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>he thought it was over
>he thought he was smart enouh and (((they))) would let him buy the ultimate dip at $6000

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Everyone knew we had to hit 4k before bull run.

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K, bye

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Cool meme lines

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Not 3 but more like mid to low 4's by my counts, but yeah. we on our way downski

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buy the dip, sell the crash, buy the moon sell lambos, i'm homeless and posting from mcdonalds

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those fucking lines are so stupid. no matter how you set up any chart there are literally hundreds of lines you can draw and they all mean fuck all.
you might as well have pasted a big thumbs down on it.
(t. financial engineer)

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>t. 6k cuckold

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Not breaking the line touching the last red candle.
It will go down.
And eventually we're still in a bear market until it breaks the outer line.

You must be one of those "TA is the astrology of finance" fag
(t. lazy NEET retard)

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This is why TA fags tend to make money hand over fist instead of being some "muh meme lines" faggot who prays to sweet baby Jesus everytime he makes a trade asking for it to go up. If you spent 1 hour honestly trying to understand the science behind why TA does in fact work instead of looking for outliers of instances where it doesn't to validate your lack of intelligence or sheer laziness you'd probably change your tune on the whole meme lines things. But by all means, feel free to get bagged in on a coin and scream hodl at everyone while us meme liners continue taking your cash.

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i concur

March 31 is end of cyclical low, from there will march to high in July

going to load up bigly on BTC, ETH, and ALTS around 3K, hopefully occurs around March 31.

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How do I install Paint? I want to do TA too.

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The trick is drawing the right lines. It takes a little practice, but with a good eye for the markets you can get to around 50% accuracy with TA.

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>99% of daytraders cant beat indexes
>but mah ta works bro
i love tarots man

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muh meme lines

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TA is the astrology of finance

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> Only relies on meme lines

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This is your last chance to exit before it continues crashing down further.

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that's because 90% of traders lose 90% of their money within 90 days in the first place

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68% of statistics are made up on the spot

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sick lines bro

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Silly old bear.

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is it safe to tether? then buy in at the dip?

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