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>link is a dapp on eth
>link for some reason needs its own token

for what reason? what need is there to go from usd-eth-link other than "we just want our own currency". Does this token do something eth cant?

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its not a dapp.

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It is essentially a Dapp
Node operators could be paid in ETH

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How do I get a node? How much link do we need?

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If you have this question please just don't buy it I'm serious.

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No ill buy but i have no desire to hold any erc20 tokens for longer than a few days anymore. They are all shit coins with the exception of omg and walton.

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haha...you dont know how stupid you sound right now. stay poor

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Don't do that. Link hasn't touched the floor yet. Buy on 1st November for cheaper Link

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It's not even close to being a DAPP.

Zero LINK needed to run a node.

Read the whitepaper.

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