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>NFTs as certificates of authenticity for real art
>Kevin Abosch onboard (famous photographer who sold a photo of a potato for 1 mil $)
>DC and Marvel comic artists started selling their work there ($250k worth of sells within a week)
>PRT as a currency for the service within this month
>Planned token burn (further details TBC)
>Low market cap (around 10 mil)
>Last time to get it for 0.1$

This is literally the biggest GEM in NFT market. It connects the physical art world with the digital one. This is the token 1% will buy their art with. Do you want to be one of them anon?

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There is an update on tokenomics coming out next week and loads of new high profile partnerships in the pipeline. Get it now or cry later

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Don't sleep on this anon. This is the next bondly or minty. I'm in. Amazing team too btw

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Samefag lol

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I bought ARTE high, why is PRT supposedly better?

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buy VSP

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ARTE has no support for real world art and collectibles. Also the fact that Portion is backed up by real artists shows how it has the biggest potential to actually get into the REAL art world. This is the biggest gem

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Want some real Alpha. FOTO first NFT photo platform where people can sell their photos.

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these guys also have an art gallery in NYC. they are not looking to sell NFT art. they are selling quality ART as NFTs. big difference. those who understand this can differentiate between shitcoins and gems. simple as that. just look at the phenominal artist line up. strong FA always wins.

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105,000,000 circulating 2,500,000,000 locked away...... why should I buy riddle me this. I’ll dump money in it right now

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Get a portion of portion, so that your portion of portion gets an awesome portion!

Disclaimer: if you didnt buy it in yet idk what your doing .

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Portion is going to be bigger than a $1b Marketcap, Mark my words.

Their partnerships are absurd and their platform is one of the only Dapps i use.

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Riddle me this guys

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