copy/pasta

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( ^ _ ^ )

>DeepBrain Chain and DBPoints

We have already had a chance to see how Aelf (ELF) did well by having its price pushed up even when the market was plummeting thanks to the candy reward system they have briefly implemented into their operations.

DeepBrain Chain has developed a similar reward program that is already working benevolently on DBC’s price in the market, pushing its value and promoting it as a valuable currency.

On April 10th, the team has tweeted about the point system they have implemented while promoting a free giveaway of these points for all users who register on their new website and/or click the “Follow” button on their official Twitter account.

In the initial tweet, the team explained that DBPoints serve the purpose of representing rewards for DBC community where these points can be exchanged for DBC units or used for purchasing chosen products from DBC Loyalty Shop, which has become a part of their new rewarding system.

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I want you to give me your best FUD itt.


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What reason does this coin actually have for going up?

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FYI - this pic of my boy BKelly saying to sell XRP at 0.71c is FAKE you dumbasses. Stop reposting this idiocy.

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dead cat bounce

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it's bringing us to the AI apocalypse

>I have no DBC and I must scream

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40% gain in 24 hours is a hell of a cat

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I ain't selling shit

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Humor allowed itt sir? Please respond thank you

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Never seen a more comfy chart, growth potential x10 or x20 come early '19

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long fucking overdue to correct upwards

this coin was undeservedly shitted on so fucking much, it's unbelievable

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I'm holding

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i have inside dev info, it will be listed on tradesatoshi in 24 hrs, get ready for an epic pump

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This will be a really fun summer, i am salivating already.

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This just shows we were at the absolute bottom, bubble chart is starting all over again

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This. Re-evaluate summer bull run or HODL to early '19. Either works.

The brain knows what it wants.

The FUD was strong FEB to early APP and provided good lols.

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It's a Chinese scam project without a product or application in the real world.

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Give me your best FUD faggot. You have 5 mins. GO

>In other news:


>Daily reminder:

DBC Marines are immunized against all dangers: one may call them scoundrels, pajeets, swindlers, chinkcoins, it all runs off them like water off a raincoat. But spread out FUD and you will be astonished at how quickly they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back: “we've been looed out.”

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where did they scam anyone? they're hiring a fuckload of people and working like retards on this project. their mother firm DeepBrain is insanely established and will ensure that many of their tech partners will atleast try their service once available. But hey, you know better because you regurgitate "scam project pajeet shit coin" without having a fucking idea of the matter.

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Relax, he bought high in the typical /biz/ fashion, he needs to vent

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