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>717 trillion coin premine, over fifty-three times the total circulating supply, devs are literally the only ones selling this coin
>the one exchange it is on keeps crashing and losing all the funds, devs have already said they will never get a new exchange
>creator of the exchange it's on plans on delisting the coin in the next few days
>creator of the exchange has already disabled trading of the coin, hodlers expected to lose all coins
>coin isn't even known and already has a lower return for mining than Bitcoin
>miners can't even dump their bags on you because the one exchange it's on doesn't even work
>if you try to transfer more than 20 Dero from the exchange its on to a GUI wallet the Dero get lost forever and there's nothing you can do
>worse than turtlecoin, and that says something
>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
>devs are so embarrassed of this coin that they won't even show their names, faces, or countries of origin
>absolute Enigma copy and pasted code clone with some bits of Monero sprinkled in
>logo is plagiarized and is even more generic than what it is copied from
>major loophole in coding that allows for an easy exit scam, can be found out by hackers and all funds gone in seconds
>blockchain has been down for over a week now, dev said he'd make an update in 24 hours, it's been over four days now and is remaining silent
>all the wallets have been hacked and compromised, no solution being presented
>nobody on the dev team even speaks proper English which proves they are pajeets
>blockchain is so unstable that it literally cannot stop forking, over 109,000 forks in less than a day, over 99% of all DERO coins are now lost
>coin doesn't have a discord or twitter
>devs applied to over 200 new exchanges, rejected from ALL of them
>coin has fallen 67% today and is now only worth 17 cents per DERO

Is DERO the very definition of a pajeetcoin?

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>all this salty fud

Buy when there's blood on the streets anon

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I mined this for a week and i swear more than 50% of my hash was wasted on forks..Gave up at that point

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I know, right? Just look at how badly this coin is crashing. Everyone understands now just how big of a scam this crap is and is dumping anything and everything for pennies on the dollar.

Get out while you still can

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