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How can I be financially successful as a male-to-female transsexual? I'm young and my appearance isn't terribly unusual or offensive, I almost always pass as female but having to explain my gender to my employer is a nightmare. There doesn't seem to be any legal protection for people like me where I live.

Are there fields that are more accepting of... people like me? Are there cities or states where I can get basic jobs? If I go to school are there any industries that would take me? Do I need to start my own business to make money, and would I even have a chance?

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Your best bet would be to move to San Fran and become a low wage cumdumpster for a random company

You would get made fun of, or your ass kicked daily where I work. Basically, anywhere in the midwest in manufacturing or machinery

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I could pay you for sex.

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>Describes self by gender.

Your main problem is this. You didn't describe your field of employment, aspirations, business goals, finances, or professional experience.

Will you have troubles that other people don't? Absolutely; I personally would not enjoy being around you in person because I find trans people gross.

Don't let that stop you; stop focusing on bypassing your gender issue and start focusing on your financial success. Plenty of people without that problem go nowhere in life, so you have bigger issues to tackle.

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I just think you have to be yourself and work hard. gender does not and should never define success.

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I'm trying my damnedest not to go that route. Even though the few other transsexuals I know all ended up as prostitutes...

>You didn't describe your field of employment, aspirations, business goals, finances, or professional experience.
I was thrown out on the street by my single parent when I was 14. I currently work at a local thrift store for minimum wage. The owner had pity on me and hired me. Everywhere else refused to hire me, the entry-level job market is already terrible enough for the average person, let alone a transsexual. I brought it up as the focus of my thread because it is the number one thing hindering me, in almost every legal matter I am discriminated against. I feel like a second-class citizen. When I was younger I wanted to study and become an engineer but that seems nearly impossible now because I make next to nothing. By living incredibly modestly I've managed to save enough to pay trans-related medical costs (including legally mandated therapy and other hindrances) as well as cosmetic hair removal. Now I've been working towards paying tuition at a community college but it's going to take a while to save up with what little I receive.

I apologize if it feels like I'm making excuses or whining, I just want to shed some light on options I might not be aware of. I'm not particularly educated or knowledgeable.

As far as aspirations, ultimately I just want to be an example to other transpeople that have no family or connections that you can be successful without sucking dicks for a living.

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Well, I've had such fantasies before. And even though I'm straight I think I would totally do it if I were a girl.

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Move to Germany, be embraced by liberal Europe, learn German, go to school for free, become an engineer.

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I have too much pride. My dad used to taunt me about having to whore myself to survive without him when I was younger and I have the burning desire to prove him wrong. Though I've come close to having to resort to that more than once sadly...

I think my fantasies are more along the line of, being normal, being able to afford a car, or getting a steak dinner. Well, being the first transsexual astronaut would be cool. But I think I was born too early for something like that.

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Your whole story's really touching. If you become successful I'll buy your book. I'm kind of a freelancer myself and I can't do shit for work. I make money on the side with bitcoins and other online jobs because I happen to have a talent for coding. Most of my work is donation based though and it's not my main source of income since it's not a good stream.

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Ultimately, your gender will have to not be your defining trait, which is difficult because it has been made out, to you, to be an incredibly defining trait. I'll tell you what I'd tell any boy or girl in your situation: It's going to take you at least a decade to pull yourself out of the hole. From what you're saying, you can afford to pay for medical costs, so once some of those go away and you transition, your ability to save will go up and you'll be able to generate some sort of savings and then, some sort of wealth.

Ask the court to assist with or to compensate you for the therapy fees, cite a lack of means to comply with the therapy. Otherwise, you may have to ditch the therapy once the court mandate is over.

Once you get into community college, your options widen fairly considerably as far as finances are concerned: Scholarships, grants, and loans all become fairly easy to pick up. Get good grades in your community college, transfer to the best school that will take you, and graduate with a Bachelor's, hopefully in something which you can make money with.

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Thanks... If I ever write a book I'll save you a copy.

Guess I have to keep going strong then. I'll probably have to save for the next year or two at least... Thanks for the honest advice anon.

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You know, an easy lick where I'm living is opening up a place for senior living. I got involved in an accident a few years ago and I used the money the court gave me to open a place up. It took a while for people to come, but they came. Now I tend to the old folk there, and it makes me about 18k a month. I have to pay the rent and other house expenses, but I also live there so it generates pretty good profit.

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I work in a call center doing tech support and there are two male-to-female who work here.

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m8 there are tons off tranny engineers.
you are just making excuses.

from my understanding being a tranny is like a mental disorder where you feel disgusted with yourself for looking like a dude. but there's ways to manage looking like a grill without expensive surgery.

my suggestion is for now do your best to look feminine as possible without meds. ask /fit/ for a ladyboy workout plan and lookup makeup and shit. when you can look at yourself without barfing, go out and get a proper fucking education. CS could be good since they're all SJW, pay is good, and work is fuck easy.

What's holding you back isn't being a tranny. The market is rough for everyone without a trade/skill or education in the right sector.

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What's more important: the world being forced to see you as you want to be seen, or not giving drunk closet fags mouth sex to pay for a place to sleep at night?

It's time to reorder your priorities, buffalo bill.

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Squats and oats
>tfw no qt3.14 tranny gf to spot on squats

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assuming this is not b8

you need to find a job with a large multinational. for example big IT companies (Dell, HP, Microsoft, Google etc) have policies that forbid discrimination against transgenders and promote equality. i have worked for one of those companies and there was a LGBT employees group that had regular meetings. basically the more forward thinking the company, the more likely they are to not be fussed about such things.

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Why do you have to explain your gender to your employer? You're female and that's it. There's no situation in which your employer would need to know that you were born a man, unless you're working as a stripper or hooker.

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Probably cause they can't pass off the other gender.

Really they should just stay as a man during work hours. If they really feel female, then it shouldn't matter.

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she says she can pass as female

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When I walked into a computer hall at my university today I noticed a girl sitting at a computer that looked fucking exactly like a guy that was in a couple of classes I took. Then I thought, oh fuck.

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Take out a life insurance, and kill yourself. Not only will you be doing the world a favour, you'll be rich, too!

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OP, show your hot bod

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fuck off. this is /biz/ not /pol/

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c'mon, dude, that's harsh.

OP, look, there are a lot of places where you can get very good psychological treatment for very little money. That way you can get over the bad things that have happened to you and come to terms with the fact that you're a man, not a little girl.

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Don't mind that guy. We appreciate the advice you've given.

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Hi Op
You want to avoid conservative industries - so defense IT contracting or finance are not such great plans.

Industries where remote contracting is popular are really good - I knew a m>f trans pulling in 150k software contracting.

Obviously they were smart, exceptional, and worth the money, I'm just saying it didn't get in their way, because the (very conservative) client company didn't see them much.

Just do me a favour and stay out of the LGBT industry - being in the wrong body is big problem, and you don't want to build your life and identity around a problem. Pass as female, find people accept you, and build a balanced life.

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Maybe they are related?

My best friend has a hot ass sister who looks just like him.

Although he could prolly pass as a tranny if he tried except for his height maybe.

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/biz/ is a child of /pol/, and this thread is off-topic in the first place. It's not about money, economy, nor business. If a mentally ill guy asks "something something [muh sexual fetish]", then you don't help him, because nobody should be tricked into hiring someone with that much of a fucked up brain. You can tell that he's a basket case by the way he centers it all on his mental illness, and until he sorts that out (the best way being to kill himself), nobody else will want to bother with the emotional package that comes with this. For hiring: men > women > homos/lesbians > niggers/other non-asian/jewish minorities > handicapped > criminals >>> the mentally ill.

If OP finds out that they won't hire him because of his sexuality, then that's discrimination, so report them. If that isn't the case, then tough luck. Maybe you shouldn't have told them that you were mentally ill. Why would they even ask? Why did you tell? If they can't tell, what's the problem? Deal with it, fix your mental illness (kill yourself/get comfortable with your new identity), and stop blaming secondary reasons for not being hired.

You're not disqualified because people arbitrarily hate some group, it's because the certain kind of group slot that you check, perform poorly. White/asian/jewish (semitic) men work well, usually. Women mean, far, far, far less productivity (that's before we consider the enormous costs associated with just a single female on maternity leave over a few children). Have you ever seen a group of women "work"? Christ. Homos/lesbians, if you find out that they are - they're probably focusing on it (like you). Lots of homos go undetected to anyone but the ones they tell - these can be counted as "men" (or women, for lesbians). Niggers and other trash, statistically unreliable, just the worst. Not a bland stereotype, it's the truth 98 out of 100 times. If you're special, prove it.

You get the idea. Stop behaving like anyone gives a shit, they don't.

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I've found the arts and computer science fields to be very open to all types. Anything where you can work remotely seems to be a good fit too. Universities may be a safe place, so if you're academically inclined, that's a great way to do things. If you're able to handle it, real estate agent may be a good career for you, as long as you don't let on to your clients who may tend to be ones with more money and therefore more conservative than not, but its close to self employment from what I saw when I worked in the corporate office for a major real estate agency. You just need to pass muster, take enough classes per year, and sell sell sell those houses!

Stay away from conservative fields and fields with children. Employers get very nervous about non-herteronormative non-cis people being around children because they're convinced they're going to do something horrible to the kids or scar them for life and make them into copies of themselves by mere contact.

Hope this helps!

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>tfw study a CS subfield
>tfw some mentally ill man dressing as a girl sits next to me

Why is CS so degenerate?

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Hurry up and evolve grandpa before you're unfit to survive.

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I don't think it is me who is unfit to survive.

Saner heads prevail.

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op you are a qt3.14

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I was going to suggest >>721649 . With almost pure intellectual tasks you're not going to get much trouble except from the occasional random meany.

However you might want to cut down on the "non-herteronormative non-cis" "check your privilege" stuff as it is just an abuse of the gay rights movement reducing it into a kind of brainwashed cult, not actual gay rights which involves being good wholesome and reasonable and being in favor of capitalism.

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I'm a straight, white male like most of the people here. Hell, I divorced my wife last week because she was a nut. Now I'm stuck here doing my taxes and cursing her for taking 19 grand from me.

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Move to an area with protected employment status. Find liberal fields of work as they will be more accepting. Find a LGBTQ alliance of a large size, and join it. Be active in it, a lot of gays and lesbians are successful and can act as a means to get a decent job.

If all else fails, find a sugar daddy/momma. Trans is a pretty big fetish in the world. You're still sucking dick for money, but it's only one dick.

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SHIT op if you paid your transsexual surgery and shit, that shit isn't going to last and when you get older it's your body is going to crumble, you done fucked up for good, could've spend the money on better things.

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still fuck off

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1. step one: ask /lgbt/ how to get HRT illegally/off the internet. that board is MTF central. obey the court mandated shit only as long as you have to.

2. if the law of your land prevents you from changing your legal gender/all your dox, wait on that. stick to HRT for a year or two.

3. save up. find a job somewhere where changing your name & legal gender are possible. figure out how to move there, so when the time comes (when you have enough dough) you'll be ready.

4. move. become a citizen if it's another country. eventually change your legal name and legal gender. if you already pass as a woman, it'll be easier.

4. now you have the paperwork, you can get a "real" job as a woman. save up for genital surgeries or whatever the hell you want. none of your employers need to know you're trans. ever.

you wanna know if you should "go to community college"? i say no. never go to college unless it's a necessary step to getting a job in the PARTICULAR field you want to work in. your biggest problem right now is having no marketable skills. you wanna be an engineer? get your ass in the library, sit in the reference section, and start teaching yourself. need an undergraduate degree? sit CLEP exams, AP exams, and SATII exams for credit. take as many goddamn exams as you can. transfer THOSE scores to a community college for course credits until you build up enough to get an associate degree with one or two classes. THEN enroll strictly for those.

what next? back to the goddamn library and take the GREs. those are for graduate credit. demonstrate a graduate level of knowledge. work your way through all of the prereqs to taking this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamentals_of_Engineering_Examination and cut out a year of grad school with the GREs.

exams? $50 to a couple hundred.

courses? $500-$2,000.

you're broke. you don't get to go to school like a normal person. you don't get to have a "college experience".

develop a skill.

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> freak
> want to be financially successful

good luck!

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