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4million usd market cap
volume super high rn
have fun thank me later

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Isn't it too late to invest???

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I got in after you if you get in now lel, I think wwe're super early not even ath reached yet, volume is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS.
solid non anon team
ocean as partner something something microsoft

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at 4m mc you can't say it's too late.

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FFS sorry for spamming this thread rn but I want to post the chart, also blue IDs in this thread just looks A E S T H E T IC
we're super high volume and at break out territory, major 10eth+ buys are getting in right now

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Transaction pendig AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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I hope you got through because we just broke ath. Entering price discovery mode now.

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This shit will go to 20mil mcap in the next week mark my words

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100% agree, 1m+ usd wallets buying in makes me more bullish on it.
I'd say 36m peak 20m hold.

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Biz is fast on threads about shitty coins and slow on threads about actual gems. Holy fk I'm starting to hate this board when did it get so filled with poor pajeets who NEED bsc to trade

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One last time. This is my first and last thread /biz/ don't say I didn't warn you, this doesn't need you to take off, I'm serious. Look at the fundamentals and way it's behaving (near ATH, Whales keep accumulating, heavy volume increase)

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Attention: this coin has a WHITE TEAM. You are only allowed to purchase it if you are WHITE. People of color, aka niggers, are not allowed access the massive data economy market.

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checked and baste

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>pajeets pretending to be racist now to get people to buy into their PND scheme
lmao loving the new tactics guys keep it up

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should I post my hand?
I don't actually care so much about shilling this, you will see it everywhere soon I was just being nice.

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