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Capitalism is just fine, right?

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I think he's earned it. Amazon is pretty impressive.

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please buy my begs Benzo

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if Amazon would not be there we might would not have such a monopoly as rn.

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Even a school teacher in the US is still in the top 1% of the world and there are only around 1 million homless in the US or 0.3% of the US population, meanwhile there are hundreds of millions in extreme poverty in communist countrys like china , yea I'd say capitalism is working pretty good

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Yes. Every system is going to produce Haves, and Havenots. In some systems, for you to be a Have, you're parents had to be nobility, and you have to kill your brother in a war after your father dies. Or, you could be a loyal, robotic member of a political party, and work your way up the political party wage-cuck ladder.

Or, in capitalism, you can have an exceptional skill or idea, or drive, and can make whatever life you want. Hardly any of us reach Bezos levels, but, as far as the socio-political system is concerned, the average individual is given the best opportunity to succeed in a capitalist system. The rest if left up to nature.

None of them are perfect systems. Capitalism is just the least imperfect system. Jeff Bezos isn't above the law, he can't assassinate his rivals, he can't confiscate land, he can't put people in jail for speaking out against him, and he can't order your wife to have sex with him. At least not expressly.

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Chinese isn't communist, it's also capitalist.

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what do you think happens to that money, anon?
its being reinvested back into the economy

money isnt a zero sum game
you dont improve outcomes by redistributing

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>Even a school teacher in the US is still in the top 1% of the world
The Average wage of a USA teacher is under 50K.

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Bezos was already wealthy before he started Amazon, I think a better example is Steve Jobs.

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He's a faggot and I don't shop at amazon. Sounds like you shouldn't either, plenty of other options.

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Everyone that is a billionaire changed the world with their products

Prove me wrong

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Most people are very poor relative to that.

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yes he created a website/service that lots of people like to use voluntary. Much better than having a King/Monarch or Communist ruling class to have the wealth without ever doing anyhthign for the population.

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Imagine how much he could drive up btc price :(

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34k per year puts you in the top 1% of the world, so yes, even most schoolteachers are in that group.

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Whats the point in even being this rich?

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no, it is fascist

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your quads wont fool me communism and any socialist ideology is the suppression of all.
sure china is more capitalist but your freedoms and property is given to the government and they make products cheaper to both spy and profit from its people while making our products higher in price therefore their fake capitalist

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idiots, that's his net worth because he owns so much amazon stock


it's not like he purposely obtained that much wealth or has that number showing in his bank account. He owns several million shares of stock of AMZN, which is worth over 1600/each.

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Amazon became a monopoly because other companies can't get their shit together.

It's current year and Walmart's online site is still a fucking disaster. HomeDepot also suffers from massive shit streeting with their online marketplace. None of the top 20 retailers in the US have a similar online experience compared to Amazon. Some may beat them in certain areas, but no one beats them in everything.

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>have 100 of this stock
>suddenly lots of people want to buy them from me
>one offers me $1,000, other $10,000, another $100,000
>suddenly my stocks are worth $10 million


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>In Communism everything is owned by the state
>In Capitalism everything is owned by Amazon
so glad to live in the timeline where I have to sing the company anthem to make my car startup in the morning

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Relativity is meaningless

No one cares about Africa, India, China, or half of the European countries.

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Stop buying shit from him if you don’t like it. For me he deserves it just from saving me from ever entering a GameStop again.

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>I don't care
>No one cares

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>Amazon is worth 768B
>Jeff owns 18% of it
>His networth from just Amazon stocks is 138B

>Socialists like OP, want take Jeff's stock options and give it everybody poor.

Best idea. Let's see how well society functions after that.

>pic related OP

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Agreed. A lot of sites for big well established companies suck. Like still have problems Amazon fixed on their own site a decade ago. It's absurd. And it's not like these companies don't have the revenue to support putting some proper R&D in to their online storefronts either. Just lazy and almost certainly held back by boomer CEOs and board of directors who still don't get it and apparently never will.

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Every fucking publicly corporation focuses on short term quarterly profits above all else and gets btfo by the one company that doesn't.

Maybe everyone else should take notes.

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It’s as communist as they come and they only have a few designated cities that are allowed to operate under ‘capitalist’ rules. They’re called SEZ Special Economic Zones. And those zones are the only reason China is relevant and not a total shithole like MENA.

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I'm loving it™

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>Even a school teacher in the US is still in the top 1% of the world
mutt delusion at its finest

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Not him, but China is becoming more and more capitalistic.
A few of my buddies teach English in China and they have all sorts of crazy stories.(he's a 5ft 2 manlet)
Apparently, most Chinese women want the fuck out of there and will do anything to achieve that.
He basically fucks Chinese girls non stop.
It's hilarious because he's an ultra manlet.

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>focuses on short term quarterly profits above all else
Never really understood this. Why does our system reward such shortsited decision making?

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Socialism isnt the answer, but capitalism isn't too. At least the former tried to forge equality on society you protozoan

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I don't feel entitled to other people's money. So yea, capitalism is fine

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>At least the former tried to forge equality on society you protozoan
Just like Venezuela mirite?

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>If you don't want corporations more powerful than nation states ramming your ass 24/7 you must be a communist

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Capitalism is in its final stages. Automation and artificial intelligence developments will likely result in socialism.

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Explain to me in detail how this is wrong in any way shape of form

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Fucking THIS

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you need to make at least $32,000 a year roughly to make it in the 1% and teachers in the u.s. on average make $50,000 a year you retard

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Wow that's a dumb reply. Fuck me, you really out did yourself. That opinion is objective horseshit.

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>Tax every single corporation on it's land 30%
>Tax every single worker on it's land 15-30%
>Government is still not as powerful as a private sector


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Honestly excited to see the first trillionaire in my lifetime.

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yeah why dont you start a company anon?

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Ofc, this is income.

To be in 1% net worth in the world, you need more. Something like 700K.

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In theory,brainlet

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Thats not entirely true, a lot of that money, including money that should go to pay taxes, is basocally sitting there, orobably making more money. The fact is if you gave 1k to every person making below 30k in this country, that money would be spent immediately, and therefore injected directly into the economy. This is why tax cuts for lower middle class are so much more beneficial because that money goes directly into the economy, if you have a billion in the bank and I save you a million, you just have an extra million, thats it

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>Political parties aren't subject to lobbies
But yeah keep sucking the dicks of guys who would sell you as dog food if they could. I'm sure studying economics at a 4th college in the midwest is REALLY gonna let you play with the big guys and live that Wolf of Wall St lifestyle :^)))

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Rather have capitalism than communism, though both suck. There's no solution, just detach from the world and transcend this coil of flesh.

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>$130 billion
>being impressed by a 13,000 link stack in 2019

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unless the cash is being stashed under a mattress, it's being invested.
in a hedge fund? it's being invested
in a bank account? it's being invested
buying expensive artwork? the money isnt being destroyed. the person who receives it is either spending it or investing it (or stashing it under a mattress)

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He founded the company safer than ebay you commie pos

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Yes, capitalism is fine. A person earns money. You are free to earn money, too. You can accumulate your wealth and do as you wish with it.

Stop being a jealous little cunt, and start doing better instead of coveting other people's earnings.

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unequal wealth > equal poverty

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false dichotomy

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nicolas berggruen

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You’re a fucking idiot. The point being made by making these comparisons is that yes capitalism is not perfect but it’s a whole lot better than anything else in the world.

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Amazon has a shit load of other money making lines of business but one thing that pisses me off is just how shitty and garbage the products have become in the actual marketplace.

Everything seems to just be garbage chinese shit...for Canadian market at least

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Where's the problem?

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Did you just admit envy is the fundamental pillar of socialism?

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Most socialists don't even know their envious, they just associate money with power and nothing else.

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The face when with that 0.5 me and my great-grandchildren would be set for thousand of years.

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Great thing about Capitalism is.
A product like this won't sell in the free market.

Only way it'll sell is authoritarian government. Like UK is doing with their TV licenses propaganda and such.

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And are those investments productive or otherwise atm anon?

Please tell us how that artwork doubling in nominal value is good for society...

If I buy $1m of Treasuries and get the gobbermint to pay me everyone's taxes is that really creating value in society?

It's the stashing-it-under-the-mattress part that's the problem.

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Its kind of bullshit to look at it that way without factoring the differences in cost of living

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If we get to a point where consumer goods are to easily and cheaply made that we have a virtual infinite supply, and the supply and demand relationship breaks down, then yes, some sort of socialism would creep in. But, even then, if we could quickly build housing for free for everyone, we still have to decide who gets to live by the beach, and who has to live in Nebraska.

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Almost all of that money is stock bubble money

amazon is barely profitable

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The threshold for being in the top 1% of the world is about $35,000 per year, and Over a hundred million people in india alone make less than $100 a year.

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Yes, eventually we'll have virtual realities where everyone can live like a king and have all their hopes and dreams come true.

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Equality of opportunity, or equality of results?

And equality for everyone, or for most people, but not the socialist political party members?

It amazes me how the income/lifestyle gap between Marxist political leaders and the proletariat is ignored by proponents of Marxism. Putin, Lil Kim, Xi Jinping, all live baller lifestyles: tailored suits, bentley's, handmade Swiss watches, smoking hot wives. Even Castro didn't go to the people's hospital when he was dying. He consulted with the finest doctors in Europe he could find.

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Thin Profit Margins ≠ barely any profit.
You can have 1% profit margins but if your annual Overall earnings are $100 Billion then your still making $1 Billion in profit

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>thinking networth is the equivalent of disposable cash/fiat

>> No.8321766

Harold Hamm

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>implying Jeff Bezos has any problem with obtaining literally any amount of cash
>implying literally any bank would not give out billion of dollars of basically free loans to Amazon for the chance to lick Jeff Bezos sweaty nut sack and be on his good side once he takes over all forms of goods exchange in the United States (and world)

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amazon undercut everyone and forced them to lower their prices. non free people don't get that though

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So he owns worth 130b stock shares, that are current priced worth that much. I dont see any problem there, it's not somehow 'off' from people like socialists think

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Correct post

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First of all america is not capitalist, the current system is as turbo socialist as they come.It is close to full communism. Capitalist system you would have no income or property taxes at all.

Secondly, nearly 50 million americans live on food stamps, result of socialism and poor immigrants

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One man earning 130 bil gives credit to the glory of capitalism. Only a fool would see this accomplishment and think it does anything other than glorify mans greatness. Think about it. In one lifetime he has been so productive that his work was worth 130 billion. He has shown us what is possible through work. Looking at that number doesn’t make me feel small it makes me feel how wonderful it is to be born as a man.

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>communist countrys like china
/biz/ in a nutshell.

Africa is capitalist :^)

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>Africa is capitalist :^)

Africa is a welfare state.
Obviously socialism.

Also, China calls itself Communist.

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Amazon has provided trillions in value for consumers - so I think it’s pretty fair he gets a cut

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>1 post by this ID
Fuck off

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China was communist in practice until the early 90s but definitely not the days. Deng reforms opened up the country and have led to rapid growth. Had the country never been communist, it would be as rich - on a per capita basis - as Taiwan is now. So they kinda fucked that one up.

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Mao is retarded.

By he united China, gave them work ethics and national pride.

Taiwan is a really small country prompted up by US just to counter China.

>> No.8322513

>By he united China, gave them work ethics and national pride.

Mao tried to destroy traditional culture and forced people to worship the state. China's people already had work ethic. He merely exploited it.

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He's on a board at the Pentagon, he owns the Washington post, multi-million dollar CIA contracts. This fucker wants total control over the masses (YOU) and you cunts are defending him. You get that rich and you lose your fucking marbles, delusions of grandeur etc., almost always. it's not something that should be allowed in a healthy society, we don't need people to be that powerful.

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there will always be fucking financial illiterate idiots no matter what the 'system' is. you could give someone all jeff bezos' money and they'd find a way to lose it and be back on the street

>> No.8322934

"lose it"
Only in the sense that that 1 person would not have that 1k anymore. However they would lose that money somehow, and it would return to the economy. That's the goal, to keep money moving.

>> No.8323001

>masses (YOU)
Speak for yourself, filthy peasant.

> we don't need people to be that powerful
What we really don't need is entitled couch potatoes like yourself dragging the rest of us down

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He put the economy back decades. Many other countries have national pride without sacrificing economic progress.

Also, ridiculous to say that Taiwan is “propped up by US”. First of all, Taiwan’s GDP per capita is exactly where you’d expect it given it’s PISA and other human capital scores. Secondly, US is only ~10% of imports and exports.

Face it, communist countries cucked themselves

Im not anti communist because “muh freedoms”, I’m anti communist because it absolutely crushes living standards

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>we try and beat his high score

>> No.8323147

reminder to sage and hide all leftypol threads

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Because our system is slow and needs people to cross check everything. Chsinlink will speed up the process with snsrt contracts.

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He helped innovate somewhat at first, but at this point he's a J.P Morgan-tier predatory capitalist parasite. Enjoy your Alexa btw, such a useful product. At least she makes sure bezos is always there, listening.

>> No.8323210


then you'd agree with a steep estate tax if you hate the idea of aristocracy so much, correct?

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Capitalism is fine until when it rarely becomes absurd. In the case of Amazon they're so successful that they're crushing everything underneath them. They cant be competed against at this buying power in their market. Which has been expanding. The only competition would be equally immense corporations and only if it seems profitable for them.

We need nerfs. It's going to get out of control in the next few generations. I don't care if it sounds like some commie bullshit but you need small successful companies for societies to succeed outside of major cities. Only way that happens is by kneecapping jeff bezos.

>> No.8323368


L'Oreal bitch

other clothing designers.

random inheritance billionaires

oil fags

African dictators who pillaged their nations.

all worthless. most billionaires are worthless and inherited. very few are actual entrepreneurs

>> No.8323398

What is the point of now being this rich?

>> No.8323413

They have only had like $800 billion in total revenue since they started.

>> No.8323415


actually they operated on negative profit margins in a time with no sales tax on online purchases. this allowed them to undercut all competitors, putting them put of business, which then established the Amazon empire (de facto monopoly)

>> No.8323431

yep, all these people in this thread completely forgetting the tenet of competition and lower prices driving the success of capitalism. you must keep the balance in order if you want capitalism, if you are willing to let it go unrestrained it will kill itself chasing capital and its customers/stakeholders in the process.

anti-trust laws must be used against amazon/facebook/alphabet, we're looking at advertising, analytics and meta marketplace monopolies.

>> No.8323438

More then kind of bullshit, its just lying.

>> No.8323449

this, privately owned businesses with a valuation over 1 billion USD are called unicorns for a reason.

>> No.8323471


there is no point for them to try at this point. no matter how good a site/service they make people will still just go to Amazon. same as people only use Google. Amazon has won retail period

>> No.8323545

what the fuck is this sentence

>> No.8323552

He has markedly imprived our.ability to quickly and affordably order and receive products. The wealth he has accrued is essentially the variable that balances that equation. No issue with this mutual gain whatsoever.

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Yea it's fine did he deserve it? Does the fucking corrupt Satan worshiping, war mongering, child sacrificing, child fuc*ing, cannibal , school bombing, racist elites bother you at all?

>> No.8323611

what would happen if he decided one day to sell 100% of the company?

>> No.8323624


buying stock doesn't create value brainlet. It doesn't do anything for the real underlying economy. It just inflates the ponzi a bit more

>> No.8323630

He only owns around 18% of it so that's kind of impossible.... Amazon can't be sold. I don't think any other company could afford to buy it, not even Apple has that much in reserve.
Amazon is here to stay and it will just keep growing

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He's literally seizing the means of production

>> No.8323648

too much "investment" these days is basically gambling, money changing hands over and over but never going into R&D or funding new businesses(because established ones are far too dominant)
moneylending isn't a productive process at all either, it simply drives prices up to a new level forcing everyone to take on debt

>> No.8323650

He's still only 25% of the way towards passing Rockefeller, inflation adjusted. He's a wealthlet

>> No.8323657

>he can't assassinate his rivals, he can't confiscate land, he can't put people in jail for speaking out against him
Sure he can. But for the time being he has enough influence for the Jewish media to destroy whomever opposes him.

>> No.8323659

I mean we completely understand that it means luck and other dumb shit, but the point is we can't be stealing other peoples shit. How do people even to come to conclusions of those things, niggers do it as it is already.

>> No.8323661

1 part of me would like that sort of money, the other part of me wouldn't. i imagine it'd feel like when you complete gta 5: you have a ton of money in the game, the story is finished, you can buy anything but it becomes incredibly boring once you have everything you want.

>> No.8323693

we have to stop it from growing

>> No.8323891

it's not about envy. should one person have that much money when when others are hungry and impoverished? the system is completely dysfunctional

>> No.8323932

Based as fuck. Communism has literally 100% never worked at any point in human history, despite having been tried numerous times. And yes, it was real communism that was tried.

>> No.8324191

Because that money is the reward Bezos and Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg get for creating products/companies/tech that contributes positively to society on a massive scale. Bezos has that money because he is the head of a company that has helped change the way people shop, making it more affordable and convenient. I'm not well-off financially by any means: I'm 21 with a 30k net worth, and using Amazon saves me money on gas and the time it would take to go to one or several stores to find certain items. Purchases I make from Amazon are almost always cheaper than I could get retail, and with Prime I get them in 1-2 days tops with free shipping. Bezos and Amazon have done this for me, and for countless other people, so am I angry that there is a degree of reciprocity? Why would I be? Am I supposed to expect the money I pay them for the products and services they offer to evaporate into thin air?

>> No.8324610

Sounds Ike brilliant business strategy to me. Good for Amazon. Anyone had the opportunity to do the same.

>> No.8324893

if you guys even end up not being poor you'll quickly abandon any misguided communistic tendencies.

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It is. Fighting for your place under the sun been nature's way since forever. In fact it doesn't matter how you call an adaptive system that benefit the best of us as long as it works as expected.

>> No.8325527

they basically had to give away money for free a long time to make it back later.
i see no problem with this.

there was no guarantee they'd make it back later either

>> No.8325576

Yeah, that's life. Big risk leads to big gains.

>> No.8325583

>tfw i could have been an amazon millionaire but lost it all on solar stocks in 08/09 instead.
now i'm losing it round 2 with crypto

>> No.8325758

can't cash out

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