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just found an old wallet and im feeling good today.

tell me your justed story and if it sounds believeable ill send u some

should i pick one only or split it up?

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fuck PBC, glorified pump group.....

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include ur wallet u potato

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had traded into bch with my btc had 18 bch sold 3 hrs before huge hike. Lost $52711 potential profit.

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One time I was on 4chan and some dude said he would give some coins and it actually happened!

btc: 1G1Tv6KyZNLc2zhgoX9p8GX1jnmgotKvNr

eth: 0x41cE443950Bf18fF8F194dAA846DFB0a0DC4CB28

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oh my wally 0xec5a61259101429cb80B6bb4d88F5c608C0FF0B7

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>tell me your justed story and if it sounds believeable ill send u some

bought 4btc. Put 3.6btc in shitcoins now its only worth .2btc



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thanks for anything u can spare

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>2011 create a site allowing people to buy items off amazon with bitcoin
>2 sales in 2 months with promoting on bitcoin forums and in bitcoin podcasts
>close down site to focus on other stuff
>i was almost a bazillionaire if I stayed in crypto just a little longer


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oh and to top it off i sold into ark which just went down so lost

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I bought Bitcoin cash at 0.4, kill me

Appreciate it OP, I'm down over 50% ;_;

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> Got into Comfido late. Right after it went x20
> Got a nice little x0.5 boost and went all in on Bitcoin Crash.
> Immediately get JUSTED so hard it felt like BCH was a bully from high school that stole my lunch money.
> Trying to recover

Be kind senpai.


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>your JUST'd story
I listened to /biz/ once


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bless you kind soul

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Got into link all in @ ath :(
Don't have more money now to get more so I can drop the average buy in. Could really use your help anon!

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hey thanks!

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not justed here, but that ass...

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Got fucked over fat-fingering a LINK sell order on EtherDelta.

Thank you for you time, Senpai.

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got tricked by bch and have to sit on my bags, hoping i won't lose too much and have to see alts rising. feels bad

help would be appreciated..


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>got a 30% loss on SONM
>got a 30% loss on Link
>got a 30% loss on modum
all in every time, at least 30% of loss is less each time


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6$ sent.

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Current a poor college student stuck with a cleaning job that start at 6am on Sunday (only day i am free). Lost money with BCH so anything to help me out is appreciated

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Got whitelisted for the confido pre-sale. Set my alarm for the day it ended instead of the day it began during the middle of a 100+ hr work week (automotive supervisor).
Missed an easy 10k because of it


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What ever you can spare for me op.

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0.02 eth sent.

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Had solid job in finance for 4 years. Left job for a position paying more, hand in resignation. 1 week before start date new company declares bankruptcy. My job had already been filled. RIP unemployed life for 6 months.


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>be me
>bought DGb at 1800 sats
>sold at 1500 sats
>bought back the day of the competition at 2247 sats
>sold around 800 sats

4 months and still recovering loss.


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I got screwed because i sent my funds to the wrong smart contract. Always make sure i double check the address now.


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0.02 sent.


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Not bad, scored 2 with different IPs.

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thanks again OP

for once a bizbro comes through, i'll be sure to give back when im in a better position, cheers

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Holy shit free wanchain token I'm actually gonna make it by eoy

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Got fucked real hard this week by the bch btc fiesta rooky mistake of my side but i learned a lesson


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I bought 1 btc at 4.5k
Biz tricked me into buying omg at 11

I was at 1.35 btc at one point
Then it started dieing

I sold; tried to make my money back trading on bitmex

As a noob i got liquidated

Now i work at mcdonalds while studying it and put 300 each month back into btc

I also need some funding; im making a huge suprise for all bizlers til christmas pic related


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Thank you, friend.

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does this work?
i mean do you really get eth with that scam?

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>scalping all Bcash day
>went from 0.31 btc to 0.47btc
>got drunk left trade on
>woke up and if up again
>"wtf its now at 0.4"
>buy back in for a quick scalp
>markets go haywire, down 50% in 2 minutes

Thanks OP

ETH: 0x6066c734fa104454ba7b8bbaa595f90097cbf534

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>invested 500 AUD into KORE coin
>had some good luck with the alt managed to finially break 1000 AUD
>bitcoin surges to 7k then 8k
> set my sell order to 176k instead of just 17
>watch as my only safe and trusted investment aside from dgb and link plummets to the ground.
>Will never make my money back due to the insane price of btc.
>devs for KORE release new wallet that's buggy as fuck and can't even render blocks or process transactions.
>All my coins are stuck in this buggy as wallet can't be used and if I send them they're gone.


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my stupid wallet :(

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Yes it’s absolutely their fault because you bought at the top.
Do you hear yourself talk?

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i have nothing left desu ( divorce, bla bla ) i just come here to pretend i made it
god bless you all eitherway

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These last month's have been bad for me :(

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lol op has delivered
gj anon

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ooh. oo-okay

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Came to /biz/ for advice on cryptos in March when I was just familiarizing myself with things, and some guy conviced me to daytrade because "you can only make so much with hodling", so I daytraded Ark, PIVX, ETH and Ripple, making a total of 6% in BTC value before falling for a PnD and losing half of my stack. Could have made made over 10k just by holding those coins even though my investment was pretty modest.
I know you're out of ETH, I just wanted to share because I got JUSTed pretty badly

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same. i could of made 60k but i leaped at a 3k gain and pissed away lots of coins in quick trades. i only invested $300 to begin with.
im just going to build a small portfolio this time and leave for a few years and consider the money burned. hopefully be pleasantly surprised.
I mean fuck man I had some MONA from 2014 i mined sitting on some old usb drive, then suddenly wow i can get $ out of this? fuuck.

good things come to those who wait.
though im so broke now its hard to get back into this shit.

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I actually came out green but I was in very serious need of money so I cashed out all my crypto in august. I originally put in less than $500 and was able to cash out 900$ so at least it was worth it, but I think about what could have been every single night.
I was able to put in $200 since then, and now I'm just looking for good alts to hold for long term. I also mined an ETH fork called Ellaism for about a month before the difficulty went up, got about 700 coins, and sold them at 2500 sat a piece a month later when it showed up on some pajeet exchange.

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ok fuk it

gimme ur eth wallet boyo

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i had like 200 ETH. mostly mined back when you could GPU mine solo.
All of it sold for a measly $3000. lol fuck
i mean i didn't lose anything i made money.
but in retrospect i could held on to that for a few years and had 60k instead.

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Thanks anon. My stack isn't even tadpole level now so I appreciate whatever you can spare
Damn, can't say I know that specific feel but missed opportunities and "if only I held" has pretty much been my year so far even though I made a bit of money from crypto.

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sent anon

go and make 7 million out of these blessed 7$

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I bought into ANT...I've done nothing but lose in this coin and watched everything I have go away. Now I don't touch anything besides the big three because of this stupid investment. Best part is after I sold at a major loss, there was a significant bump (albeit wouldn't even break me even if I sold at the peak). God is laughing at me

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yeah man. this next year i'm eating less and cheaper. not buying bullshit thats not needed. and everything i save is pumping into crypto for the long painful hold.
i would of suffered anyway so might as well suffer a bit harder for the hopes of a huge return.

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Bought SIA, REDD and DGB at ATH.

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>need eth to withdraw eth-based assets from wallet
>need to trade eth-based assets to get eth
Exodus fucked me up

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Broke for 1500 bucks with Pot Limit Omaha Poker


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Thank you so much anon, I'll try to make the best of it
>i would of suffered anyway so might as well suffer a bit harder for the hopes of a huge return.
Amen. I feel like the only way I'll ever "make it" is if I can get good gains from crypto, otherwise I'll just be a depressed wagecuck for the next 35 years, so might as well be a slightly more uncomfortable but way more hopeful wagecuck for a while

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/Biz/ is really challenging my noFap :/

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all in on CFD and the new guy

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those legs

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None of you can compete with my story: in 2011 I wanted to sell my World of Warcraft character which had everything you could ever imagine to the max, all of it. Someone offered me 200 BTC, but I refused him, demanding either 100 USD or my local currency equivalent. Even though I had heard of BTC before, I've never looked into it, thinking that it's just a meme. In fact, if I remember correctly, I didn't even check the price. But I did check it, out of curiosity this midsummer. And you know how much it was? Between February and April, it was ~1 USD. One. O-N-E, mother fucker. Now multiply that with 7,000 and see for yourself why I'm considering suicide. The worst part of it? I was playing on a private server because I couldn't afford it on retail; I gave up playing shortly after, never sold it, the server is gone.

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How's this for JUST


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>I bough DGB at 900 satoshi
>I bought BCH at 2000$

Just kill me now pls


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i was fapping to traps and shit on /b/ and just ignored bitcoin
had i took the 5 minutes to learn what it was i know i would of invested. well shit no i would of mined it.
but i fapped. and fapped.

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i buy at the top every time and sell at the bottom.

i just wanna hold eth from now on no trading ill treasure it forever thank you op


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y'all got some of that mETH

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>holding more than 4 full bitcoins
>thinks he's worthy of a handout
ha ha get fucked cunt

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I bought 10.

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what happened anon

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>Can't get crypto because have no ID

please bless me anon


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Bought ark at 90k
And 80k
And 70k until I stopped and just held btc

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Oh and fucking ripple.

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OP is a FAG

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