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>700 trillion coin premine, over fifty-two times the total circulating supply, devs are literally the only ones selling this coin
>the one exchange it is on keeps crashing and losing all the funds, devs have already said they will never get a new exchange
>creator of the exchange it's on plans on delisting the coin in the next few days
>creator of the exchange has already disabled trading of the coin, hodlers expected to lose all coins
>coin isn't even known and already has a lower return for mining than Bitcoin
>miners can't even dump their bags on you because the one exchange it's on doesn't even work
>if you try to transfer more than 20 Dero from the exchange its on to a GUI wallet the Dero get lost forever and there's nothing you can do
>worse than turtlecoin, and that says something
>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
>devs are so embarrassed of this coin that they won't even show their names, faces, or countries of origin
>absolute Enigma copy and pasted code clone with some bits of Monero sprinkled in
>logo is plagiarized and is even more generic than what it is copied from
>major loophole in coding that allows for an easy exit scam, can be found out by hackers and all funds gone in seconds
>blockchain has been down for over a week now, dev said he'd make an update in 24 hours, it's been over four days now and is remaining silent
>all the wallets have been hacked and compromised, no solution being presented
>nobody on the dev team even speaks proper English which proves they are pajeets
>blockchain is so unstable that it literally cannot stop forking, over 109,000 forks in less than a day, over 99% of all DERO coins are now lost
>coin doesn't have a discord or twitter
>devs applied to over 200 new exchanges, rejected from ALL of them
>will never get listed on coinmarketcap because its volume is absolutely nothing

Is DERO the very definition of a pajeetcoin?

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absolute trash

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DERO: Privacy + Smart Contracts

Dero at present is a code fork of Monero (Helium Hydra) with the Bytecoin CryptoNote protocol.
Dero will be a completely new blockchain technology integrating the CryptoNote protocol with new smart contract controls.
Dero is being rewritten from C++ to Golang (Google Language) to bring together CryptoNote and smart contracts on the Dero blockchain.
No ICO just hard POW mining

CryptoNote protocol implementation in Golang is almost completed and the Q1 roadmap is on track to meet its goals.

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$500,000 marketcap

What utter rubbish

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Whose jewing who???

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Why the Turtle hate bro? Turtle has awesome devs and noe of these problems.

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>Has low cap
>So, it's trash

That's a good logic, congrats.

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cool yes we know it's trash because you post the same fucking thing EVERY DAY

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It's low cap because nobody wants to buy it. It'll be January 2019, and the thing STILL won't have broken a $1 million marketcap.

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Take it easy, the coin is new, and it is still crawling. Few know it.

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Literally everybody knows about it. Nobody wants to invest in it because it's one of THOUSANDS of terrible altcoins that never end up going anywhere.

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