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Anyone else getting JUST'd by this shitcoin?

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we tried to warn you

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Literally went from 10% to 5% BTC exposure.
>yay alts

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Lol same, btc kept teasing another rally and yesterday a crash so i figured stay in btc so if either happens alts get justed but they did’nt and now im buying back in after the coins have pumped

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Could be worse, you could have been like me and sat out of everything

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Just pick up DOGE and sit for a little OP. You'll catch up.

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>he thought BTC would have even a better year than last one
>he thought things would just go on like this
yeah, we get it. Change sucks. "We want change" my ass.

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this is because of futures yesterday you dumbfuck and that isn't a fucking crash. I hope you sold it all so when it pumps this week you will have missed out.

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Im almost having a stroke watching cardano and tron blow up last week

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the prophecy was posted for weeks you fucking retard, why you didn't listen?!

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It's already going back up you mong

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I still have btc tho, also last week when cbeo opened up there futures in went down to 13k so i expected another similar dip with alts dippening alongside it so i could buy more alts. It was also pushing near 20k on gdax all week, and if it passes 20k you can bet its rallying up again

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Same, I want to kill myself

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I gambled on either happening and niether happened, so this just shows me that btc is going to be relatively more stable now that normie money is involved

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I was thinking about going into XVG and ADA two days ago. FUCK you BITCOIN

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I was all in alts during the BTC bull run and the BTC value of my portfolio dropped from 11 to 3.

Start of december decided to go all in BTC before i literally lost all of the bitcoin i had gained this year.
>tfw the next day the mega alt bull run happened and would now cost me 8-9btc to buy back my alt portfolio

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>weeks and weeks of over the top media hype, even my mom got sick of it
>CME futures launched, nothing happened

all the normies that wanted to get in, got in. people who fell for the wallstreet meme are dissapointed. can't break 20k with that sentiment. it was a nice run, now it's alt time again.

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Bitcoin? In the short term, over the next 4 hours, you're screwed. pic related, the redline on top is bearish.

The more the blueline seperates from it, then the slower the recovery.

tut tut anon....

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again, you were warned for weeks. This is why they say the market is for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

>X buys 10btc to hold forever
>Y buys 10btc to invest in alts
>X will always have 10btc, no more no less
>Y will have to hold through market cycles
>Y drops down to 1btc in the short-term
>Market cycle finishes, Y ends the year with 15btc

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