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>tfw watching other people make money from the side like a cuck

is this what it's like being a hodler?

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dont worry, no one is actually making money.

nah just kidding, just bought a new laptop on overstock with today's random picks

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True HODLers buy the dip and HODL some more.

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Holding gives you pure comfort. WHich is truly comfy when btc is bullrunning.

In an alt storm though, hodling feels like you're the handicap in your class. CHecking out the subreddit so you can all hold hands together. I made one trade yday that made me more profit than I did holding LINK for 5 weeks, not even kidding. Never go full hodl though.

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made about 10k just holding this month.

pick better coins.

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found your problem desu

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Am I gonna make it

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>selling crypto
never gonna make it

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Being a day trader, at the very end, sucks.

I would trade with you some of my earning (not even safe, too many variables) with the ability of sleeping comfy the night and don't think about the price every 5 minutes

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i only hodl yet i still can't stop looking at the charts for no reason

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