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Im holding 500 eth. How fucked am i right now?

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might as well kill yourself right now since tomorrow it will xvg-tier

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Give me .5 pls

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Fuck, this is absolutely going to hit the news as a “hack” which will then discourage normies from buying eth because its unsafe and the ico pajeets will start selling

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It IS unsafe lol. Fucking Polka ICO lost all their funds due to this and who knows what other ICOs did.

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Yup. All aboard the NEO train.

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fuck yes

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Wait newbie here, did something bad just happen to eth?

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and ICO fucked themselves in the ass and everyone thinks it's ETH's fault.

News will likely tell normies this was some kind of hack and the FUDing begins

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Get ready for another hard fork to Ethereum Classic 2

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>33% of young americans want to invest in ETH
>Parity exploit just discovered
>"oops nevermind teehee"


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Gav will compensate those lost for sure
he hold shit tons of eth

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/biz/ do I sell my Eth? It's not dropping too far on binance

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Can I get a little more detail? Or the ICO name to do my own googling?

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so it's not an error in etherium?

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Polkadot ICO was btfo awhile ago

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The news is pretty recent, my personal opinion would be to get out before everyone notices. Cryptocurrency is unpredictable though so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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It's ethereum.
The problem is a shitty multi-sig wallet coded by the co-founder of Ethereum. Solidity is a shitty language and Ethereum is a mess.

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I was wrong about the ICO.
I looked into it a bit more, Parity fucked up their code with their eth wallets. 280M locked up.
All multisig wallets made since July relied on the library contract, the library contract was killed about 20 hours ago and now none of those wallets work.

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why on earth is anyone using a wallet that had a problem already like 4 month ago?

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Is Ethereum-based crpytos like SALT going to be affected?

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No, it's like if an iOS app fucks you in the ass and locks you out of your bank account.

iOS isn't to blame, the app is.
ETH isn't to blame, Parity's shit coders are.

This won't stop FUDing I think. Eh, discount ETH is likely on the horizon.

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The fact that you even have to ask it here tells me you don't have a special multisig wallet in Parity and thus are not affected.
Not a problem with Ethereum, but a problem with Parity's code.
1% of ETH might be locked up for an unknown amount of time, which does make uninformed people worried, but then again it is deflation of total supply for a while.

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>Removed the library code



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whoops forgot the pic

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Crypto is full of shit devs who don't know CS and couldn't get hired at actual tech companies

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Does this effect my trezor wallet

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I have 1250 eth

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You will lose all your coins on Trezor
Good job.

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Damn, sorry for your loss.

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Yes. If you have any other crypto coins in a wallet or an exchange somewhere, then you are done for.

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Sorry to see that...

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This has got to be coordinated to coincide with bitcoin dipping. These coincidences happen way too often.

Every time bitcoin dips Eth does, news or no news.

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I have 12k$ ready to buy in when the panic sale commences. Can we expect some 250$?

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This should be a lesson to not hold your Eth and tokens on a wallet or exchange!!!!
When will people learn?

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Time to shut Parity down.
Useless devs doing fuck ups every 4 month now. gg

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Christ it's started already. I can't even sell at my original price ($290) as the price is already tanking too fast.

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Stir this shit, I want some cheap crypto.


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No crypto should be kept on an exchange or wallet coded by someone else. Paperwallets all the way. Or memorize the keys if you are rainman.

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You need to turn on your pc and SELL.

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Andreas already talking about hardforking. You know that means price is gonna get up

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did i fuck up buying the dip here?

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You didn't see the real dip yet, son. SELL NOW.

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Use shapeshifter to convert directly to another coin if you are having trouble selling for cash

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Nigga it is actualy unsafe. I had to sell uncomfortably low just now to ensure I will have any money left at all.

multi-sig affected ETH can lock up OTHER ETH via smart contract connection. You know what this means right? We HAVE to have a hard fork otherwise hackers will smart contract lock every ETH.

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This. Nothing is safe!!!!

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if you have that much ETH, I'd start selling before the Whales drop it 25%.
you probably bought it low , so consider today a "profit"

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So this will decrease ETH supply for a bit, ETH can just bounce back up and be at a higher price no?

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To fix the bug there needs to be a hardfork.

This potentially mean all ERC20 tokens are fucked and also means the price of ETH will plummet.

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No, not actually. The code could easily be slipped into the already planned constantinopole hardfork without any issues and/or alterations of other peoples balances, nor ERC20 tokens.

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>coping this hard
ETH is going down you bonobo. SELL SELL SELL

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The memes coming out of this situation will be priceless.

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Iron Hands here.

Hodl and things will be back to normal in a week or two

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LINK was memed hard October. I predict ETH takes its place Nov.

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>Be eth newbie
>Cause people to lose collective millions

I can't stop laughing

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Fucking hope so. The LINK meme production level, as in quality, was quite high.

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Holy fuck this is too good

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it will be much more sad if its a pajeet or a SEA

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With all the fud I would have hoped for a -10%

I'm disapoint

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just wait. ETH is big. people are too confident to flash crash it so fast.

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Guys I have my eth on Blockchain.info/wallet

Am I safe or should I an hero?

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move that shit to MEW my man

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How does this even happens, is it a vulnerability that this guy accidentally triggered or anyone can just call kill() and create a massive value collapse

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Can they just roll it back or something?
There has to be a way to recover it

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Basically, from taking a look at the way the contract was written, anybody was allowed to call initWallet, which should only be able to be called once. The safety mechanism that was supposed to stop it from being called multiple times, only_uninitialized, was never enabled in the contract. By calling initWallet, a random person was able to make themselves the owner of the contract, and then subsequently kill the contract

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Why lol. I think as long as his eth is not on any ico related scam he should be safe.

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HODL them. It will bounce hard before reaching 0.03. You are a rich man.

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The contract can be reinstated, but not without a hard fork. There's about zero chance they'll hard fork just because of this, and so what's likely to happen is that the funds stay frozen until Constantinople

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They can with a hardfork. But for under 1% of ETH lost and not because of Ethereum developers' fault, there is not pressure on Vitalik to do anything. He can just chill and laugh at stupid people keeping their ETH on a shady wallet.
Small chance they will roll out a fix during the next planned update, but again, not necessary and thus they won't.

This is exactly why ETH will be slightly inflationary after PoS: ETH burned through bad contracts. The inflation counteracts the supply that is burned and the net coin amount will stay about the same. This is the best state for a currency to be in (no net deflation/inflation). Otherwise commodities would have to be constantly repriced if the total coin amount in circulation changes during the years too much.

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Would it be able to, instead of kill the contract transfer all the funds to another account?

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Unsure. It shouldn't have been possible, but then again it also shouldn't have been possible for any random person to make themselves the contract owner.

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How do you feel if you are one of those people? What if you saved up and bought $10,000 of Ethereum for $310 and stored them in your Parity wallet and just wanted to save it to up in price, and then you just lost it all today?


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bad but it's still not an etherium issue. also if etherium collapses it takes the whole market with it.

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Why do most ico take ETH instead of BTC ?

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Most ICO's exist as ERC20 tokens, it's easier for them to take ETH with a smart contract which automatically distributes the tokens

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damn dude....

PLEASE atleast tell me you didn't put ALL your funds in Trezor

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I bought a Trezor, and it arrived a while ago, and I've opened it up and tried setting it up, but it was too damn difficult, so I said "I'll do it later", and kept procastinating.

THANK FUCK I DID hly shit now my funds are safe, whereas my mates who put it into Trezor can't access their coins, the wallet is locked out

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>Why do most ico take ETH instead of BTC ?

Faster and cheaper transactions.

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So Trezor is affected but what about Ledger, etc? Does Trevor specifically use this parity wallet?

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Both are fucked.

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thinking of selling my ETH for Link

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Im with you bro!!! Discounts!!!

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Is this a troll? I was literally using my ledger two days ago on EtherDelta with no problems

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Very wise, trips, very wise.

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Ledger and Trezor are both FUCKED
unless you put in coins before June, then it should be ok

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So...........................when do I buy the dip?

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Ledger and Trezor are unaffected.
This only affects parity multi-sig wallets created since 20th July. If you don't know what this means, you're probably fine.

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Stop FUDding lol, both Trezor and Ledger are fine

This only affects a specific type of smart-contract called a multisig wallet (it has an array of owners, and a majority of owners need to sign off on transactions involving the funds in the wallet)

This doesn't affect 99% of people, but it definitely affects some ICOs e.g. Polkadot

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Iconomi is fucked too

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Only those people using Parity are affected, not Ethereum itself. But when this goes to the news, the FUD begins which will affect the entire Ethereum community.

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People who are not invested in ETH are trying to spread lies to benefit themselves.

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ZAP will help ETH get back on track

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Not really all that fucked

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