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>we tried to tell you

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holy shit I literally had it all. I had 8000 link at one point but sold them to buy a nintendo switch after I thought crypto was dead. now I have $15 in the bank and about to leave for my shift at mcdonalds. killing myself after I clock out desu

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No one talks about this shittoken outside of biz

you say its comparable to link moon except you had billionaires actively talking about, and companies looking into the tech (as written by news articles).

when it comes to link its pretty fuckin silent out there.

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ETH moon* oops

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No it's the hottest thing in crypto, but it's like rule 1 in fight club

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>tfw I am not holding any LINK

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about ChainLink, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my crypto economics class, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret pump and dumps on BitBean, and I have over 300% confirmed gains. I am trained in gorilla fudding and I’m the top Link bagholder on etherscan. You are nothing to ChainLink but just another shitcoin. I will wipe your tokens the fuck out with losses the likes of which has never been seen before in these markets, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit about Linkies over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Pajeets and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, no-linker. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your wallet. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can hack your private keys in over seven hundred ways. Not only am I extensively trained in memetics, but I have access to the entire hashpower of the blockchain and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little street shitter. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn brainlet. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

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This is just getting sad now

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>rule 1 in fight club
>10+ threads a day saying moon mission for months but nothing is happen

I think we all know no one its not going anywhere. Just bag holders like yourself is hoping for the best.

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I'll only come to biz to shit on nolinkers

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If a small group of amateur devs accomplish not only a successful main net release but a sustainable and lucrative business model with Chainlink, you all stinkies will deserve your fortune.

That being said and with the data in hand, such scenario currently makes no sense and it is highly improbable.

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>t. buy high

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The year is 2030, it's been years since you retired off of ChainLink. You have no reason to struggle or worry your way through life anymore. Your head rests in your smokingly beautiful wife's arms while you watch comfy movies in the living room, with the lights low in the light of your lit fireplace. As your wife kisses you goodnight and heads upstairs to bed you decide to take a walk. You reminisce about 4chan, moon missions and long shots, and you realize that everything that starts out comfy has ended comfy. Then with a smile on your face you turn to see the humble little home burn down to the ground. The last thing you remember from The scene is your wife banging on The bedroom window for help. The insurance company gives you a large check the next day which is converted directly into chainlink. You finally bought the dip.

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>he doesn't know

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amateur devs...kek


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I've been watching the pivitol tracker. Steve was updating it 30 mins ago. I saw activity on it 5 hours ago too.

THE TEAM IS WORKING THROUGH MONDAY’S BREAKFAST. Looking at their tasklist, I really think they are shooting for rop-test by the end of the month. Then the cat is out of the bag. We can see whats going on in the system. Who is asking for what type of data. Swift, Tesla, Microsoft, Docusign... it will all be laid out.

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>tfw only 100 linkies
I could've retired already if I weren't so fucking poor to begin with.

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invest in nodes

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How do I do that?

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That got dark quick

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the development process of chainlink is going extremely slow, so everyone with half a brain can imagine that a more capable company like microsoft will create a similar product way fucking faster.
long terming holding LINK is basically the same as burning your money.

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See my new car no linkers? It cost me 10 LINK that i bought back in 2017 for $0.3 each! You could have it too only if you would listen to the 100 threads telling you to buy it daily ;)

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check linkpool

read on their site and know risks exist.

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fixed that for you

>late 2018

>No one talks about this shittoken outside of biz

you say its comparable to link moon except you had billionaires actively talking about, and companies looking into the tech (as written by news articles).

when it comes to the shitcoin, you're shilling its pretty fuckin silent out there.

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Coming to 4chan has been my best life choice ever.
Thank you guyz for shilling this coin.
I sure have made some mistakes and failtraded half my LINK stack away, but even my 7k LINK now is more than I can possibly cash out.
I guess, I should just keep staking it for passive income.

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> yet another link killer thread
You guyz are pathetic. LINK's been here for years already and there is not a single project that can possibly replace it.
Sure, it doesn't have its own blockchain. But that doesn't matter anymore, since it moved to Ethereum sidechain a year ago.

Chainlink is now so deep in the industry nobody would even think of switching it for some other project.
What you're offering is basically trying to replace polygons in 3D modelling with voxels. To do that you'd need to create new hardware, new IDEs, new game engines. 3D polygons have billions invested in them and huge infrastructure you can't rebuild yourself.
Same thing with CL. Do you know that your electricity bills are paid with CL? Have you ever tried ordering pizza online? There is actually CL out there making sure you have enough money to pay and that the delivery boy comes in time to the right address.

CL is everywhere now. You can't kill LINK, as that would require you to kill crypto altogether and start from square zero.

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On my yacht, I look to the horizon, where the sea meets the sky
I feel a rare sense of pity; not all were lucky as I
I light up a cigar, to ponder and think
About those unfortunate souls, who didn't buy ChainLink
"It's just a meme!" They cried out in anger. "You deluded shills have a terrible stink!"
But their voices went silent, when the singularity hit. Ten thousand no-linkers all turning pink.
All the no-linkers could do was shed tears
As ChainLink surpassed, 1000 eoy

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2000$ EOY!!!!

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This is a good one

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$2000 eoy

digits dont lie

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We tried to help them ;_;

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Late adopter spotted.

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Have u heard that McAffee gonna eat his dick on TV if LINK isn't $1M by 2025?

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how do i buy chainlink. I just went into a workshop for lawyers and I'm basically convinced smart contracts are the future.

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>You could have it too only if you would listen to the 100 threads telling you to buy it daily ;)

Imagine not even being able to cope with the old "I didn't knew back then..."
Let's help out no-linkers to cope
>it was just a meme
>at the time, it seemed like a scam
>I feel for the two-man dev team FUD
>I really couldn't see the purpose of the token
>I was lazy and didn't read or understood the whitepaper

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A smart contract workshop? Tell us about it.
Buy eth on coinbase, use it to buy link on binance.

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Buy Eth on Coinbase

Then sign up for Binance. Use my referral ID if you want, just give me part of the fees you would be paying anyways. 18775831

Send the eth from Coinbase to your Eth wallet on binance. Go to exchange, link/eth pair and buy.

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>he hasn't been checking the github or clandestine blockchain development of several major corporations

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I unironically cannot tell if link is a scam or not because its being spilled way too hard. Can someone give me a reasoned opinion on this that doesnt involve a meme I literally do not understand

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Link is a meme is a meme

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Well a few lawyers who specialize in blockchain came to our law school to discuss it with us. They discussed the fact that blockchain is doing away with intermediaries (lawyers are intermediaries). They also stressed the importance of smart contracts and their future implementation. Chainlink and ETH are a safe bet it seems because they will be handling a lot of the contracting work that lawyers do in the future.

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bro, no joke here, link is not a meme, if u are new on biz u get trolled so fucking hard, and link is the perfect project for that since they dont use twitter activly or hype there own coin, but its legit as fuck, i would never go all in but 70% of my stack is link and its the comfyst hold of them all, good luck anon.

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I will let everyone know by revving my toy cars which all be marked with a little ChainLink cube in honor of Sergey.

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the tech isn't that special, the value is if link can organize things so that:
- high stakes smart contracts are written to use their oracle network
- high value data sources connect to their oracle network

if those things both happen, it will become a de-facto standard through network effects

whether they can do it depends on:
- are decentralized oracles really that important (you have to form your own judgement on this) or will centralized oracles be fine for high value applications
- will the smart contract dev and data communities organize around chainlink

form an estimate on those 2 things and you'll be able to decide if its worth buying

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My concern is that nobody seems to be talking about link outside of biz. It's been around a while and usually the decent coins have a healthy general following. Link seems to be only loved by people on biz which is a little sketch

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>I only buy overhyped shitcoins that are already well known and overbought
Very cool!

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They did an ico for the decentralized nature of Chainlink...We we're not supposed to have it.

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I love those retards fomoing into shitcoins like nano or ven when everyone already talks about them and clearly there is no more money coming in

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LINK is a coin of chice for ppl, who want to carh the next Bitcoin train.
These ppl don't have much money and usually perform an all-in on LINK.
That means they don't really care if they lose it all, as their investment is not that big to produce stable profit in the first palce. So they print memes and shitpost fud and shills just for the fun of it

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It's a relatively technical, non-user-focused use case. It's hard to explain what ChainLink does to a normie who doesn't know what a smart contract/oracle is, what an API is, or what Ethereum does

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Thank you that clears a lot up for me

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Also corda a blockchain that will actually be used by business, cause it has the requirements real world adoption needs and not your stupid overpriced meem token.

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LINK is not a meme.

Do with that information what you want.

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>loved by people on biz which is a little sketch

This is why it's only found on 4chan. People don't trust 4chan.

Ask yourself this.

Do you really think /biz/ would meme and hold a coin for half a year if they didn't actually believe in it?

Do you really believe autistic don't care about getting rich?

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buy thompson reuters stock as a hedge then

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brother, please educate yourself. there is not much time yet. i am not saying buy LINK right away, however, it is in your best interest to at least do your own research on this industry changing project

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please read. also check out some of sergey nazarov's most recent conferences on youtube.

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>usually the decent coins have a healthy general following.

Reddit loved coins like XLM
Look what that did for them

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LINK is about to dump hard, sell now and buck back around 20 cents per token. Don't say you weren't warned

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Reminds me of Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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>thinking anyone here cares

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Oh my god.........

I'm going to make it with only 600 link.

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i cant wait till the end of the year so i can come on here and laugh at all of you stupid link holders.

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What is the value of Link based on if it's not a currency? Tell me and I'll buy 10k!

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the value is based on dank memes.

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thats a lot

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