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This shit is mooning hard! 120% up in a few hours. Strap in boys!

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what the hell it was 0.60 last night REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Fuck I knew I should have just went all in earlie

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This shit is going above 3 dollars soon. Sub million mc, and 630k tokens

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biz gonna fomo into this one

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$1.60 now

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ill wait for the correction

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we might not get it if we break the weth ath. Clear skies soon my friend

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break $2.30 we fly

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It's barely a million market cap, this is the correction

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exactly, biz slept on this badly. RBC going new stable features are hilarious

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Why is this mooning? I almost bought this for 6c when it was shilled a few weeks back but the transaction failed because of gas bullshit, I would literally be a millionaire right now otherwise.

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how? The market cap is only just 1 million you fucking cuck

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WTF, sold all for 60c couple of days ago

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meh fuck it, lets see where this goes. Market cap is tiny. Dont let me down you fucks

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Welcome aboard lieutenant

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Look how low the market cap is compared to all the other Index Fund projects on coingecko. At least another 2-3x from here bare minimum

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Easy bro. Break 2.30 we fly. 630k supply is laughable. I expect a huge run for this in the next few days

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I aped an eth in, i just dont care anymore. Have we started a thread on r/cryptomoonshots yet? Lets get this train rolling

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Most likely retest this area for support then next leg up.

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told you so, now we enter

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