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I have $10,000 I'm going to put into a single altcoin. What should I put it in? I'm principally looking for quick gains, preferably to double my money in a month. Currently looking at Raiblocks, Cardano, Ark, Chainlink, and Ripple.

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PFR, Product coming out Q1 next year and market cap ridiculously low. REQ will make steady gains

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check it

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XRB. I think this coin has the potential to 50x in 2018.

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voxels now
district0x (despite nay sayers)

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50% on ripple 50% on TRON

both backed by influential or rich people

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Give reasons pls

Also what's the appeal of REQ?

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Any of those are good except for Chainlink

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What's wrong with Chainlink? I hear lots of people shitting on it, but I haven't heard reasons why. I want to have a real strong conviction in an altcoin before I dump this $10k in it.

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XRB is not on a major exchange. Once it makes it to Binance the demand will rise significantly. This coin has faster no fee transactions to IOTA (look at IOTA's market cap compared to XRB right now). The founder recently quit his job to work full time on XRB. Point being this has tons of potential to take off and be used in the real world.

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Omisego Neo or request.

Request will correct at some point so if you need to ask biz what to buy you probably don't have the balls to hold through that.

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