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Everywhere I look all I see is wojaks. It's like none of you can see past the next red candle on the 1 minute charts or something. Look at this picture, look at it!!! That is a falling wedge and it is the harbinger of the bulls return. This is your time to accumulate because once we break that resistance we're heading to ATH's and you're gonna be back to posting pink wojaks because you didn't buy during the biggest dip in crypto history. Quit the panic, redemption is coming.

>inb4 meme lines and TA is bullshit

Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't work.

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shhhh don't tell them I'm not done accumulating

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looks resistance broke two times and we still dropped to where we are today aka meme lines mean jack shit.

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They didn't really close above resistance, you need to close above it and have the volume to back it. Thanks for the obligatory "TA is bullshit" post though, good to get it out of the way early.

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meme lines and TA is bullshit

No seriously those are meme lines, you have no idea what you are doing,

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Right, well TA has made me nice pile of cash and has saved me from several sell offs so I'll keep my faith with TA versus guessing and crossing my fingers.

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stop larping and trying to impress random people on an anime board.

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>impress people on an anime board

Right because this is going to cement my name on the hollywood walk of fame. Not everyone is trying to see the world burn you know, some people actually want to help others.

This guy gets it

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gonna look pretty bullish when it hits 7k next week, lol

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Hahahahhahaha Holy Shit i'm in tears... Thank You

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Don't worry bud we sell on broken uptrends and they are left holding for 6 months shouting mah meme lines.

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