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Two more weeks trust the plan

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15 days ;)

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arbutrim will be relaieased in the nexst 24 ours

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Q4 2023

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When they said coming in March, didnt you know they meant March 2022?

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These fucking bastards better hurry the fuck up

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Unironcially 27th March at 17.00 EST. Dont ask me how I got this information, just act accordingly

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This is already priced in for chainlink. It will dump on the news of its release. This is pretty much guaranteed like ocr dumped

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It isn’t. Literally no one except us talks about it.

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The price targets have already been decided. It's all theatre unless something like WSBs happens. Everything is priced in in terms of everything else, weeks in advance.

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Kek unironically this. I actually work with a few older crypto projects and when I showed them arbitrum they immediately said oh but isn’t optimism coming out? When I showed them how arbitrum will most likely be substantially cheaper for what they want to do, they didn’t just say they plan to use it instead now. They then actually bought link both as individuals and as companies. Call larp or don’t I don’t care kek, but I will say whenever I actually spend 5 minutes telling a client about what ChainLink is / how they slowly are becoming the universal go-to standard, they all immediately rush to buy it since they didn’t know what it did or plans to do beyond provide price feeds. The second they realized, they all jumped in. But seriously most projects don’t even know wtf arbitrum even is. The second they start to realize their early adopter competitors are outperforming them and they look into it, that’s when arbitrum will reach mainstream awareness

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>staking comes out
>10x the dump due to ocr

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$200 eoy

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>Soon! check your social media!

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What's the actual status of this and chainlink as well? I've seen people saying it's no longer using link as the bridge. Still good for lowering costs but i hope that's just FUD.

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arbutrin was supposed to be released in 2019. it cant scale on mainnet, thats why its still not out. its vaporware.

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Even if it doesn’t use link for staking, the results of the rust minimized computation done by arbitrum would still need to be published on chain via link oracles. This will still drive insane usage of link oracle network.

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Arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

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it would in theory but in practice its vaporware

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What the fuck is this lmao

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I don't really care what comes first - i just want one to actually come.

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The state of ethereum development is pitiful. One of the most important defi projects is in the hands of pic related. He acts exactly how he looks. Luckily there's a few chads in the space that will carry hard, such as sergey, stani, and the bancor team. Still, pretty bearish desu.

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