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its too risky not to hold though.

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This post will not age well in one week.

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ill settle for $300, do we have a deal OP?

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It won't reach $300 neither
Good luck though

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Yes because it will be worth 81k you fucking jew

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It will

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Kek confirms even suicide stacks will be able to afford lambos

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Checked. A time traveling neetlord told me so.

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Not really

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Sateen lookin clean!

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Feelkin comfy

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thank you based satan

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I will settle for 150

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It will. 1550 to be exact, at 11:42 on the 30th night of october, 2026.

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Cope harder im already worth more then your whole family going back 100 years with link at 25$

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It will go to $1000 retards

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sergay is about to announce staking

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I own a lot of farmland loser
Suck my dick incel loser
LINK will crash and burn you brainlet fell for memes
Cope. You will always be poor

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Yes, it will

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lmao 1K? try 81K. it will be an 81K coin, though only for a moment. Expect to cash out in the 30K range if you time that day right

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Check wills it

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I really hope lad.... I really hope

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Witnessed. We will all make it.

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You're right. It's going much higher.

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satan checked

dubs for big milky wagmi

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Just once pls sirs

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one day I will buy all your land for 0.5 LINK

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Niggers tongue my anus

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I'm a complete newfag and know this is a meme but is this actually impossible? If it captures even 1% of the quadrillion dollar industry it's targeting it would be worth so much more, but then again i'm a newfag retard who's only just doing DD.

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We are all going to make it but also maybe going to hell for it.

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Wouldn’t say that

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at the absolute very least, if this makes you feel better...
$100 would put the mcap of LINK at a fraction of the current BTC and ETH mcap.
$1000 would be slightly higher than the current BTC mcap.

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>it's not going to 1 dollar
>it's not going to 3 dollars
>it's not going to 5 dollars
>it's not going to 10 dollars
>it's not going to 30 dollars
Keep coping you can still buy but you won't and you'll keep seething after it hits 5k

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Satan.... God fucking damnit I was going to dump

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Stinkers are ridiculously cultish and delusional but I think that's the big secret to their success. They don't ever sell, so it ends up ballooning stupidly beyond where it should be (around rank 200) into the top 10. So I think it can go to 1000 in maybe 20 years if crypto continues to expand as a market, but it'll probably be pushed out of the top ten before then.

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Checked. OP has been terminated.

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Max. price will be about ~400$; however before that, we will see a drop in LINK price back down to under 5$, then it's time to buy when even the bebbe hands in this thread drop their so called "comfy bags" and "suicide stacks"; I'll be there to pick them up. I'm watching. I'm omnipresent you little noobs.

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It got fucked by too much competition now. Everyone is searching for the next Link and you can tell.

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brown and checkpilled

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It will never get past $35. Screen cap this

There are ZERO enterprises adopting Chainlink. Not one

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Absolutely Satanic

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Actually true

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It will never go below $20 again barring some sort of economic disaster which is actually very likely so maybe you're right.

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NOW I'm bullshit af

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the problem is that with economy shitting the bed at the end of this cyce just like the tech companies on the nasdaq Link will be affected too

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Waitaminute waitaminute- arent you the faggot ass shitlord tripfag who said if link got above 30 that you would cash out a bunch of your supposed millions of dollars and suicide on livestream? Was that dick sucking sphincter pimple you? Or some other attention whore larping tripfaggot?

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>see a drop in LINK price back down to under 5$,
what should happen to the economy to get there?

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Link is clearly the best future coin because non-linkers are totally obsessed with it.

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i thought it would never get past 5 dollars or 20 dollars again either

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I'm tired of waiting for my new life to begin. The type of tired that sleep doesn't fix. Nothing in life is interesting; sex is mundane and I have to fake cum to get this bitch off my dick, gayems bore me within 20 minutes and I uninstall them, new movies lack soul and rewatching movies that have previously made me well up with emotion no longer do so. My health, mental and physical, are deteriorating as I no longer keep up the good habits I used to pride myself on.
But all this is nothing. Nothing compared to the emptiness within my soul. I've given up all my passions and morals. The things that 5 years ago I would have used to define the self. I am nothing.

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You didn't even read shit about LINK, did you?

>he didn't zoom out
Just zoom out.


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LINK has dumped 50% from every ATH at some point. $10 LINK is definitely possible again, below that I doubt it.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned block-fi listed link the other day. That 5.5% is comfy, will hold me over until real staking.

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Yes you are

That was Schiff, or someone who hacked his trip

What's there to read? Their marketing material? Remember the larpers from 2018 promising Docusign (Gonser) and Oracle (Ribeiro) or are you too newfag for that?

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999 is 999

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Were fine with 100.

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>I'm bullshit af
the LINKtard finally takes off his mask

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3 years from now, I'll call you from the carphone in my Rolls Royce and I'll fucking laugh at you.

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Nice reverse psychology. It worked on all the other barriers.
We going up boys!!

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damn, triggerrrrred

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shut the fuck up.
How did your larp short turn out?

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But it already breached $35 earlier last month?

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WTF is this the swing trading FUDD cunt that came from re edit? I mean yeah its cancer and its retarded but he keeps posting it forcing that meme like he's ramming a dildo in his arse. yet its shit, noticeably ineffective, poor, desperate even.

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Fucking weird to see a pepe edit I made like 7 years ago pop up out of nowhere on /biz/ of all places

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ive been using it for 4 years here, thx

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You're a fucking retard. I was retarded too and sold my whole stack thinking I could swing for degen gains and come back to more LINK. I'm priced out of a suicide stack now. LINK and GRT are two of the most important projects in crypto. I'd put Eth up there as number three, but Eth might be pulling a Yahoo and the real Smart Contract platform of choice for Web 3.0 is still to be decided, but the Oracle solution and Indexer platform are pretty much set in stone. You have to be a fucking idiot or plain ignorant about blockchain not to understand the importance of LINK and why it will easily surpass $1000 in the long term

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Never again, clearly it's nowhere close to that now because it was a pump and dump

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aren't you getting tired of this act, man

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I still don't understand you guys and the economics of LINK going to $500, $1000. To get to $1000 / LINK at fully diluted supply is

Price per coin * total max supply = market cap.. which is:

$1000 * 1,000,000,000 = $100,000,000,000, that is one hundred billion.. that's just fucking insane. Major institutional use would have to be involved to get to numbers this high.. Charles "Eat The Bugs" Schwab would have to be right..

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And BTC got to 1 trillion with zero utility value. I believe link can get there within the next 5-10 years.

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lmfao you delusional cultists make me laugh. I'll be busy on the other side of that trade anon, oh no no no

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acktually, if link got to $1k the fully dilluted suppy would be 1T, not 100B.

Anyways, most reasonable people have no problem believing the crypto will reach 10T total value in the mid term... LINK having 10% of that is not as far fetched as you might imagine.

Also, if the word "trillion" scares you, go and look at the market cap of the top s&p500 companies.

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Ath was ~$37
We dumped 46% from that to $21 already

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Holy fucking witnessed

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Quads of truth

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Fuck this $30 stable shitcoin

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St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of computer users, programmers, and the Internet, blesses (You) and blesses the global cryptocurrency market.

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checked good sir

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Post your new position and liq price

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would be incredibly based without reddit spacing

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How much did you lose on shorting link again, faggot?

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you forgot to mention that majority of tokens will be essentially locked up in nodes forever, decreasing circulating supply significantly

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I completely believe 81k is fud, I just want staking though I wanna move out.

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LINK chart will look just like NXT in three years, you are now at that big ass spike point

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Do people here unironically use omens to determine whether they pump or dump?

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Vast majority of the supply will end up locked in staking nodes. Link in circulation will inevitably become scarce. Its not fucking hard to understand

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>Not buying and selling according to your horoscope

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Why would this be? Due to contributions to syntax?

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good question. for reference he around around during 6th century Spain. Was considered a theologian / philosopher

>Besides being bishop of Seville for 37 years, St. Isidore wrote many books about grammar, astronomy, geography, history, and theology, and created an encyclopedia, which at the time was deemed very technologically advanced. St. Isidore is the patron saint of technology because of his strive and contribution towards progression and dedication for learning.


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It’ll be lucky to go to $100

>> No.30324469

is this even confirmed to happen? Do we know a minimum amount in order to stake?

>> No.30324683

>St. Isidore is the patron saint of technology because of his strive and contribution towards progression and dedication for learning
Oh damn, I thought you were just making it up on the spot. I was aware of his Etymologiae and scientific contributions, but I am very surprised there is anything like a designated patron saint of "technology" in explicit terms of all things in Catholicism.

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Klaus Schwab himself predicted the total crypto market cap will be 10 trillion by 2025. 1k is fud.

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>I was aware of his Etymologiae and scientific contributions

based student of Catholicism / theology / philosophy / early medieval history / etc..

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all this FUD only makes me more certain

>> No.30325802

kek, i remember when this fag said it was never going past $5.

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>literally checks the news
>literally read the whitepaper

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>the problem is that with economy shitting the bed at the end of this cyce just like the tech companies on the nasdaq Link will be affected too

>> No.30328351

XDai actually used Chainlink for something useful. Not that I've ever seen one of these threads provide a example of what LINK does.


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>dude, just for for January
>dude, just wait for February
>dude, just wait for OCR
>dude, just wait for March
>dude, just wait for steaking

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imagine not being the golden child

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Just dumped every stinky I had into snx. I couldn't take the humiliation any more. No regrats

>> No.30328716

This but I’m literally going broke and my house is falling apart. Moldy, leaking. Cant afford healthcare. I am sick and getting sicker. Sick wife. Already maxed out our annual health insurance out of pocket in 2 months. If link doesn’t perform by mid summer I have to sell it all just to keep from going homeless.

>> No.30328771

link go pump

>> No.30328821

You really think staking will happen in the next 3 years. They haven’t even released their “2nd white paper”. After 6 fucking months.

>> No.30328855

Links fate is tied to eth unironically, so as the eth upgrades roll out from London fork link will react also

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Fuck, this hits a bit too close to home. I don't know what to say. We're unironically in this together so don't forget that. I've still never sold a single LINK and I don't plan on capitulating anytime soon. Try and always remain balanced with your overall perspective on life. Having money is great, but it will not solve all of your problems. Take a step back, reflect on what you have and appreciate those things. Then take some time to really clear your mind and think deeply about what you what to do with your life. Be strong, friend.

>> No.30329347

And what update to the protocol would be significant enough theoretically and technically to warrant a second version of the whitepaper following the release and scaling of the network ...? If not staking, it's certainly not going to be with respect to any of the implementations that have occurred after mainnet so far, which have been entirely within the scope of the original whitepaper (minus OCR). I would not be surprised if they intend to cover all relevant topics for maturing the network, once they have been fully theoretically developed at the very least: staking, DECO, tsigs, OCR, aggregation.

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>is staking confirmed to happen

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i'm hacking you IP as we speak and when I find out where the fuck you are I'm gonna send some guys to beat the shit out of you cuz you are the biggest fucking faggot

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I want to smell taylor

>> No.30329883

I only have 55 link

>> No.30329937

It's been 6 months. What in the fuck is Ari Juels doing? I have a lot of goodwill towards Chainlink and what big Serg is doing, but a small part of me gets kind of iffy about the deals he's done with Ari Juels. He bought Town Crier, and there doesn't appear to be any plans to do anything with that. He bought DECO, which at best is on a very distant horizon. The only thing we've got is some passing comments about "yeah there's this DECO thing we will be working on". Then of course we have Ari Juels being employed by Chainlink as their Chief Scientist. Well it's been 6 months. What the hell is going on? What about Coventry's work on tsigs? He did a blogpost and had some POC'd code IIRC, but what happens after that? Just fizzles out and no one at Chainlink cares about it? I don't get it.

>> No.30330011

oof this won't age well

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It's the ADA model.
>get someone famous in the field on board with project
>pay him a shitload of money or buy his software
>now your scam has some reputation among low IQ retards

>> No.30330129

The market has proven twice that it does not give a shit about Chainlink and its WEF connections. It has literally dumped on both occassions they announced being selected by the WEF as a tech pioneer and the paper they published. The less this gets brought up the better.

>> No.30330167

The good thing about ADA is that at least it fucking mooned pretty hard. We get the worst of both worlds.

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Yeah, I regret not holding my bags from back when it was perpetually crabbing between 2 and 3 cents. Wish I'd just held, thrown it in a wallet somewhere I could forget about, and left it until this run started

>> No.30330426

So did Chainlink before the bullrun, but yeah during this bullrun we've only been dumping against BTC. Thankfully BTC pumped pretty hard so we were able to get to a new ATH.

>> No.30330456

>Well it's been 6 months. What in the fuck is Ari Juels doing?
>but what happens after that? Just fizzles out and no one at Chainlink cares about it?
Yeah no one cares anymore and they just get drunk in the office 24/7 doing coke and nothing at all is getting done.
What the fuck do you think they've been doing? Do you honestly think Ari has been sitting around and doing nothing as they're massively scaling the company and actively working to single-handedly entire smart contract markets from the ground up with direct-to-startup business interactions, and with Sergey having a clear grasp of the importance of timing with respect to the recent Arbitrum and OCR work?

>> No.30330462

>posts the USD chart for an altcoin
Ask me how I know you're a newfag

>> No.30330505

>It will never get past $35. Screen cap this
>Reading comprehension

>> No.30330675

Schiff is you, you are Schiff

>> No.30330728

>gets called out for being a newfag
>"muh reading comprehension"
Yeah, it seems you're not capable of reading comprehension. I haven't said anything about the possibility of Chainlink going over $35. Now that's out of the way, can you explain how the USD value of a shitcoin without a stablecoin trade pair is calculated?

>> No.30330811

It's vaporware, I'm being serious. They've also been floundering for over 6 months. Apparently back in SmartCon Arbitrum was in the last stages of testing, with mainnet right around the corner. It's 6 months later and it's still "right around the corner." Honestly nned to move past it, I'd rather the clowns at Off Chain Labs aren't associated with Chainlink because even though Chainlink takes a long time, they've at least proven they can release things at a high quality.

Back to Chainlink though, I get that they're trying to scale right now. But if you check LinkedIn I get a bit nervous. Lots of middle-management type roles that typically plague large enterprises and drag the entire organization down with useless bloat. I mean, look at this as well >>30329345. What the hell is going on? Chainlink needs more programmers to actually work on the technical problems, and less emphasis on fucking HR and business. I'm not saying business people aren't important, but I'm getting a bit concerned that Chainlink labs is too heavy on management and not enough people working on the technical problems.

>> No.30330820

Imagine being this dimwitted. How did you even get here?

>> No.30330840

>His reading comprehension is indeed so poor that he's unable to recognize he's responding to an entirely different poster than >>30330375

>> No.30331013

dude you're fucking retarded

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>1 billion new wallets

>> No.30331120

I only have 2600k Link and no BTC. Should I sacrifice half my stack just to have 1 BTC? I plan to hold any thing for at least 10 years.

>> No.30331244

This is admittedly a lot of HR bloat given the size of the company, but it ends up being important legally for well-sized corporations and it likewise makes sense with respect to how much they intend to accelerate hiring. A lot of the emphasis has been on business development roles (typically executive ones, with few managers), because so much of their recent progress has been in actualizing network usage through identifying nascent but readily achievable markets, connecting with existing companies in ongoing efforts to integrate/monetize data/onboard, and navigating product development and management based on market needs, available use-cases and the manner in which business development timelines overlap with software development and maturation of the crypto space in general. As far as Arbitrum being vaporware, perhaps so... let's wait until end of month and see if they release a statement regarding projected release if there happens to be another delay.

>> No.30331245

Holy fuck meme magic has been invoked...

>> No.30331322

Yet you quoted my post. You should learn how this site work before posting.
Oh noes someone called me retarded on the Internet lmao

>> No.30331402

Holy shit

>> No.30331431

Yes, I think your points are valid. Really just have to wait and see how things pan out in the next 6-12 months to gauge how well Serg manages to grow Chainlink. I have a ton of respect for the problems he's trying to solve. Chainlink itself is obviously a brand new thing so that's a challenge in itself, but I think growing a large, remote-first company adds another layer of complexity to everything too.

>> No.30331481

>Yet you quoted my post
>It will never get past $35. Screen cap this
>quoting >>30318507 (who (You) evidently thinks is actually (You)), which should have provided unequivocally obvious context for the chart posted by >>30330375

>> No.30331529

Another thing I try to consider as well is if Sergey and Chainlink's cultural quality of being a meritocracy is somewhat accurate, then I imagine the standards for the technical roles would be pretty high. That may explain why they have more challenges recruiting for those roles.

>> No.30331541
File: 266 KB, 931x675, IMG-9120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30331766

Checked. Quads of truth. 1 trillion Link marketcap confirmed.

>> No.30331879


>> No.30331975
File: 24 KB, 1051x133, 1590159495191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>screen cap this
we'll add it to the collection, you shit-eating nigger

>> No.30332039

2500* 2021*

>> No.30332128

Your post indicates the opposite!

>> No.30332154

Imagine going through such mental gymnastics instead of just acknowledging that you quoted the wrong person by mistake and that you have no idea why the LINK/USD chart is irrelevant.

>> No.30332169

This bull run

>> No.30332417

It's okay if you can't into reading newfriend; the chart was posted because it evidently show that Chainlink (ticker: LINK) did in fact appreciate beyond the price of 35 (thirty-five) United States Dollars, in contradiction to the unqualified claim that Chainlink (ticker: LINK) would indeed *never* (!) pass the price of 35 (thirty-five) United States Dollars. This, in turn, would justify the uploading and posting of a screen-capture image of the LINK/USD chart which would very plainly show in graphical rendering of the price history of Chainlink (ticker: LINK) that the poster's claim regarding the unachieved and never-to-be-achieved price target measured in $35 (thirty-five United States Dollars) was indeed in error.

>> No.30332443
File: 98 KB, 640x480, aokigahara suicide note.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It may never reach $1k but I'm already up from where I bought in and I think this coin has a TON of potential. I see a lot of shilling of this here, which means that others think it has a lot of potential too. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but i applaud your bravery in saying the nigger word to that faggot OP.

>> No.30332459
File: 2.66 MB, 362x360, 1604267721316.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30332527

Thanks for keeping the price low for so long. I wouldnt have my bags without you. The hero we needed but didnt deserve.

>> No.30332565
File: 27 KB, 1000x600, 1609039667041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based as fuck $1k eom

>> No.30332632

Schiff is his brother, they admitted it when link broke $19 the first time

>> No.30332675

you're gonna end it all in 2 years

>> No.30332691

Thanks, Satan.

>> No.30332787

i could give a fuck less, I'm up like 35x. Cry more nigger

>> No.30333023

Lmao it's him
That faggot has no friends so he has to larp as two online identities
Whoever falls for his fud is a brainlet though

>> No.30333031
File: 142 KB, 700x700, 1612817236820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon, hopefully this will be the last year where I'm breaking myself working 60hr weeks in a job I loathe just to buy intangible internet tokens while forgoing lifes small necessities. Or I might have to buy a one way ticket to San Franciscos Minecraft server, buy an illegally obtained "enchanted bow" and kill that fat russian fuck.
But for real, for my fellow anons it has been and will continue to be a pleasure shit posting with you.

>> No.30333186
File: 807 KB, 1828x1435, schwabpilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30333302

I think he/they do it to keep link down. Or they just want frens. Ill be your fren, Uncle Chuckle.

>> No.30333363

As it has been with you, anon. Saved btw.

>> No.30333469

Then how do you expect it to go to 81k braintard??
checkmate i think.

>> No.30333535

It will, but at this point, if you didn't buy sub 50 cent LINK, Conflux is your next bet (muh literal government approved antshares)

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