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>217 trillion coin premine, over seventeen times the total circulating supply, devs are literally the only ones selling this coin
>the one exchange it is on keeps crashing and losing all the funds, devs have already said they will never get a new exchange
>coin isn't even known and already has a lower return for mining than Bitcoin
>miners can't even dump their bags on you because the one exchange it's on doesn't even work
>devs are the only ones that can do anything with this coin
>worse than turtlecoin, and that says something
>dev main manager going to jail for illicit sexual relations with the community manager that is risking him serving 10 years behind bars
>devs are so embarrassed of this coin that they won't even show their names, faces, or countries of origin
>absolute Enigma copy and pasted code clone with some bits of Monero sprinkled in
>logo is plagiarized and is even more generic than what it is copied from
>nobody on the dev team even speaks proper English which proves they are pajeets
>will never get listed on coinmarketcap because its volume is absolutely nothing

Is DERO the very definition of a pajeetcoin?

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If its open source anyone may and can use it you dumb fuck

DEROs sourcecode is one of the best ive ever seen and totally not like ENIGMA

This coin will go x250 this year
Only mineable by insiders now, most people dont know the name of the coin

Buy now or always regret

They have pending partnership with ripple and ibm

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thanks just bought 100K

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this is a trtl fork
nuff said

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absolute trash

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worse than EXY??

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beyond the defintion. This shit is beyond retardation

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