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>22 eth in 9 hours

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How did you get so many likes?

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Lol, how do you get likes and retweets though? I've seen pajeets do this massively everywhere on Twitter

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how do people keep falling for this lmao

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Probably tons of bot accounts.

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Explain you worthless pajeet!

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That's actually pretty impressive.. Another evidence that we're in the middle of a bubble filled with stupid, good for nothing brainlets

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As retarded as /biz/ is sometimes, your average crypto investor is 10x dumber.

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I sent 5 ETH to Vibalik Buttfucker and he never sent back my 50 ETH.

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Anons on /biz/ literally bought Bazingacoin. This place reeks of brainlets too.

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Hey guys we're giving away 3.6 million dollars. How are people that dumb?

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They're not only dumb people are the ones who think anyone falls for it

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this hurts to know
I will lose everything

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People do fall for it. Look at the comments. Also look at this guy. He sent 4500 dollars and holds VEN. VEN holders confirmed brainlets?

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they send to self fool

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Buying likes...

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Yeah but not all of the transactions. People fall for dumb shit all the time.

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I'm poor as fuck and after seeing these brainlets fall for something so obvious I don't feel any sympathy for them, but my morals are stopping me from doing such a thing. It just doesn't feel right, what if some single mother out there sends me 0.5 eth and that was all she had, or some poor old man who had just heard of crypto and put his savings in it.

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When you're doing a scam of at least $400 profit spending $100 on botting fake positive tweets, likes and retweets doesn't sound that bad isn't it?

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I refuse to believe anyone with over 50k in crypto could actually fall for this shit.

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Some of these people are just people who got lucky. If you bought Cindicator for 2 cents and held for a while you're not a genius.

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>holding 400k bazingacoins
Yeah talk shit now, ill be laughing my way to the moon once normies get into crypto. Everyone loves big bang theory

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Nice, just sold 100k.

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enjoy CSI Cyber kicking your door in

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is this illegal in any way i dont think so right?

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I probably should do something like that, because i'm poor slav with 300$ in crypto and mom mother doesn't even have normal clothes for cold weather but i just can't. It's fucking wrong.

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>519 trillion coin premine, over thirty times the total circulating supply, devs are literally the only ones selling this coin
>the one exchange it is on keeps crashing and losing all the funds, devs have already said they will never get a new exchange
>coin isn't even known and already has a lower return for mining than Bitcoin
>miners can't even dump their bags on you because the one exchange it's on doesn't even work
>if you try to transfer more than 20 Dero from the exchange its on to a GUI wallet the Dero get lost forever and there's nothing you can do
>devs are the only ones that can do anything with this coin
>worse than turtlecoin, and that says something
>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
>devs are so embarrassed of this coin that they won't even show their names, faces, or countries of origin
>absolute Enigma copy and pasted code clone with some bits of Monero sprinkled in
>logo is plagiarized and is even more generic than what it is copied from
>nobody on the dev team even speaks proper English which proves they are pajeets
>blockchain is so unstable that it literally cannot stop forking, over 1,000 forks in less than a day
>will never get listed on coinmarketcap because its volume is absolutely nothing

Is DERO the very definition of a pajeetcoin?

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>sabotaging waltoncoin's reputation whilst scamming people

Enjoy your jail time.

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this is weltonchain™ though...

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Yeah, but I don't think they're ever gonna be caught. They're using anonymizes and passing their ETH through tumblers so that they're never gonna be traced. The best way to prevent this is by implementing blocking filters in Twitter, but unfortunately, Twitter is run by very incompetent, outsourced pajeets

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>use random mcdonalds wifi from your car
>exchange ETH for monero
>0 chance of getting caught.

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Most of scammers are from Ukrain, Russia and so on. They don't give a fuck.

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You got it all wrong OP. We may be racist autistic assholes but not degenerate pajeets unlike you. Good luck sleeping at night, that's, if you have a conscience.

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No matter how dumb those fuckers are, I don't want to have lives on my conscience. Crypto is the last option for a lot of people, and many would genuinely kill themselves if it all went to waste.

Give the people a chance to succeed. Pajeets are the scum of the earth.

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Are you me...feels fucking bad man.

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how would you know they wouldnt scam you do they have a smart contract set up that gibs u free money

>> No.8054359

Slav here. Can't scam anyone as well. My heart would break if i took 1$ off someone in a wrong way. Fuck that.

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Are there laws against doing this in the US? Would they throw me into white collar prison if caught?

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90% of those transactions are fake sent by the scammers to themselves to appear more legit

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Of course.

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We are doing doing it. I just turned 0.42 ETH into 420 ETH and now other people are going to join in and I won't get their whole stack and DELET DELET DELET REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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How would you get caught aside from turning yourself in? This seems easy enough to do even at a potato computer at the public library.

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Huh, you clearly underestimate human stupidity.

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It's this >>8052325
Pajeet discord have started teaming this scam. They respond to the original scam saying they got their eth and wow thanks then the teams split the take

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Alright. I'mma do this. I just want to make an easy 2-3 mil. I'll go retire in Mexico or Thailand afterwards. Shit will be so cash.

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You don't even need discord, there are paid services providing mass likes

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I have have zero need for more money and I've done this. There's a reason the poor stay poor.

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Because you risk going to jail once the law catches up with crypto.

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i imagine twitter getting harder on bots and spam is going to make this a lot harder

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What risk is there really though? Use a MEW address you've never used, and buy a privacy coin with the funds on a DEX, how could that be linked back to you? Especially if you do it at a public library a few towns over.

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