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I have noticed a lot of racism here on /biz/. Especially slurs targeting people of Indian descent. Referring to us as "Pajeets." I know it is mostly jokes. But it still hurts. Could you please stop it?

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This is pathetic.

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who are the "pajeets" of india, pajeet?

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Good luck. This place is full of idiots.

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Plz sir do the needful

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fuck you -you dirty stinky brown indian street shit stain piece of nigger shit

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i dont think its a joke

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Poo in the loo Pajeet

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bruh, 99% is a joke... relax.

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They're not jokes you smelly Pajeet. Also

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Bull of 2017 brought /pol here. /biz once was helpful. Now it's full of shilling, crying and suicidal /b/tards

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Sir, apologie assepted.

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Relax man go take a shit on the street

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get the fuck out newfag

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It's not jokes

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in the loo

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>google "pajeet"
>all results are related to 4chan

What is even the origin of this? Google also shows it's not even a real name. Who is the man who invented the word "Pajeet"? Was it really invented here or does it have older origins? Perhaps it was used by merchants among the Silk Road in the days of yore? Can someone please research this?

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>unicef removed their poo in the loo video
thank god for reuploaders

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>Google also shows it's not even a real name.
b-but one of the devs for the Confido project was named Pajeet.

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im brown and pajeet is hardly insulting. it's actually endearing compared to hearing about shitskins and curryniggers (actually I mostly use this one myself kek)

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>days of yore
what lol

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Sorry India has a culture of lying, in CVs in business undertakings, fuelled by desperation and poverty. India operates openly massive scam call centre industries. If you want to be respected clean your fucking act up as a people

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>one indian kid (probably from the US) is responsible for that shit

I guess we should feel pretty guilty over slavery then, huh. Take your marxist collective guilt bullshit elsewhere

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probably a spin off of "baljeet"

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that's what you get for millions of fake tech support calls targeting geriatrics. A shot reputation. That's what you get with exporting fake degree brainlets. That's what you get, the deserved reputation of being a nation of crappy scamming scum. Make some arrests. Develop some fucking integrity and while you are at it, deal with leprosy and public sanitation if you want to be viewed as more than scamming disgusting and vile. Yeah you are better than pakkis which are all of the above but murderous savages too, but that's not saying much.

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>>one indian kid (probably from the US) is responsible for that shitI guess we should feel pretty guilty over slavery then, huh. Take your marxist collective guilt bullshit elsewhere

If india stopped running openly entire scam call centres in 1865 you might have a point. But you don't.

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Pajeets are the lowest tier of human beings. Whenever I order stuff from Amazon and I run into issues the pajeets fuck up everything customer help related. It is frustrating and stupid. I hate pajeets.

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The west has an even worse culture of lying. 99% of all scams in Crypto are done by white, western faggots. What's the latest, IOC and ODN?

Gayden and Dick, please kill yourselves.

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>irony so surreal feels like OP is a white racist against pajeet and LARPing as a pathetic pajeet to get more bullied.

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No, I still do. You're not addressing my underlying argument: Those that are not involved in these 'entirely open scam call centres' are not guilty. Address this point, or fuck off with your red herrings.

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you still smell bad, drive like maniacs and can't speak english

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I'm literally an Aryan from Texas. How does it feel that /pol/s (yours) wet dream thinks you're retarded.

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>I'm literally an Aryan from Texas

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"I was only joking" is shit that schoolyard bullies try to pull after they get caught

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Pls sirs no more pajeet pls thx

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Fuck off nigger

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How often do you run into issues ordering from Amazon? Are you retarded? Ordering from Amazon is literally one of the easiest things anyone could do on the internet

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mostly jokes. kek keep telling yourself that.

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Unironically this. Every Indian I've worked with has grossly overestimated their skillset.

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Indian (or "Pajeet") here, you racist cunts.

Every now and then there's a guy with a brain on biz.


But is it so hard to admit that some of the biggest morons in this world are White americans? Your president being the best example.

And even then skin colour is hardly a metric for stupidity. Ah well, you rednecks stay stupid.

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>so much projection
>poor use of grammar
remove your head from your butt and then neck yourself pajeet

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holy fuck are you me? I was supposed to get money back on an order and these retarded curryniggers placed my order as return shipping and proceeded to charge return shipping on top of it, even after delivering a message saying they would send the refunded money i asked for, and this was after I had to call a second time because the first streetshitter had no idea what I was telling him to do.

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Fuck off. Racism keeps normies away. The last thing we need is more normies.

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>racism keeps normies away

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Trump has over 150 IQ and a 9 inch dick.

You mad boi?

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Indians were the original Aryans, the Indo-Aryans.

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> thinks projection === cruel reality
> wants me to pay attention to grammar on a kurdish cuckolding forum

In your defence anon, India is filled with plenty of fuckwits too.

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The out lash against Pajeets will only stop in 2020 when the street shitting superpower emerges.

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>mfw when I have been blessed with both thanks to good genetics.

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You have to go back, plebbit scum.

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why do you do this pajeets?

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Not a curry muncher but his grammar was actually pretty good for the standards of this board.

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hello Yogesh

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>goes forbes top 50
>not one pajeet

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The original link holder

This is fucked up though srs, being poor in india actually means you starve to death and this fag is driving a 3 million dollar car over carcasses

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The low caste they call them unclean. It's so bad India pretends to be a developed nation but they literally have apartheid implemented.

And then those same people will complain about white on brown racism when it affects them. Not all Indians are money and status grubbing sly scammers that will say anything to get ahead. But a large majority of the uncultured Indians are.

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Lies pajeet, you know you've proven anons point lol

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Honestly muslims and pajeet are pretty evenly retarded to me, and they both think they're better than each other lol

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>good genetics

pick one

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Here you go retard

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>le 63% face

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i can see the poo on those filthy fingers

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hahaha you do you anon, shit like this just feeds my ego

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>$3mm car
>literally some shitty Chinese kit car that’d supposed to slightly resemble a Huracan

I’m sorry, but it seems your retardation is terminal.

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Hahahaha I'm administrating a page and so many indian dudes say this shit, it's on point.

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>no socks

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Caste systems are good. Makes sure lower caste sub-human plebeian blood doesn't get mixed with higher, more noble blood

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Fuck indians

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i always thought of it as a spinoff of khajit from the elder scrolls games

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