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Would like to know if /biz/ has any opinions on Auroracoin. Low marketcap, pretty low supply, and is an oldschool coin.
Recently broke 1$ for the first time in probably 3 years or so. Is it moon time boys?
Takk Fyrir

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How do I buy it on coinbase

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There's a long time rumor about the Icelandic government adopting it but it never came true...

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get a bittrex and send some bitcoin over. Verify your account on bittrex so you can withdraw.
Coinbase is trying to start adding new cryptos but I don't see aurora anytime soon unless it was to return to the top 10

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I hope you're not serious. On the off chance you are:

it's a complete shitcoin and was just targeted by a PND group and there are people with massive bags of it. stay away

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If it can stay stronger than the US dollar for a few months it may help its credibility to the citizens. The team is working hard to get shops to start accepting it, another issue has been getting exchanges going in iceland legally.

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But what about the volatility? The prices needs to self-adjust somehow based on US dollars. Imagine, 1kg of rice costs 1 AUR today which is worth $1 but tomorrow 1 AUR is worth $0.60. This is a problem. It should adjust automatically to like 1.4 AUR or something that is worth $1 at that time.

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Looking at the one year or even 9 month makes me think the pump and dump may have only helped momentum the group im sure didn't start all the way back in april.

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Reads post
*Spits out water*
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Are you fucking joking, this was the original shitcoin that justed people.

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that was long ago.the fact that this thing is still 100x stronger then their offical currency should be credit for something

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Pajeet pnd scam

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Just buy some and kys then.

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I already had some bought before this pnd everyone is going on about. people buying the coin may be malicious but i don't know that the creators behind it are. ofcourse please prove me wrong

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