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*hits a massive drag*
so the final pump
*blows it in your face*
these whales are really shaking you bulls for every last drop, huh?

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it always pumps before the big drop

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>tfw they think it's going to reach 50k ever again

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sell me your bitcoins

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gettig back in 3.5k, you know gaps n sheeiiittt

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Post shorts or stfu, Bobo

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post shorts + liquidation price

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lmao, they claim how to have profit with this gas, fees, dumps, etc

haha what a dumbs! they will always be homeless

I am not so stubid to trust this shilling trash on /biz/

>my way is fucking top yield staking and vaults on YVS! They burn 0.75 % tax on all transactions. Profit is enormous!

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