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What the actual fuck is wrong with this POS? Why won't it moon ffs? Why are normies not getting on it on cuckbase??

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It doesn’t have “coin” in the name.

Litecoin is like the cool alternative bitcoin in their eyes, other coins are just weird tech geek shit.

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bro Ethereum moves in waves. It just did $300 to $500 in one month. While it cools off you should be making bank on alts before moving back. Next move is $750 in a few weeks, maybe before the new year.

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now that shit like pic related is taking place, it's only a matter of time

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>Ether could hit $1k in 2017

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Yes. I explained this in another thread. Are you going to buy a bit bean? Of course not. And what the FUCK is a Stellar Lumen?

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its just doing what its been doing for the past whatever odd months...going sideways.

the only reason mETHeads are gaining anxiety now is because a supposed "no value shitcoin" is about to pass them for the number two market cap in a few weeks

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>Why are normies not getting on it on cuckbase?
Because they're stupid. Eventually they will figure out Litecoin is garbage. They think it's a cheaper bitcoin.

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ETH is a comfy long term hold.

Patience is key, it's not a pump and dumper. It's being worked on and developed, it's nowhere near it's final form yet. When it reaches level 100, any bagholders will be rich.

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Why not just trade in eth pairs? Even if your alt stagnates, if eth goes up, your fiat goes up too.

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Good time to buy eth now?

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I'm up $10k in 24hr on ETH, you call that getting JUST'd?

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Why is Litecoin garbage you jealous fuck? Show some humility.

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it's pumping on gdax right now

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More like 0.05 to 0.025 BTC

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Go on

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On Bitstamp as well.

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>What the actual fuck is wrong with this POS?
1) do expect shit to moon everyday
2) how much do you have.
3) if you have a little then you should use this oppurtunity to buy more rather than going pink wojak and crying you only had x amount

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It is LITERALLY still being suppressed by whales. Wait for metropolis and raided and plasma my dear anon

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this shit should just be fucking renamed to pink wojack. literally fucking unmovable despire every practical purpose it has going for it. what the fuck goes through the minds of these normies when they see litecoin and they decide to purchase it? eth needs a fork and a new currency called like ethcoin or some shit.

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Rofl its almost back to the price where it began at the beginning of 2017.

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lol yeah, eth has only gained +5968.88% since last year. so pathetic

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Nice Trivium there

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