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hey oldfags, are you buying or selling crypto here?
i need advice on what do

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Selling Bitcoin, it's going to crash in my opinion. Media stories about the high power consumption and taxation on profits in many countries is putting off new investment. The push to hodl helps, but it can only shrink while people are unsure.

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Selling Bitcoin, it's going to crash in my opinion. Media stories about the high power consumption and taxation on profits in many countries is putting off new investment. The push to hodl helps, but it can only shrink while people are unsure.

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Both, buy low sell high always

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i buy high and sell low and am forever poor due to paper hands

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but do u think crypto is topping here or getting ready to pump?

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buy coins you believe in long term
never fomo in, there will be suitable entry points if you're patient
just hodl

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buy some and find out. you can lose 100% or gain 300% set your stoplosses accordingly

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Diversify is the key anon
You cant lose if you had everything

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ok but i need a buy or sell advice

i dont know if i should wait or buy in now
and i don't want to diversify or dollar cost average..

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it depends, things are very unstable atm and can go either way but some coins are alright if just hodl which is the only thing you should be doing anyway. just dont take any gambles, theres a lot of shilling here to make you think people give a fuck about whatever tech a coin has but just stick to things you know will give results and dont chase the next x50 or x100 thats how you lose everything. Personally dipping out of crypto for this reason, its very lucrative but I cant be assed

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>spoonfeeding newfags

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Accumulating. 30% shakeouts are just how crypto works. It also scares boomers and newfags who think it's "too risky", but then get progressively more angry YoY because they missed out, and were too pussy to invest even a single $1.
This shit is manipulated to high hell but seems to do great over long time periods. Historical models are pointing to a Q2 peak but who the fuck knows since macro trends could either utterly fuck us over, or boom us to pluto.

If you're totally noob just buy any top 5 crypto on coinbase and sell when people are screaming about green wojacks and lambos and eternal up only. We are NOWHERE near that yet. Don't chase pumps, don't chase fomo, just take your 5-30x and walk away for a year or so, then buy back in when people are crying about how bad things are and they lost their shirt. Rinse and repeat.

Oh, and read reminisces of a stock operator book and look at all the news through that lens from now on. 90% of the shit you see on biz is a lagging indicator when it comes to sentiment, occasional decent tidbit pops up now and then.

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Irrefutably based and truthpilled.

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In my honest opinion, you should wait to see how this plays out, it could break down to complete the 35-40% correction or it could break up. I would buy if it goes around 40k, if it breaks up I would wait for the retest to the previous ATH of 58k to buy in.

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But either way, this cycle isn’t over and 58k is definitely not the top so if you buy in now just hold even if it goes to 40k.

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oldfag here, neither, just holding my 2017 chainlink bags and feeling fear, uncertainty and fud but can't sell because was groomed into a chainlink cultist because of this mongolian shitboard, my stack is worth >2 million $ so if it dumps to 0 I might go for a highscore on the chainlink labs HQ then an hero.

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thanks, i'm gonna do that

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It really is worth reading, just trade out all the 1920s stuff for modern tech like twitter and suddenly everything will make more sense.
Take profit during peak season. my gut feeling is Q2 but it could be any time this year. I have a friend who became a millionaire in the 2017-18 bull run, was "scared of taxes" and selling and lost like 70% He lost more than he would have paid in taxes, real bigbrain move. He's now a millionaire again thanks to dumb hodling luck but geez.
Don't time tops. Just look at how much your X'd your money. 3-5x is okay. 10x is great, 30x means take profit. These are guidelines and it's nuanced ofc and you never want to miss out on 100x because you got "only" 30x but sometimes it be that way, and the old OG's used to leave a little bit in EVERYTHING as a "moonbag" lol.
Again macro trends scare me, either fed will print money until the USD is toilet paper or we'll see mega doom crash and great depression 2.0, global war, and a host of other shit I've lost enough sleep over
Stinky linkies will be fine, I'd look into yield farming or something like Nexo.io which gives 8-12% APY just by holding your link on them. Maybe sell when it gets to $100 or something, or at least take profit so you can sleep at night.

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"oldfag" on this board means 2017 top buying noob, of course they're selling they have ptsd from buying the top and bagholding for 4 years
>t. 2013fag

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How do you make a "STOP loss"

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Are you Indian?

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Holy fuck. Read some basic shit on how to trade. Thankful for you morons in the market. Makes it easier for me to make money

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>feeling fear, uncertainty and fud
lmfao, case in point. they are so retarded they don't even know what fud stands for

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I'm never not buying crypto, I just buy less when the market is up. My investing strategy is to do obsessive levels of research on a very small number of things that I think will work out over a period of 2+ years, then throw all my money into them non-stop without even considering the price. It's worked out so far.

Right now I have 2 stocks that I'm buying and 3 crypto projects. This probably won't change for another year at least. If the market tanks 75%, that just means I'm buying 4x more.

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its crab season. what do u think nigger

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Thank you for the advice anon. Just finished downloading your book recommendation. Here's a pretty painting I have saved before as a token of thanks.

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