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>go on date with jewess from ultra rich family
>she sucks down 5 pricey girly drinks
>she demands I pay for the 200$ bill

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Dated this girl who came from money. I was just moving out of my parents house but only had a futon to sleep on. She let me borrow her moms spare mattress that was like 10 trillion thread count absolutely insnalely comfortable bed. Smashed a ton on it. I couldn’t stand being with her after a while but didn’t want to give back the mattress.

Plot twist I’m the gold digger

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I married her for money. She knows this.

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thread count is on the sheets. sheets come off the mattress to be washed.

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Not exactly true. High end mattresses also have a thread count.

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>match with a cute girl above my league
>she is super nice, LTR material
>2 weeks later
>she reveals her bastard child
>block her everywhere
>receive multiple calls for a couple of days and texts for a week

Smug as fug.jpg

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This is real by the way

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A cousin of mine is 46 and didn't actually have a real job until like 4 years ago because he spent his youth fucking rich Asian women and having them foot the bill for everything. His first wife was a total cunt and he actually had the balls to cheat on her with another wealthy Asian woman that lived in their building. He divorced her and got like 250k in the settlement and now he's engaged to the other woman. But it's ok though because she's way nicer. Kek.

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>agree to go on a date with this 8.5/10 ukranian chick in uni
>she says come meet me in mayfair, not too far from where we study in london
>she's there, so are her 9 equally beautiful 19yo ukrainian girlfriends
>so are their 9 respective 40yo russian boyfriends
>£50 to get in
>i go to buy a drink, pay with a £20 note
>mfw that's not enough. for one drink
>she buys her own
>she pays for the taxi
>after we smashed she tells me that she got to get up early and queue in front of d&g store tomorrow
>because some new collection is coming out
>i would have married that chick for her money and her blowjobs
>she let's me smash twice more, then finds herself a wealthy eastern european
also she is now broke after russia invaded ukraine and her dad's factories are dust

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>girl knows I have money so tries to woo me
>Never spend money on her ever
>She keeps spending on me

She doing the long con but I'm on to her

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>wife found out about my second mortgage bitbean investment
>staying with her parents the last two weeks

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You got beaned.

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healthy. You're going to have a wonderful life with people like that and with that outlook.

For sure, don't kill yourself ;)) xDD xpp

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>be 14
>first (and only) date
>pay movie tickets separately
>pay for her snacks and mine
>didnt even get to pee in vagina
>still think about the wasted money 15 years later

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>Dated a korean girl
>She ordered the most expensice meal at TGI Friday
>only paid for my meal
She just paid hers and left. She went straight out and didnt talk to me and never seen her again.
As if i burn 20 bucks for her desu

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my sides

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