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I'm about to sell ETH. And before I hit the button I thought maybe biz could stop me

I have 50 ETH and $12k to my name.

My expenses are about $2k a month and I have no job

Will we last 6 months? Should I sell 10 now? I was about to sell 10. I feel bad :(

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Is tethering up an option?
I would definitely tether up at 400

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i sold anon. you need cash. you will regret it bigly if you wait and one day you wake up and were under 300

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get a job and hold 1 year min

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Never invest more than you're willing to lose. If you don't feel comfortable, pull out.

I personally feel this is near the lows for BTC/ETH, but no one really knows.

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Yeah dump some bro we are going sub $300 potentially $400 is a good price still

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Its over
Btc crashing with no survivors

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if i tether up im just leaving my fate in the hands on 2 scammy exchanges (bitfitnex and binance)

i will also regret it bigly if this is the bottom


this is all pretty much the houses money at this point, but it sucks to watch crumble these past few months

i dont believe these people are my friends

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1. Sell. You will feel like shit when you can't pay rent and get evicted.

2. Get a job. Take a price of your earnings that you can afford to lose and invest.

3. Remember every successful person has failed a lot more times than they were right. View it as a learning experience. There will always be tulips out there to manipulate. Penny stocks is an example.

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Sell all. It will just drop more. You fucked up holding through a bear market if you have no income.

To be fair, I also fucked up. A lot of us did. I at least cashed out part though when shit was going down. Enough to live off of.

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why no job? there are plenty out there, are you above work? find something you can invest yourself in and look away from the charts for a while

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Don’t sell. It’s going up against BTC now. It will be over 0.11 BTC by June

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dont sell the bottom anon

https tinyurl com y7twje5d

powh will get your losses back, just have to believe in smart contracts my man

serious don't belive me just visit the link and DYOR

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Dude, if you need food you need food. Nobody knows how long it's going to last or when it's going to go up that's what we're trying to decide right now. Personally I'm not interested in buying ETH until the 40k sats zone but that doesn't mean it's going there.

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