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Once my investments reach $10 million, I'm going start my search for the Holy Grail. My 16 years of research points out that the Holy Grail is located in South American continent. Wish me luck, /biz/!

Btw the Holy Grail in northern Spain is a FAKE.

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Its in jeruzalem or oak island

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Please do post a picture if you find it, gl anon!

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The holy grail being a physical cup - and not a time-lost metaphor....

You've already failed your quest.

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This guy gets it.

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You have my sword

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Where can I fund this project

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Too late faggot the holy grail is right here in my basement. The holy grail in norhtern spain is a replica I made myself. I've looked for the Holy Grail for over 300 years, which I could do because in 1598 I stumbled upon the fountain of youth, which is now in my backyard.

Get yourself some syscoin by the way, it's going to pump soon.

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Just go to Thailand and get some massage like a normal guy.

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Can I join on the quest?

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All this good money wasted on autists who want to find the holy grail.

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>searching for the holy grail
>not the holy lance
Dun goofd

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It's actually in Scranton, PA. The whole reason they made Scranton so mundane is so that grail-hunters would never thing to check there.

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Order some DMT from the dark web. Chat with the goddess. Discover the truths behind the Divine chalice. Quest complete.

The fact you didn't even refer to your quest as a quest shows you are not ready for this undertaking.

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Really makes me sad how we haven't been doing anything adventurous together as white people since SS Ahnenerbe :(

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>Order some DMT from the dark web. Chat with the goddess
I never talked with a goddess but I did speak with machine elves. It was in some alien language I understood at the time but I have no idea what any of it is now :(

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Honestly, if we all make out handsomly we should have a /biz/ quest. Non-whites can join too

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If the Holy Grail exists the Vatican probably has it. Also why even bother ? Why not funding a mission to find a lost treasure? You will have fun and also have the possibility to become filthy rich

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What's your plan to reach $10 million?

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