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>845k net worth
>spent yesterday wagecucking for 200 bucks
>spent yesterday talking to some fat chick ive been fucking cause im desperate
>spent yesterday contemplating how my life ended up life this

please fucking help me. is there a way out? how do i get out of this hole

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If you can't fix your life with a mil networth, You were never meant to make it.

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you've already made it
find something you like doing and try to make a 1 man business around it that you can decide how much time you want to dedicate to it
you dont need to make much money anymore, just do something comfy

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You made it, take a vacation

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stop larping, it's not even funny

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not larping... my dad died and i was the beneficiary of a lawsuit.

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Read the rational male

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nobody with 845k is dumb enough to spend an entire day making 200

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>5k net worth
>just came back from Miami and had a threesome an hour before leaving
Money is irrelevant just go out and don’t be weird bro

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buy a coach, psychotherapy, meditation and relationship / dating AND fitness coach, get at least one permanent the rest on the side, you are an idiot for not investing in yourself, you will be multi millionaire soon

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