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>20 million market cap
>Binance golden child: https://research.binance.com/en/projects/prosper
>On the Binance Smart Chain, on Ethereum, Matic confirmed, Avax confirmed, Clover partnership confirmed
>Can be bought on Binance, Pancakeswap and Uniswap
>All doxxed team
>Already have a working product (beta)
>Smartphone app (beta)
>Already audited
>Staking announcement soon™
>Secured by Chainlink
>Partnership with a major sports-betting company confirmed by the devs
>Dev wallet locked for 1 year
>Based roadmap
>Entire market is currently taking a shit so price is low: https://coinmarketcap.com/es/currencies/prosper/

It's Augur but for Binance!:
Augur has a market cap of 315 million dollars! That is a 15x from here.

Oh and to prove that it's a legit project:



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Devs already confirmed partnerships with Matic and Avax, both of which are crabbing right now. Apart from a migration to Polkadot on their social media: https://twitter.com/clover_finance/status/1366633919378956291, token was already on its way to reach a Top 100 marketcap before Bitcoin and Ethereum shat the bed two weeks ago. Now it's the time to accumulate before /biz/ starts fomoing into this and the price starts skyrocketing. Because it will. There's also an AMA Event on Monday.

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Fuck off with your pajeet poopoocoin Mr. Pratyush

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Have fun not making it.

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