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Help me out /biz/ what do I say

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don't talk to her. It wont benefit either of you.

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>are you an archeologist?

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when do you actually turn 18?

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Stop shilling your pajeet coins in tinder faggot.

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> Some poor soyboy will end up bagholding her in 10 years time

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Is your pussy tight?

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>I didn't know what to start with but I figured sup was trite enough that it might catch you off guard

Talk with her for a second before you work into the sexual stuff. If she wants you she will make it pretty clear. If you don't wanna fuck around with actually maybe making friends or a regular fuck buddy, then just start with like "I could wear a ring but I wouldn't wanna hurt my hand on your ass" to get right to the point and see how responsive she is.

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This seems like a chad opener but I could be mistaken

>Implying this harlot will understand what trite means

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First of all, are all American girls this sexually open on tinder? I only get girls saying they aren't looking for a hookup, here for friends, the usual fake shit.

Anyways gotta go with something that she hasn't heard before. Don't say dumb cliche shit like "I can help you with that", "I'll give you a spanking you wont forget" etc.

Gotta come in with something she isn't expecting. Ask her if she ever bought chainlink, if she has then unmatch her for being a brainlet.

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Take a pic of a punch of cable ties and ask her if she knows what will happen next.

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She looks under 18

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For real tho:
Ask her if her bedroom walls are sound proof.

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>kilometres away
you know we use Miles here right?

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help biz by not posting ugly cunts
also kys

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Yo this is good I will use it and report back

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It's not a Chad opener, chad just talks and let's the chicks come to him. That's a message that gets screenshotted and saved in a folder of cringy openers. And also no chick wants that question, shit. "Oh no, I'm not tight, I was ravaged just yesterday by another rando, wanna feel it?"

shit, she's either gonna say yes I'm tight or fuck off. One is useless info and the other is a bad end.

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She said "no" now what

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Found the psychopath.

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Be honest, say "I hate niggers and women are inferior".

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If she hasnt* bought chainlink. Surely you're not a nolinker, r-right anon?

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This one is a good opener because it leads her into sexual discussion if it's what she's looking for but if she's not (hypothetically) then it gives you a great pivot away. it also talks about her, there's a decent chance she likes her room and will talk about it and maybe ask if you wanna see it. Ask if she has roommates. Idk

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"then my room definitely has an edge on yours"

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Cuántos bitbeaños por el sucko?

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Say "because I have a bone for you to inspect"

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Lmao don't do that.

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"i'll book us a hotel room. What are your prices for CIM and CIP no rubber?"

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I can tell you hold LINK by the way you like getting fucked

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What a fucking cunt for giving no chance at all to continue the conversation. Hate people like that.

Anyways, if you can fuck her at your place use this, this is good

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Ask how much bitcoin she has. Do not mention spanking and if she brings it up ignore the subject. Never play into their hand.

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wtf where do you live to match with these kind of bitches

most of my matches have shit like "just looking for friends or a serious relationship, not fun" in their bio

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Why the fuck is this on biz?

Christ, just go back to shilling Ven.

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I dunno it got my dick hard I know there's some people on here that can help

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I would like to piss on your vag while I choke you. You want some of this? I'm rich.

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op you didnt match with her

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Congrats you played yourself

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I live with my mum lol so I said "let's book a hotel then, unless you want to keep your parents up". Will keep the updates coming if they come

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yeah cmon op this.
for science

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Shes incredibly overweight

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>bagholding women
the ultimate shitcoin

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If you gonna book a hotel why not just pay a prostitute

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Oh shit man its true, face is cute but look at those arms man sheeeeeeeeeeit nigga

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Because that's even more expensive

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Shady shady cone.

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make sure to tell her ur wealthy.
give her like $100 before hand say it was for a meal another chick never turned up for be confident.
when u get to hotel room just do everything with her the lot - beer bottle from fridge in vag put those milk carton things in her ass - everything. she'll do anything if she thinks ur rich.
if she jibs out at anything just beat her up and chuck cold water from the kettle over her that what I do

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obvious whale angle

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I'll ask her why she keeps suppressing the price

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so goldman can buy al the coins cheap everyone knows that

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Should I go for it /biz/? What do I say? My gf of 4 years cheated on me a couple weeks ago, and I'm ready for a loyal qt Asian

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Oh god thank you for the laugh

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She looks cute enough and not too out there. Doesn't hurt to try!

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I think this thing is trying to smile

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Tell her to buy GTO

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Damn no further response boys, she looked overweight anyways. Thanks for the help!

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I'm listening

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Fuck a dude she cheated on first.

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Your phone thinks she's a virgin. Stay away.

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all those letters and bitch still doesn't do anything worthwhile, and she's even asian, what the fuck

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Jesus Christ you are the biggest faggot imaginable

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your about to enter normieville my friend
just say something like "i have a degree" and it'll blossom into a beautiful relationship. she will do all the talking.

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He's from Reddit.

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Who gives a shit about relationships when there's crypto? Why is this even on /biz/

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Idk I think she's pretty cute. How high are your standards anon?

She has a degree too though I don't think that's very impressive. I don't know how to break the ice though

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There's so many posts where people talk about how many girls they will fuck when their coins moon so I'm trying to live like that before it happens

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I love /biz/

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look she's gonna do all the talking mate
just say "hey I was/wasnot good at stats :)"
that will be enough trust me
she's self conscious about here awful smile and wide jaw and thinning hair. so say something nice about her face to make her warm to you. she's easy meat mate.
if it was me i'd straight up ask her "do you have small tits" and mess about with her - but you're not gonna be able to handle the way that pans out

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If it flies, floats, or fucks you should rent it, anon.

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Say some BS about her bio like I wouldn't expect someone that like pineapple on her pizza to have a good taste in books, but you could prove me wrong or something. You could replace the book thing by "to know how to suck dick" if you wanna have a laugh lol

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Why the fuck would you rent a dead body?

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When did /biz/ turn into a fucking nornie board, all we need is some asshole leaping to defend this chink whore's honour and we are reddit.

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>tfw just finished spanking and fucking my gf
>tfw I hate hitting her but I do it because it turns her on and she likes it
>tfw have to hold her down hear her scream for me to stop
>tfw have to continue doing it
>tfw when I'm done she's already dripping wet
>tfw all I would want is to hold her and stroke her beautiful hair and whisper nice things in her ear
Sexuality is weird.

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I don't give a shit about her I would have discarded her desu, but it seems OP wants to fuck her so I give him a legitimate opener.

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Wouldn't I be good at tinder if I was a normie, though?

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ask her what does she do apart from maintaining her temperature at 36

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lmao are you me
>tfw gf begs me to fuck her in the ass and deepthroat her till she chokes
>all i want is to make sweet romantic love to her but she wants to gargle my cum and makes me slap her face while she calls me papi

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Normie opener. I suggest using her pic to find her instagram, use her Instagram to find her apartment, and wait outside her door at 2am with your nose to the door until she opens it at 8am. Then talk to her about books and pineapple.

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>Be 24
>Be virgin
>Still somehow have girl numbers

Help. Which would you choose. My standards are too fucking high.

First girl is an asian, 21 year old. Told her to btfo until she went to gym.
Shes literally lusting for my dick for a year now. Told her to get the fat away. Just recently she said "Give me time till autumn. Are you going to fuck me afterwards?"
Kekd and said yes, if she manages to get her old body back. She was superb when she was underage.
Got pics of her on snapchat asking me to rape her and shit. Fucking cringed and kekd.
Shes a nice girl to shitpost with though. I enjoy talking to her.

Second is a greek girl, 16 year old. Super annoying as fuck. Is virgin too. Has illegaly big tits but is sadly fat too. She sent tits I sent dick. She wants to sex me.
She annoys the fuck out of me for not responding to her messages every living fucking seconds. Calls me randomly. Told her to fuck off for the time being.

Third some turkish girl, 18 year old. Shes alright. Wants to smoke shisha with me but I hate that stuff and told her no I fucking hate that gay stuff. Also sent dick and since she wants to see me. Has some weird ass erdogan daddy issues though.

Fourth is some serb girl, 18 year old. Probably a whore. Shes uninteresting. Small petite, skinny body with large tits though. Wanted a dick pic, I didnt deliver though. She called me once randomly and just wanted to chat with me.

Fifth is a girl from yemen, 19 i think. Shes literally 10/10. Like these fit instagram girls. I thought shed be the one to sperm on. But i fucked up big time. Wasnt even my fault. Its a dead dream now.

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Tinder needs better difficulty settings, but you can play high/low and see how few moves before she stops replying.

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cool larps. actual women want both

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Ask her to help rob a bakery that shit always works

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This got me hard

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fucking kek

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What's anal like?

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tell her to buy modum

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Overrated and kinda gross usually. If you have to go dark you picked the wrong woman.

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sounds like u have a type

>> No.7980182

also jelly

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OK, I love licking ass but I'm not particularly thrilled to try anal, though I do like to insert a digit in there, to my gf's loud protestations

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>He fell for the sodomy meme

LMAo enjoy hell retards

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so u never fucked a thiccy? live a little dude, trust me the pussy is just as good

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it's dry

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man you sure love diversity

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She's not 18.

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Wait, couple of things, just to clear things up.
1) Is licking ass sodomy? Because hell, here I fucking come, it makes my dick diamonds
2) Is putting a finger into a girl's ass sodomy?
3) Is the act of putting your penis into a girl's rectum a sin? If so, why?

>> No.7980662

Ignoring all of the religious shit
It is literally fucking disgusting. Licking ass? What are you, a dog?

Pussy is good enough. You've watched too much porn

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Normies get out

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It feels good but your ass stays sore for a few hours after it

>> No.7980850

thats fake dude. guarantee you're ugly af.
She has a filter as her only photo? thats weak

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>You've watched too much porn
Oddly enough I've never watched anal porn, ever. I mean whenever some anal scene started I just switched. Also, I've cut back on my porn consumption tremendously in the past years.

But fuck, when she bends over I lose even
the last remnants of control and want to bury my tongue in that. Which I do at that point, because I can't control myself.

>Ignoring all of the religious shit
It was my impression that you brought up the religious line of thought. All I wanted was clarification of what you meant specifically by "sodomy". Which you didn't answer, btw.

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thats actually a good one pussy
only guy who has used tinder before and isnt a beta

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I've always wanted to try it once to see what it feels like

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>Hurrr durrr hes not as much as a fucking disgusting faggot as me lets call him a normie despite him probably posting here logner than me

Fuck off newfag

Doesn't matter
Porn is porn
You see on TV and everywhere people glorifying sodomy and you have since a youth. because gee I wonder why... Is it because they watch porn maybe and I wonder who produces such porn? You know even in the 70's sodomy was considered "far out" hence people like Jim Morrison with offensive lyrics like Im a back door man, etc
Its only recently its become almost normal. Fucking sickening

>Sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.

Pussy is good enough, anyone who says otherwise is either a virgin or a fuck up

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>104 replies, no one asking for screenshots

good larp OP

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>oral copulation is bad as well
Jesus christ you're retarded

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thanks, my texting game is on point

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If you read the thread you would have seen nothing happened, why would I lie

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