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Are we living in the 80's of crypto?

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Pre-crash era at x1000 speed. We're playing without market manipulation laws.

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Yes...I only wish I had a car phone and slick 80's biz kid look. Better make your gainz now because it will end soon...not because BTC will crash but all the normie faggots will push for regulation.

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We are in the wild west. I'd love to see a government try and ban insider trading

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if we are going by the same timeline, we only have a few more months until a crypto black monday wipes out our profits

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I'd say it's closer to the unregulated US stock market of the 1920s/30s

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oh what happened with that

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>implying it's gonna crash before a 1000% pump by the normie influx craze

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oh crap no!

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Of course, we're in the 80s with regards to more than just crypto

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What did he mean by this

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a time before the SEC existed where market manipulation, insider trading, pump and dump scans, and shady betting companies were the norm. we now get to relive it in crypto

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this. we're at the precipice of normiehood. i'm starting to regularly see articles in places like nytimes about "what is bitcoin" and the articles revolve around the huge amounts of money.

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Except the tetherbears

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Like what?

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yeah and normies are still trying to get verified on coinbase etc for months and months. definitely still early for normie money to start flowing in

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Just gotta be careful to spot the mooning and sell all the shitcoins and transfer btc to where you can quickly dump it for fiat.

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My cousin just sent me a screenshot from his job whatsapp group where some normie was telling everybody how he's making money daily with bitcoin and trying to get them to joinan exchange thru his referral link, normies are coming, how do we profit from normals?

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>, how do we profit from normals

Start an ICO. Offer trading advise, become an authority figure and drive your sheep where you desire. That's the direct way, which you could do with varying levels of illegality.

Right now I'm just trying to ride the pumps. Next few years are going to be crazy.

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By loading up on crypto now and dumping on them when the prices skyrocket, then load up again when it crashes and the normie money flows out, rinse and repeat

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charge them to tell them what coin is going to moon next.

>you hold the coin
>charge them for monthly subscription fee
>tell everyone on there what coin is going to moon
>they all buy so it moons

You make money on the subscriptions and money on the crytpo.

its a win win

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Buy things like CVC that offer products that normies will lap up. Things like golem are great but will never have that normie mass adoption that equals mega bucks.

Bitcoin of course will always be a great investment, and XMR will be too because of its privacy features.

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BITCH, it's 2017

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the stock market had an unprecedented bull run throughout the 20s, and since everything was just exploding day after day lots of individual investors borrowed heavily to buy on margin. When the market tanked so many people went to the bank to take out their money to cover the losses that the banks ran out of cash and that coupled with many having massive losses of their own in the market caused a number of banks to shut down. Anyone who had their money in those banks lost everything (although some were later able to get pennies on the dollar after a lengthy legal process). Today the FDIC exists to insure bank accounts in case something like that happens again.

As it became clear in late 1929-early 1930 that this was not going to turn around and people started being foreclosed upon suicides became quite common.

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Tons of hedge funds are just starting to get into crypto, normies are barely aware.

Blockchain is literally the future.

The ride hasn't even started.

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im so used to seeing the (colorized) tag on thousands of images that are associated with a meme that this didnt initially register to me as being real

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crypto never sleeps kid.

also check em

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> Today the FDIC exists to insure bank accounts in case something like that happens again.
Are exchanges the new banks? A lot of people keep significant amounts of coins on them. What's stopping them from loaning out what they have? What's stopping a run on an exchange?

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What was the highest performing stock in 1928? Who was the best stock trader?

that's what will happen to your BTC and other cryptos you buy up on now goy. enjoy your not-lambos you will always be poor

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absolutely nothing

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More like the 1920's before the great depression and big regulation.

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nice try, but check these instead

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That would be ironic desu

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>Be me
>Grandfather died this year
>Left each my 4 siblings and I $15k
>I tell them to let me invest it in crypto
>Promise them to triple their money in a year
>They do it because I'm the "nerd"
>I invested in ETH when it was ATH
>ETH crashed
>Slowly making it's way back
>Thinking I'm not going to make any of it back.
>Been avoiding their calls for three weeks now

I'm so fucked

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>going all in
>on anything
literally the first rule of investing is diversify, and you fucking went all in on something that was at an all time high?

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>Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, has announced it will no longer allow U.S. investors to purchase certain tokens on its exchange that may be at risk of running afoul with regulators.
>According to the company's latest announcement, Bitfinex will also be making other changes to its service, no longer accepting verification requests for U.S. individuals effective immediately. Further, in the next 90 days, it will gradually discontinue all services to U.S. customers.
>The exchange explained that the decision follows a recent investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on how tokens issued by way of an initial coin offering (ICO) may be considered securities.
>"We anticipate the regulatory landscape to become even more challenging in the future," the statement reads.

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does getting verified on coinbase really take that long?

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You could have bought bitcoin

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no. it took my normie ass a day or two. had to find a phone with a working camera.

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Fuck dude

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But STORJ at 20k, 20 min later it jacks up to 36k. Sell for 80% profit in 20min. Fucking crypto. Its a shame I have no balls and just piddle around with chump change. I'm scared shitless if I start betting real money I'll take a huge hit instead.

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took me like 4 days, had to do the old bank statement method

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>have to send them a pic of yourself
glad I made an account in 2014

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>Further, in the next 90 days, it will gradually discontinue all services to U.S. customers.
just to force the point...

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to connect an account they want you to give them your account and password

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bank account that is, I really didn't feel comfortable doing that which was why I had to wait 3 days for them to make a small deposit to my account to verify it. For some reason that took 3 days when they had already done it instantly when I first signed up for the account.

Bit sketchy, eh?

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So if I'm in the usa, already with bitfinex am i grandfathered in? Will I still be able to trade what i have on there and then transfer, say, Litecoin, to coinbase so i can withdraw my money?

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Have any of you actually made money from crypto coin? If so then how much?

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what did he mean by this?

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U fucking suck lmao why would u offer 300% returns then go all in at ATH? If you're the nerd i can't imagine how retarded the rest of your family is

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>Today the FDIC exists to insure bank accounts in case something like that happens again.

Banks are willing to make much riskier decisions when they know they're insured.

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Holy fuck,I better cash out before the bubble pops
History is repeating itself again

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only if you're a dope that believes in hodl

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land of the ""free""

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>buying the ETH meme at the ATH

You had your chance at $80.
You had your chance at $120.
Anything beyond that is bag holder status.

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thanks im gonna go watch this movie again...remember greed is good

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> 1920s before the great depression

Think of it on a much lager scale.

We are not talking just the United States, but the whole world.

United States can regulate crypto all they want. Hell, they can even ban it. Do you think people in Russia will actually care? What about the penguins in Antarctica? Let me tell you, the penguins will still be trading. Plus by banning crypto all together, they'll stifle innovation and I'm sure they're aware of that. It isn't in their best interest.

If people still think crypto isn't all that fancy, just think that early adopters of stocks during the 1920s that held throughout the 1900s had won big. $1k invested 70 years ago in Walgreen's cleared 2 mill in 2017.

70 years converted to crypto time is an easy 5 - 7 years.

The reason for the serge in not only Walgreen's stock, but other stocks as well is due to accessibility to normies. Everyone has some type of stock today. Whether that be 401k, IRA, or just plain old brokerage account. Investing in the stock market is all the craze today and once crypto is more adoptable to normies lifestyle, it will become the next big thing to invest in.

Plus with gen y getting into more political positions and powerful positions, you'll see a spark in cryptocurrency. Why? Gen y knows about it and a vast (23 - 42%) are involved in it and the rest have heard of it. Ffs it was in the Simpsons - 20th Century Fox. Once generation z starts going into adulthood, you'll see even more crypto currency awareness. Why? They're 3 years old and have an iPhone, I'm sure these motherfuckers know something already about BTC.

Give it time, but this shit is global and won't be disappearing for quite sometime.

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Yes. I made 2 lambos.

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i got 6x gainz on 2000 dollars during May-June. sometimes u just gotta do it and not be afraid

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>If people still think crypto isn't all that fancy, just think that early adopters of stocks during the 1920s that held throughout the 1900s had won big. $1k invested 70 years ago in Walgreen's cleared 2 mill in 2017.

THIS TIMES 1000 people dont understand what they are looking at right now, This is buying up whole hectares of us land for nothing when the colonists arrived. This buying one share of coke in the 1920 which now with millions.

We are talking about things that will supplant actual currency itself

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Actually yes. Avalon will get me that coke and Triumph Daytona. Argon will keep me healthy

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that makes me feel good, for some reason i get nostalgic as fuck for the 80s, like that futurama episode.

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The 80's are back. Big league.

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>had to find a phone with a working camera.
Why do people do this?

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Should've bought the beans

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Like this

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So, with little capital and a shitty computer, how do I start?

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You don't need a good computer to trade. I can walk you through the process. Send me your investment in US$ and i'll convert it to bitcoin for you.

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Check 'em, boys, if dubs SIGT is going to the moon, if trips, Mars it is

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Can someone explain to a retard how these wallets work? Do I have to make a new account to every bitcoin site if I want to buy them?

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What a bunch of horseshit!

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he is trusted by the /biz/ community, its safe

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this. fucking normies man...

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The cryptomarket is only at 145 billions, it's literally nothing.
But I'm happy the FUD is high, more money for me.

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