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Meme triangle faggot here. Tell me what you want meme'd and i'll do it for you. I have no technical analysis experience whatsoever but i'll give you my best guess.

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Whats this? Mana?

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Do STOX pls

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Holy shit yes. this was mana last night.

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Alright. So I have no idea what the fuck this coin is doing. I would say this thing is going to bounce around a LOT until it reaches the middle of those 2 lines. Then it's going to go up a lot or down a lot. Either way, it looks like you could make some money buying and selling dips with this coin.

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No one wants meme arrow? fuck.

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do XLM for me please

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lol do LINK

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seconded, also vert and bytecoin plz

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TenX please. I'm seeing a double cup and handle with a Bullish symmetric triangle/rectangle.

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Nexus, Fun and Mana pls

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I got a nice challenge

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