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Can we have a serious discussion about this fucking meme graph? In December I didn't want to believe, but we've been following this stupid thing since the beginning. Everything is happening EXACTLY as shown here.

Let's just pretend the graph is true. I feel like we need to separate BTC and altcoins here. We had massive media attention at the beginning of December and arrived at the "New Paradigm" with BTC at $20k. It dumped, and now the focus shifted to altcoins while BTC returned to normal. Then altcoins had a huge correction a few weeks ago. After that we suddenly went up again. This was the return to normal for altcoins. Right now we're at the 'fear' stage for both BTC and altcoins. If this fucking meme graph is true we're on our way to a sub $4k Bitcoin and a total market cap of around $150B.

I know everyone hates this shitty meme and it was posted every single year, but you know what was missing all those years? The 'public' part. Crypto has never been as mainstream as it is right now. And that's exactly the reason why this graph might turn out to be applicable this time. The media and panic selling will be the reason for the next dump. You are kidding yourselves if you think you're early. We're waaaaay past the mania. Crypto was fucking huge in December and we're entering the 'blow off phase'. People start losing interest in bitcoin, which can be verified with Google Trends. For the normies this is nothing more than a fad. Like Pokemon Go and Fidget Spinners. They will leave, the market cap will drop to $150B and we'll enter a loooooong bear market. Maybe in a year or so normies will have forgotten about the crashes when another bullrun starts.

My best advice is this: don't delude yourselves right now and decide for yourselves if you should pull out for now or not. Realize that you might get the chance at another bullrun like in December again in a few months after the crash. But if you lose everything now that won't help you.

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oh, everybody is in the same stage at the same time! now i get it!

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you might be correct.
I cashed out 70% and took home 5x my initial.
still have 3x my initial in, really thinking about just selling it too and leaving, working out, meditation, my life back,

then return in a few months when things r looking good again

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Fuck you, that's exactly what I was saying. We're going down much, much further and than the pattern will repeat itself. I have no idea why people think we arrived at the bottom already. We're only about halfway there.

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Looks like dips are finally getting smaller. people may turn back to the market if it settles for a month - if at the same time stocks are suffering I think we could even see traders turn into crypto.

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buy high sell low

weak hands plz go

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its a meme faggot and you are are weak to fud, kys

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