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>be me
>all in @ $1 cost basis
>about to buy more
>/comfy/ as fuck

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sergey is going to have a macstroke and you're going to be fucked

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chainlink is dead mate

Pepe baller? gone
Ass blaster? gone
Meme creators? gone
FUDers? gone
Sergey? long long gone

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pretty much
found out about link in january and bought 5k at $1, bought another 5k around .7$
wish i hade more fiat to pour in desu

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So nice that Sergey had the foresight of the BTC bull run and subsequent correction / crash to hold off on any and all marketing or hype until these necessary events have run their course in crypto.
The man is a genius

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We’re gonna make it boys. Another dip and I’ll be a 2nd Lieutenant

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hola muchacho tengo 20k. muy bien

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bought in at $.60 hodlin on for the wild ride

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Second Lieutenant reporting in, we're all going to make it

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Fuck you, Colonel Damu, LTC Aleron Helix, and Captain Dan post on the reg.

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We sustain ourselves with memes and LARP because there are never any real news. What's the most exciting thing to shill that's happened recently, IOTA adapter?

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zeppelin_os, people think its small news but its not

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Ok guys I want to buy some link now. I set buy orders to 1500 sats, do you guys think it will dip more than this?

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I don't think the problem is the size, but that we've known since mid December.

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You guys realize the market will be primed for a bull run right around the time main net and possible partnerships are announced, right?

It’ll be an explosive combination to say the least

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A more explosive combination would be sergey and a dozen mcdoubles, stay out of the toilets if you enjoy life.

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Knowing you've made it but having to wait till it actually happens in torture

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>chainlink is dead mate

Yes which is why you should be seeking to buy Mobius.

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>Knowing you've made it but having to wait till it actually happens in torture

All Mobius owners will be making it anon. You will be good

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>I bought at $1.30

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>all in @ $1

Based retard. Well, someone has to buy the bags i guess.

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Sorry that was banned during the Geneva convention

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pajeet removal mission from the Chainlink Space Program

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Also can we discuss how many absolute newfags are still around. When this begins to pump again and they see our threads it’s going to fucking blow out every single one of our assholes. Hope one of us is a proctologist (licensed or not)

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Kek wills it. Chaos welcomes it. Sergey devours it. Screen cap this

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It's brutal. Not even /biz/ newfags, but 4chan newfags. People who can't understand that a person on the internet may not be saying something seriously so they write a book debunking old memes.

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>the same sort of people who leave messages on craigslist missed encounters after making eye contact at a gas station.
i'll never forget her.

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Personally might be a good way to gauge how many of them are here still

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you're probably right but it pisses me off that I've been holding this shit for months and now we're approaching my buy in price again. mainly cuz newfags that just got here are now able to get rich without have to work for it like me.

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That will only increase the amount of fomo though. Like “oh shot I saw/had that coin at blah blah blah and now it’s way higher now and climbing I was an idiot for selling/not buying then I’m not missing this now”

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