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What are you doing staying up so late? You need to get to sleep so you can get to work nice and early tomorrow, Mr. Goldstein is counting on you to get him another Yacht this year.

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i wfh and sleep most of the day.

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What do you do for Mr. Goldstein? Accountant?

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I hated seeing this thread every Sunday when I was a waggie. Now that I'm collecting unemployment, I love them

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My boss won’t let us work from home even though 99.999% of the time we all sit in silence at our desks doing our own work. He makes us wear cuck muzzles too, I genuinely don’t understand why we can’t just work from our fucking homes. It’s been like this since last year

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Family trade business AND im all in on crypto. Comfy as OP pepe

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Every Sunday, like clockwork

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literally poison his coffee with dimethyl mercury

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NEET cope cracks me up every time. How miserable is your life lmao

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jokes on u i used one of my hard earned vacation days so i get a 3 day weekend bitch

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I used to post in these threads on sunday nights as a rustled wagie. I have been a self employed neet for almost a year now and it feels wonderful.

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>took 3 days off last week
>multiple disasters have happened as a result
it hurts knowing the weeks of damage control and extra work i've created for myself just from a brief break from the hellpits

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I trade, anon. Very comfy and based.

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i'm only part-time wagie so i can afford to have a fucked-up sleep schedule

some of my full-time coworkers, though, they basically live on Venom energy drinks and are lifeless husks during the day; it's funny though, i can tell how they quietly seethe at me when i come in late or leave early

i cannot fathom working full-time, the fact that 40 hours *minimum* became the norm is ludicrous to me

i'd like to think i can reach passive-income NEET mode some day but I am awful at trading/investing so idk

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No it's 7:20 PM.

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>i'd like to think i can reach passive-income NEET mode some day but I am awful at trading/investing so idk
No one is born good at trading or investing, anon. It's about knowledge and being able to learn from your mistakes.

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Also, you need to master your own psychology.

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that is insane. Everyone works from home now. What industry?

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I just woke up because I went to bed really early, and Mr Goldstein was kind enough to let me have Monday off anyway. I only had to suck his balls for 3 hours on Friday for the privilege, too.

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I'm reading about ARPA and Bella Protocol. I don't work. I only steak this.

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That's sick anon, how'd you score that?

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I read up and researched trading and started learning through experience.

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