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>Bought it at $380

Someone please tell me it's going to come back up this weekend.

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sell and buy some high quality rope

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you paid $380 for a BTC ripoff coin that was $4 at the start of the year


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dont panick sell you fucking moron
keep it and wait
patience is the name of the game you dumbfuck

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you have two options
sell and make your money back quickly in btc and eth or settle in for the long night...

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There's a sucker for every seat. Reminder that it took years for LTC to break its ATH, went from 50 to sub $10 and stagnated there.

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Probably not anon
Whales have lot of consolidation to do after the 16K Bitcoin and 3X LTC pumps

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Just hold, I sold LTC @$45 right b4 the moon to $90, had to buy back in at 80, 70, then 50 on it's way back down. It won't be pushing 400 soon, but eventually, just HODL

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You fucking idiot. I'm in at $155.

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Just set a sell limit and add an alarm whenever it sells, then forget about it until it goes off.

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FUCK I've sold coin before that mooned the next day and ones that only crashed further. I'll wait and hope this weekend for another pump before I sell.

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I came to this thread to laugh at you.

Unless you're larping in which case suck a bag of dicks

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anon, none of these idiots know, no one does

comparing it to what happened years ago is retarded

it has been less than a week anon, it will be a $500 coin EOY

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Also remember, as soon as you sell it will go up 20% what you originally bought. Every time.

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Criminally underrated, kek.

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go ahead and sell if you're that weak. I'll be there to buy.

hoping it drops to 240 again so i can scoop up a truckload.

Dont you understand when the average american has pay days?

Don't you understand how people love these "holiday" investments?

New years investments to see "how much i'll make xD"

also consider Christmas bonuses people will think will double over night (as they did this month)

i cant wait for the normie rush.

they'll see bitcoin and think the game is too late, but they'll see litecoin and think it can be "their" bitcoin.

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Lmao and you still haven't sold? You need to learn to accept the end of a trend. If it's been going up for one day when you spot it, it is likely to fo up for another day or less.

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you guys will come up with literally ANY reason to rationalize your buys

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sacrifice yourself and make us get rich then.

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I bought at $89.
I'm fine.

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patience is how you become a bagholder.
there are really patient people hodling digibyte rn, patience is not the name of the game.

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Yeah this is called the january effect. It's kind of a coin toss, but I'll be on the lookout for pumps.
I don't understand people who can't bring themselves to sell at a loss. The money is gone already; LTC is likely to lose even more before it recovers. Just buy back in if it ever chooses to moon again. If it doesn't, just buy whatever else is mooning. You staying in ltc will not force it to recover.

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Yep. These are "trendy" markets. Just follow the trend. When a pump ends, it's usually pretty easy to get out because of the bagholders who will not panic sell.

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Yeah, well I sold at $30.

I'd rather be in your shoes.

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In my case, 200%.

Feels interesting man.

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What’s this retardation?

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LTC tends to moon at beginning of week. Wait til Monday anon

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I once went all in on litecoin at 54 and ended up selling at 45. Just wait it out.

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Anybody have the non-thumbnail of this?

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LTC doesn't "tend to moon" at all, and this most recent mooning started last Friday.

Literally impossible to be more wrong.

Never change, /biz/.

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Holy fuck this board is so myopic and autistic. No wonder Chad will win in crypto. You can literally just buy your heart's desire with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin and hold on to it for a year and will make massive profits.

Why is this board so fucking retarded?

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