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When will the JUSTing end? Seriously? I thought ICX was a solid coin with sound fundamentals, yet we're being JUSTed on TRX/XVG-like levels. Convince me not to dump my stack of 55k ICX

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its gone down this far it MUST be close to the bottom. Don't buy high sell low anon!

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I also have around 55k ICX. I still think it's a solid coin, but the combination of the mainnet conference being overhyped and the overall crash fucked it over.

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If you have 55k you probably did your research before buying so you should know why to hold.

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I bought at 600 sats. Im too scared to look how much under 300 its gone. Either way i wish i never bought this perpetual failure

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I thought so, but this shit literally never stops bleeding, even the most bullish investor would question his investment at this point.

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proof or fuck off
Also what price did you buy in?
If you are confident in timing dumps, sell it . Buy in lower. But knowing biz as soon as you sell it'll climb back up

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but what isnt bleeding right now?

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I bought mine around $2 when it was added to binance. Getting close to that now.

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Should I sell

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I mean average $2, it was cheaper when added to binance. Wanted to get in the ICO, but burgers couldn't buy.

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You don't wanna know, my average buyin is probably around 7$. The JUST has been unreal.

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Fuck off retard and open CMC.

Everything is down 15-20% daily. Stop being so emotionally attached. It's a general market problem.

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ICX used to be 50%+sat/VEN, now we're -33%. Most coins are down 40-50%, ICX is down 85%.

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holy shit, that sucks :(
eh, you'll be fine. It'll bounce off a certain point regardless how low btc goes
Unless. btc breaks down completely and visits 6k

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are you all in?

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No, ICX accounts for about 40% of my holdings (it used to be 66%+), rest are in VEN, ETH and NEO.

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That is one shitty week then.

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I hope you did your research why this is a top 5 coin and who is backing/made it.

Now to answer your question: Coin been trading for a very short time so the sell pressure of ico fags who bought at cents is brutal but its been through the worst.

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Who here bought above $8?

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I also am holding a pretty high amount (40k). I bought most at $2 luckily but this is getting rough. I am gonna keep holding at this point though, selling now doesn't feel very smart.

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>he didn't sell at $10
>he thought it would just keep climbing
>he didn't at least unload 25% of his stack at where he thought the high was
-The state of biz
it's okay anon... we all learn

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Every new low I'm thinking this HAS to be the bottom, but I'm starting to doubt it. It's wierd, even biggest shitcoins had some rebound but this just keeps rocketing down

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Same here. It just keeps finding new bottoms

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Strong resistance at $0.40

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Fucking finally back to my buy in, brought more as soon as it did, feels fucking good man. Yes I held from release on binance all the way to ath and back down, fucking love being a hodler, fud runs off me like women at bars

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>could have 4x his stack
>feels good

I will never know this feel.

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>paying 50% tax to the jew on trades when you are hodling a legit coin you brought at the bottom

The fucking state of biz

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with the amount of bagholders this coin has i'm too afraid to even get in

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Not lying yes you are right, but am a poor fag compared to some of biz and don't plan on swing trading to pay high taxes. Only had 300icx, and it's not my only hodl

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>paying the tax

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Bro I bought ath and bought every $2 down since, I hope I works out but fuck I feel just

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You thought the Koreans would just pay you premium for their own coin. Koreans not stupid

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>being a piece of shit to your country and doing nothing for it

What a kek your life must be, unless cunt
And yes my government might not spend my money wisely but atleast that's why I have a vote to try and decide that. Didn't some wise faggot president once say it's not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, at least try do something anon, even if it is pay taxes and vote. Worthless cunt

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Most likely this

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What's the point now? BTC crashing to 7-8k. Possibly 5-6k. Just hope that's the bottom. And if it is and we go into slow recovery icx WILL pump again and the koreans WILL pump it on their exchanges giving way to western fomo, but don't expect a new ath any time soon.

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>getting on a moral high horse about taxes


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I am not larping anon, first time posting in a icon thread and brought on release to binance, this is a $50 coin, you will be ok. Be fucking happy it's this price again

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Are you ocka mate?

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Tell me what do you do apart from being another useless shit among the rest of breathers. Not saying tax's are the only thing you could do, but if you do nothing atleast do that for fuck sakes. Anon I could give a fuck if a small business cuts tax's, that small business employee people to pay their way l and feed their families, could give a fuck about paying taxes but do something cunt, this is what is wrong with society these days, to self abousled

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>still on his horse

Thank you for your noble sacrifices. I am not worthy.

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Yeah I am fine mate, just sometimes fags be overly gay and self loving

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It's ok anon, don't do shit for you I am sure, maybe mother still feeds you I am guessing?

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They already leech off my fucking pay checks every 2 weeks. Which i don't have a say in
If crypto tax was 4-5% i would pay my fair share, and that is plenty for them. But they want to play jewish and charge all my gains basically. All that staring at charts. All those early mornings, all those late nights entering and exiting trades. To go to them?
Suck my dick cuck, bend over and take it

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55k ICX and you're crying. Man the fuck up soyboy. Lots of us would love to be in your position.

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Lol tfw, i should apply for NEETbux so i can get some of his taxes for my personal gain

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>hurrdurr you live in basement with mom

hahaha, stay salty taxman.

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Will all 800m coins be in circulation or are some locked Up?

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Yeah your a cock head

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To be honest anon I don't plan to be butt fucked by the tax man in years to come, yes some of my bigger hodls I may cut taxes in smart ways, but why fucking risk it to be ass raped buy tryrone for a quick swing trade on a non shitcoin?

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You retard. During the token swap ALL ERC20 ICX WILL BE BURNED.


Even if BTC drops to 5k, the Satoshi value of ICX will moon and you'll end up with more BTC...of course you'll also end up with less FIAT, but if you hold that BTC for the next bull race ICX can 5x your holdings in the meantime.

Am I wrong?

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They won't burn it immediately after the token swap.

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Your correct anon. Good call, brainlets listen

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Still will there be a max supply of 800m and i want to know if all of these 800m are also in circulation

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>be me neet with 100k salary for my wage cucking, just refuse to live with parents and be 25+

Not living pay check to pay check buddy, could throw way to much at crypto for a neet to be honest but unless it's gold or cheap silver will not be going all in, also been around these Mongolian messages boards for a long time, just too bad I didn't lurk around biz more

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>Buys ATH and all the way down
>calls others brainlets

hahahahahaha the absolute state

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>call others salty for saying I'm dumb for tax avoidance
>avoid tax
>get arrested
>raped in prison three times week every week for ten years
>live rest of life poor and even more broken than before
>s-s-stay s-salty tax fags!

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If you can't figure out how to avoid tax, you're a brainlet.

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>solid coin with sound fundamentals
jesus do you know how ridiculous you sound? you deserve it imbecile

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This will last till the end of the month, if history repeats itself April will be the start of the alt bullrun.

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Icon wasn’t the Korean Ethereum....
It was the Korean Metaverse.

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Yes I was and am newfag but at least I won't sell low like a fag. Pussies drop bags now. Buy more and stop soiling about lower prices ffs

>> No.8225170

Would you help a brainlet like me?

>> No.8225203

you're fucking retarded and shouldn't be """"""""""investing""""""""""""" if you didn't notice by now that holding is the most retarded thing you can do in this market if you want to make money you're done.but go ahead hold your bags and hope it won't drop any lower

>> No.8225332

Relax man, Jesus you'd reckon I we spending your money

>> No.8225373

Thought I was doin ok averaging my price down coz I believe it's a rose among thorns project, sorry your mum hated you but maybe ya deserve it

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>delayed mainnet
>delayed wallet
>sound fundamentals

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>making a quality product is less important than delivering on time

you are the definition of brainlet. i'm a developer, and I know perfectly well how fucking hard it is to create quality software and how even harder it is to deliver on time. it's almost impossible, because unexpected problems are always behind the corner. I will always trust more a company that delays a product release over one that cuts corners to deliver on time. just let them take all the time they need, unless you want to have a bug ridden mess as a product

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