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>599 trillion coin premine, over thirty-seven times the total circulating supply, devs are literally the only ones selling this coin
>the one exchange it is on keeps crashing and losing all the funds, devs have already said they will never get a new exchange
>creator of the exchange it's on plans on delisting the coin in the next few days
>coin isn't even known and already has a lower return for mining than Bitcoin
>miners can't even dump their bags on you because the one exchange it's on doesn't even work
>if you try to transfer more than 20 Dero from the exchange its on to a GUI wallet the Dero get lost forever and there's nothing you can do
>devs are the only ones that can do anything with this coin
>worse than turtlecoin, and that says something
>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
>devs are so embarrassed of this coin that they won't even show their names, faces, or countries of origin
>absolute Enigma copy and pasted code clone with some bits of Monero sprinkled in
>logo is plagiarized and is even more generic than what it is copied from
>blockchain has been down for over a week now, dev said he'd make an update in 24 hours, it's been over three days now and is remaining silent
>all the wallets have been hacked and compromised, no solution being presented
>nobody on the dev team even speaks proper English which proves they are pajeets
>blockchain is so unstable that it literally cannot stop forking, over 57,000 forks in less than a day, over 99% of all DERO coins are now permanently lost
>will never get listed on coinmarketcap because its volume is absolutely nothing

Is DERO the very definition of a pajeetcoin?

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>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
lol? This doesn't look like a coin that has an in-house team. What kind of "main managers" and "community managers" are you talking about?

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this is weak FUD by miners trying to keep the difficulty down

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Do it, I have a nicehash order running

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Isn't it obvious?

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So far it's obvious that you're pulling things out of your ass

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Wrong. Everything in the OP is 100% substantiated fact.

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>implying memecoins can have "community managers" like an in-house team

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What the hell are you even talking about? The debacle between the community manager and the main dev was a huge thing. It's one of the few things Dero is known for.

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faggots were shilling this shitcoin here a few weeks ago like it was the greatest thing ever and some kind of big secret

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I know, right? This thing is never going above a $1 million marketcap. What a complete and utter piece of trash.

Did you know that this coin's blockchain has been completely unstable for weeks now? Endless forks being created with no end in sight. The dev team has went completely silent, unable to offer a solution.

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Stop that

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>All this FUD from the same person

Stop, OP. Your Enigma will not moon. (Or you are not the only Dero miner).

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I'm in Bitcoin Private all the way, screw Enigma and absolutely screw Dero.

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>I'm in Bitcoin Private all the way
>Falling for this scam

Jesus, OP...

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Bitcoin Private has a circulating supply of 200,000. Dero is currently at 1,300,000 and STILL only has a marketcap of $500,000. When BTCP releases, its marketcap will be, at a minimum, $1,000,000,000. Do you know how much that is per BTCP?

Yeah, do the math...

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Enigma and DERO achieve fundamentally different ends

>Identity of senders, identity of receivers, and amounts remain private, but smart contract logic and data processed remains public
>not for the storage/processing of sensitive data
>has its own blockchain

>contract logic and stored data remain private
>is a blockchain-agnostic second-layer protocol

to call Enigma equivalent to "Monero but with smart contracts" is kind of degrading desu

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So what you're saying is that ENG is leagues ahead of DERO


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Yeah until all ZCL bagholders dump their BTCP, as well as everyone who held bitcoin before the snapshot. The supply is 200k right now because people haven't claimed their scamcoins yet. It's misleading as fuck and you know it.

Yes. Obviously. ENG solves novel problems in cryptography (since it allows data to be processed such that not even the nodes doing the processing can see the data being processed) while DERO simply aims to be Ethereum but with transactional privacy. If you compare their whitepapers it's obvious which one is actually on the cutting edge

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Exactly. ENG is far superior to DERO in every single way. Why anyone would expect DERO to go anywhere in price is beyond me. DERO will simply cease to exist in a few months while ENG will just keep on rising.

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Nobody expects DERO to go up in price, people are mining it right now because it generates decent and stable returns but with all the problems they've had in just getting the basic groundwork for this coin going I have little faith that they can even implement what they promise

second-layer protocols like ENG don't actually need their own token either, so it will eventually fail too

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So then why are you arguing with me if we both agree DERO is trash and will eventually die?

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because everything else you said was still wrong and we're not buying your BTCP/ZCL bags

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Why doesn't it need a token? Why would they become worthless?

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You're gonna FOMO into my BTCP bags whether you like it or not

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I screencap everything in this thread and I will hold accountable everyone for his predictions if they dont come true!

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Dero is gonna crash

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Because it's an open-source second-layer protocol that uses an ERC-20 token, meaning you could just fork it but with one token swapped for another and it will work just fine

ENG would almost definitely moon before this if it makes a working product, but eventually it would get forked to use a more popular currency like ETH directly. What would keep people using ENG then?

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You need the token to run a node (part of the network). Every node gets a reward for processing and completing data, but the node must make a security deposit before completing said data.

If the data is incorrect (tampered) they will lose their deposit and that deposit will be split between all the nodes that correctly processed the data.

tl;dr you need ENG to participate in the network, participating rewards you with more ENG.

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Right, but people could just fork it to use a more popular currency like ETH for staking and rewards instead. ENG is an ERC-20 token, so this wouldn't be very hard, and a lot of people would prefer to be rewarded in a bigger currency like ETH, so it seems inevitable to me.

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